Cost of IVF in Kenya 2020

How Much Does IVF Cost in Kenya 2023

Where to get affordable IVF Cost in Kenya?

IVF is one of the most successful fertility treatments whereby the eggs and the sperms are combined together in a lab for fertilization. The treatment is done to combat the issue of infertility, which is a condition that impairs the ability of a couple to give birth to their child owing to various reasons. It is a severe condition affecting millions of couples worldwide. Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART techniques are the methods by which pregnancy is made possible for infertile couples. IVF is a highly effective assisted reproductive technique where conception is achieved outside the woman’s body.

If you are thinking of undergoing affordable IVF treatment, then it is important for you to choose the best fertility centre as it is one of the main factors for assuring effective results in your IVF treatment. IVF is a long-drawn and complicated fertility treatment and each step of the treatment requires extreme care and precision. In case you are searching for reasonable IVF Cost in Kenya, then you have reached the right place. It is crucial to do your homework before you finalize a fertility clinic for yourself as there are many clinics who exploit patients for money without providing positive results to them.

Select IVF is a renowned medical tourism agency in Kenya offering its services all over the world. We are connected with the best fertility hospitals and specialists around the world who provide the best suitable course of IVF treatment in conformity with the requirements of the patients. They make sure that the patients receive satisfactory treatment experience and return home with a baby. In addition to the supreme quality treatment, we ensure that our patients get the finest amenities and facilities within affordable pricing.

A brief explanation of the process of IVF treatment in Kenya

During the process of IVF treatment in Kenya, the woman undergoing the process has to first prepare prior to three months before the main process of the treatment. The woman is advised to abstain from smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. It is also good to adopt a healthy diet as it will help in creating a fertile environment inside your body.

The treatment begins with fertility medication where the woman is given medicines to induce her ovulation cycle.  This is done to enhance the quality and quantity of eggs that are essential for the process of fertilization. Once the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, they are retrieved from the ovaries with the help of a sharp needle. After collecting the eggs, the subsequent step is the semen collection. In the process of semen collection, the male partner or a sperm donor has to provide his semen sample. The doctor washes the sperms and selects the highest motility sperms leaving the unwanted sperms behind.

The selected sperms and the eggs are mixed together in a lab so that the sperms can penetrate and fertilize the eggs. The embryo is kept in the lab for 4-5 days for making it develop fully. The woman can also wait for 6 days or until the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage, which helps in enhancing the chances of attaining conception. In the end, the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the woman and pregnancy occurs after a period of two weeks.

IVF Cost in Kenya 2023
IVF Cost in Kenya 2023

Fairly priced IVF Cost Kenya

Select IVF offers a highly affordable IVF Cost Kenya that ranges between USD 3300 to USD 3500. This is the best price range you can get for IVF treatment in Kenya along with the services of the finest fertility specialists. The aforementioned price range includes the charges of the IVF specialist, the charges of the clinic, the charges of the medication, the charges of the main treatment, and other charges. We do not ask any type of additional charges once we have received the final payment unlike others.

We are a medical tourism company working in conjunction with the best fertility experts and IVF specialists having substantive expertise in providing the highest quality fertility treatment. Our team at the concerned fertility hospital provides comprehensive care and assistance to the patients at every stage of their IVF treatment. They ensure that the patients receive a hassle-free treatment experience and make all concerted efforts for getting effective results in the fertility treatment. Our success rates for IVF treatment are extremely high, which is why patients from all around the world choose Kenya in order to get an IVF treatment. Our fertility specialists use sophisticated equipment for operating patients for different types of fertility treatments. They stay updated with all the technological changes taking place in the domain of fertility treatment.

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