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IVF Procedure Hyderabad – How does IVF work step by step?

Elucidate infertility by choosing IVF process Hyderabad

Whenever it comes about Infertility issue, our mind goes either to the clinic / any

specialist or to do IVF treatment. You all must have heard about IVF or we can say Test Tube Baby course, some people are unaware about IVF treatment but have little info regarding test tube baby; so yes! Both this treatments are the synonym of each other. IVF or Test tube baby is the fertility course of medication, where, sperms and eggs are retrieved by both the male and female, thus achieving fertilization in the culture dish. Each step of IVF procedure Hyderabad is given below in order to get clear impact for those viewers, who want to get the entire info regarding IVF process Hyderabad.

Why to choose IVF procedure Hyderabad to treat your infertility?

Let me tell you that IVF is one of the most acceptable fertility therapeutic to disentangle infertility issue. IVF is that treatment which is world-wide famous to decipher any of the infertility syndromes. Specialists of IVF process Hyderabad do have the master hands on each and every fertility treatment; especially in the procedure of IVF treatment. There are numerous points, which easily clarifies that IVF procedure Hyderabad stands in the top-most name to perform this treatment. In addition, with it, it has decent success rate too in serving IVF therapeutic. All the advance medical techniques & technology are available in the Lab of Select IVF; Select IVF is the leading fertility clinic that untwists any of the hurdles in the way of becoming pregnant.

Let’s jump into the nuts & bolts about IVF process Hyderabad, there are 4-5 major steps in the IVF course of medication.

What is the way to perform IVF procedure Hyderabad?

Traditional IVF treatment can be combined with several other treatments as well like in the procedure of egg donor, sperm donor, ICSI, IMSI, sperm surgical aspiration (MESA, TESA, PESA), Egg donation etc. Or else we can say that almost all the fertility medication is related with IVF treatment only.

IVF process Hyderabad is categorized into

  • Giving the fertility medication

Fertility medications and drugs are given to the female in order to perform or to produce multiple eggs instead of a single egg. Multiples eggs are taken at the time of egg retrieval or once the eggs are ripened properly. These medications also mature the follicles in order to get healthy and ripened eggs at the time of egg retrieval.

  • Procedure of Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is the procedure during IVF treatment, where eggs are obtained out from the ovaries with the help of a thin needle, passed through the vaginal wall. Pain medication is given to the female, who is going to give the eggs, so that she won’t feel any kind of pain and discomfort. As soon as the follicles are obtained, egg or oocyte is isolated from the follicular fluid.

  • Fertilization

On the same day of the egg retrieval procedure, semen sample is also collected by the male duo for fertilization. Eggs and sperms are combined in a petri dish and thus the most active sperm gets penetrated with the egg, resultant fertilization.

Within 2-3 days of fertilization, that fertilized egg soon becomes the embryo. Under the guidance of experts, two of the best embryo is chosen for passing in the female’s uterus.

  • Embryo Transfer

This is one of the crucial steps in IVF treatments. The embryo (s) which has been best selected is now placed into the uterus of the female in a very careful manner.

This process is done using a small plastic tube placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity. the way, embryo attaches within the wall of the uterus, really matters to achieve successful pregnancy. As soon as, the embryo gets implanted successfully, pregnancy test is scheduled within 10-14 days of the embryo transfer. Once the pregnancy test is positive, duration of pregnancy will be as usual like natural pregnancy.

At the end

So, here’s the entire information regarding IVF procedure Hyderabad. Each step is carried out by the master hands of the fertility experts. IVF, as mentioned above in few lines, is the panacea of all the fertility issue. IVF is accepted and preferred by many of the infertile couples. IVF treatment generally lays out positive result if the woman is facing ovulation problem and thus unable to conceive by natural fertilization, if there is issue in male fertility then ICSI with other technique is combined to get efficacious outcome.

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