Up to Date Cost of IVF/fertility treatments in Delhi in Indian Rupees & USD

The cost of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF with self egg

₹1,25,000 (INR) or $3,300 (USD)

IVF with donor egg

₹2,25,000 (INR) or $5,500 (USD)

IVF with donor sperm

₹1,75,000 (INR) or $3,800 (USD)

The cost of IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

IUI with own partner’s sperm

₹15,000 (INR) or $200 (USD)

IUI with a donor sperm

25,000 (INR) or $350 (USD)

The cost of other advanced fertility treatments (Perform With IVF)

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic  Diagnosis)

1,80,000 (INR) or $2,700 (USD)

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

40,000 (INR) or $600 (USD)

MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

70,000 (INR) or $1,000 (USD)

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

1,50,000 (INR) or $3,000 (USD)

How Much Does it Cost to get an IVF treatment in Delhi?

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    A precise explanation of the IVF treatment

    IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a type of an assisted reproductive technique where fertilization occurs in a test tube, unlike the natural process in which fertilization is achieved inside a human’s body. IVF treatment is performed in an adequately equipped laboratory under the supervision of well-trained clinical staff.

    During the course of IVF treatment, the woman is prescribed to take fertility medication to make her ovaries produce more eggs than usual. The quality and quantity of the eggs is extremely essential to initiate the fertilization process. The eggs are then extracted from the ovarian follicle with the help of a hollow needle in the process of egg retrieval.

    The obtained eggs are mixed with the finest quality sperms, which are collected in the process of semen collection. The fusion results in fertilization and the formation of the embryos. These embryos take another 3-5 days to evolve and consequently, get transferred into the woman’s uterus with the instrumentality of embryo transfer. Afterward, pregnancy occurs within a period of two weeks.

    IVF Cost in Delhi Ncr 2019

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    Select IVF India is a renowned and widely acclaimed medical tourism company in Delhi having tremendously experienced fertility doctors and IVF specialists that provide a superb quality fertility treatment to the patients. The medical professionals associated with us have over 30 years of experience and we are one of the leading fertility clinics in Delhi. We make collaborated efforts to ensure that our patients receive a great treatment experience and return home with a healthy baby in their lap.

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    The estimated IVF cost in Delhi

    The average cost of IVF in Delhi is INR 1,50,000 for a single IVF cycle; this is the most reasonable IVF cost in Delhi offered by a top-notch fertility centre - Select IVF India. However, this cost may differ in accordance with the patient’s medical history or the severity of their infertility case. The price may rise up to INR 3,50,000 or more with respect to the individual infertility case.

    Grouping the IVF cost in Delhi in two categories

    IVF Cost in Delhi Ncr 2019

    The IVF treatment cost in Delhi can be classified in two main categories (a) Basic Cost and (b) Advanced Cost.

    (a) Basic Cost: Basic IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 5,500 where the fertility expert will collect the eggs and the sperms of the intended parents and fuse them together to form an embryo, which will then get implanted into the uterus of the intended mother.

    (b) Advanced Cost: Advanced IVF Cost in Delhi is largely depends on the procedure the couple opts for treating their cause of infertility. For e.g. if women are unable to produce substantial amount of eggs for fertilization, then they may use the services of an egg donor; in this scenario the treatment cost amounts to USD 15,000 because this is the procedure where the fertility expert will perform IVF with egg donor where they need to hire a young, healthy and fertile egg donor between the age of 21 to 28 years. Also, they will properly screen and examine them so that the couple can have their baby in a perfect condition. These selected donors will receive compensation in return of their services.

    Furthermore, if couple chooses IVF with surrogacy then this procedure will cost around USD 30,000. IVF with surrogacy is a process in which another woman carries the baby in her womb for intended couples and bears the strain of carrying and delivering a pregnancy to someone else.

    There are other procedures as well such as IVF with PGD, IVF with FET, etc. and the IVF Cost in Delhi varies according to the procedure that the couple opts for in order to deal with their specific cause of infertility.

    Potential factors influencing the IVF cost in Delhi

    Below are some potential factors that impact the IVF Cost in Delhi and significantly affect the ability of a couple to conceive:

    1. Age: Age is one of the most important factors that can affect the IVF Cost in Delhi. The rate of infertility in a woman decreases in relation to the increase in her age and more fertility dosage are required to stimulate the ovaries which will increase the cost of IVF in Delhi.
    2. Body weight: Body weight is another major factor which affects the IVF Cost in Delhi. If the woman is overweight and underweight, in either of the cases situation is not in her favour and she may need high dosage, which will increase IVF Cost in Delhi. So it is advisable to maintain a healthy body weight and a perfect BMI (Body Mass Index) while undergoing IVF treatment.
    3. Lifestyle factors: The change in the couple’s lifestyle will also affect the cost of IVF in Delhi. If one of the couples has alcohol or smoking addiction, then their chances of conception will be adversely impacted, which in turn increase the cost of the treatment in order to treat their severe case. So to avoid undesirable outcomes of the fertility treatment, the fertility expert will suggest the couple to refrain from smoking or alcohol at least three months prior to the IVF treatment.
    IVF Cost in Delhi 2019