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How much does IVF Cost in Thailand?

IVF is that treatment, which elucidates infertility issue; this is the treatment, which could be applied with male as well as female infertility cause. Since, this fertility treatment is famous all over the world; it comes in number one medication to treat infertility.

As the page is all about IVF Cost in Thailand, we will look careful the points on the Cost of IVF in Thailand. Before jumping in the details of how much does IVF cost in Thailand, we must get into the definition of IVF treatment Thailand as if what IVF treatment is how it is performed etc.

A brief definition of IVF treatment Thailand –

IVF comes in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique; ART includes several advance fertility treatment, which is used in treating infertility problem. IVF is fully known as In Vitro fertilization. Fertilization in this treatment takes place outside the human body (in the fertility clinic Lab). IVF in common term is known as test tube baby treatment also.

Based on a good sense of IVF cost in Thailand, change the status from being imperfect to perfect family –

You heard it right, the charges of Select IVF fertility clinic gives the most reasonable package for treating the infertility cause. It has been maintaining the records for the highest success rate in Thailand other clinics.

The success rate of our clinic for solving the issue of infertility is in top most lists. The experts of this clinic are highly educated and have many years of experience in respective fields. IVF treatment cost in Thailand starts from USD 3300. This kit of IVF treatment includes the entire step like – providing the fertility mediations and drugs, transvaginal ultrasound, blood hormonal test, retrieval of the eggs, fertilization, embryo transfer etc. There is not at all hidden money, which later can be asked to submit during the therapeutic or after the completion of the step. Feel free to come in Select IVF and get the solution done by our super fertility experts.

Basic IVF Treatment Cost in Thailand
Basic IVF Treatment Cost in Thailand

Basic IVF Treatment Cost in Thailand –

During Basic IVF treatment cost in Thailand, the eggs and sperms are collected from the couple for fertilization. Initial step is to give fertility medications to the female partner in order to stimulate the eggs. These medications are given to receive mature eggs at the time of egg retrieval. Once eggs are retrieved by the female, it is kept in petri dish with the semen sample given by the male partner.

Once the embryo is at blastocyst stage, it is transferred into t he uterus of the female for implantation. IVF Cost in Thailand 2023 is USD 3300.

Advance IVF Procedure Cost in Thailand
Advance IVF Procedure Cost in Thailand

Advance IVF Procedure Cost in Thailand

What does advance IVF procedure means?  You all must have the information that IVF treatment could also be applied with different techniques to get result that is more productive.

IVF with ICSI is applied when the male partner lacks the count of sperm or has less motility of sperm. During this technique, a single sperm is directly injected into the egg. This procedure is carried with IVF technique. Achieving the fertilization is different in ICSI and this step facilitates better fertilization. This is advance IVF procedure, where IVF is combined with another technique to get high success in pregnancy. IVF treatment cost in Thailand with ICSI technique is USD 3500.

IVF Cost with Egg Donor in Thailand
IVF Cost with Egg Donor in Thailand

IVF Cost with Egg Donor in Thailand

IVF with egg donor in Thailand is preferred by those couples wherein the female partner is unable to hack fine quality of the eggs at the time of ovulation. When this situation occurs, there is the problem in fertilization step in IVF Thailand. To do accomplishment of IVF procedure at this situation, IVF with donor egg is used.  The entire method of this process is same as normal IVF treatment; only the changes is that here fertilization is done with egg donor.

IVF treatment cost in Thailand using egg Indian egg donor is USD 2000 and the cost of IVF treatment that is USD 3300, so summing up IVF cost in Thailand is USD 5300.

Cost of ivf in Thailand with own Egg
Cost of ivf in Thailand with own Egg

Cost of ivf in Thailand with own Egg

When the female has produced healthy and fine quality of eggs after taking fertility medications during the IVF steps, then for her IVF with own egg is the best option to go forward for. IVF Cost in Thailand 2023 using own egg is USD 3300.


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