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How much does IVF cost in UAE (United Arab Emirates) 2023?

Couples, who are planning for their IVF treatment in UAE (United Arab Emirates), need to consider many things before finalising specific IVF centre for their treatment. Factors such as – the entire procedure of IVF, the complete breakdown of IVF Cost in UAE, also a couple is required to ask whether the cost of medication is included in the package of IVF or need to be paid additional, etc.    

IVF is also termed as Test Tube Baby treatment, where the embryos are created outside of the human body. It’s always been accomplished in a nutrient containing (or Petri) dish under the guidance of fertility veterans. IVF is not a single step procedure; instead, it takes multiple steps for completing a single IVF cycle, and thus the cost of IVF in UAE is not that cheap like other basic fertility treatments. However, some medical tourism companies provide far affordable IVF cost in UAE along with the best experience during the procedure.

Select IVF UAE is one of the leading Medical Tourism Facilitators that serves the best IVF treatment along with the highest success rate. The cost structure of this centre offers the most affordable package of IVF treatment in the UAE. IVF hospitals and centres under Select IVF UAE provide a decent success rate with all the authentic and genuine package of IVF.

When a couple visits the best IVF centre in UAE to conceive a baby at that time the senior fertility expert takes a thorough medical history in an initial consultation which is followed by the series of detailed medical tests and an ultrasound scan. Once the specialist gathers all the information, the team will do an in-depth analysis and will plan an IVF treatment accordingly, where the group of IVF centre will provide an estimated cost of IVF treatment. The cost of IVF treatment will vary, and it depends on the treatment selected and on the age and health of the couple.

International patients are welcomed warmly at Select IVF UAE, and the reason that most of the people are attracted to UAE from all over the world because of the reasonable and affordable IVF cost in UAE (United Arab Emirates), not only the price is reasonable in UAE but also you will get the best quality services and treatment at the best IVF Centre in UAE.

Cost of IVF in UAE using own eggs

The estimated IVF Cost in UAE is USD 7000USD 8000 using the self eggs and own sperm. This procedure is very reasonable because here, the senior fertility expert collects the eggs from the woman’s ovaries and mixes them with your husband sperm to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will select and transfer the best-chosen embryo into your uterus and will wait for the pregnancy symptoms.

After two weeks of embryo transfer, you need to visit Select IVF UAE clinic for the pregnancy test, and if the results are positive then you will be handed over to local Obstetricians, and Gynaecologists in your home country and the fertility expert will ensure that you need to travel UAE for just a few days for the procedure. However, if, your pregnancy does not occur, then you can repeat your IVF cycle, or you can choose other assisted reproductive treatment to conceive a baby. A couple, if undergoing multiple IVF cycles, then the IVF Cost in UAE becomes a bit high because of medication costs and the lab charges.

Steps that take place in IVF treatmentIVF Cost in UAE
Initial consultation with the fertility expert
Starting the medication of ovary stimulation and hormonal injections
Blood work
Fertility lab charges
Egg retrieval
Embryo transfer  
USD 7,000

NOTE – The fertility centre or IVF centre in UAE also provide IVF treatment with ICSI at the same cost of IVF (in the package of IVF only), there is hardly any additional cost that needs to be paid by the couple for ICSI during their IVF Cycle.

Cost of IVF in UAE using egg donor eggs

An average cost of IVF using egg donor eggs in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is around USD 10,000 to USD 12,000 which is little expensive as compared to using own eggs procedure because this is a procedure where the fertility expert borrows the eggs from young, healthy and fertile women who are under the age of 28 years and will fertilize her eggs with the sperms of intended father to facilitate fertilization. Once fertilization occurs, the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the intended mother. This procedure includes the cost of the IVF, fees of fertility expert and embryologist, charges of egg pick-up, compensation of egg donor, etc.

Factors that influence the IVF Cost in UAE

UAE is a country where medical insurance coverage is provided for IVF treatment at Select IVF UAE. The success rate of the UAE has always touched the sky for its progressive rate and exceptional treatment performed by the veteran team of Select IVF UAE. The IVF cost in the UAE is covered partially or wholly will depend upon your provider. So, we suggest to all our patients that please contact our IVF centres in UAE (United Arab Emirates) to inquire about the insurance policy that whether we accept your insurance provider for IVF treatment or not.

The IVF cost in UAE depends upon the case of the infertile couples and their age. For instance, if the woman’s egg lacks the quality of being fertilized with the sperm, then the couple, at this time, required to go for IVF treatment with donor egg. This will add extra costs in the couple’s IVF total bill and goes a bit expensive than conventional IVF treatment. Centre’s location, the experience of the senior IVF specialist, and the success rate also affect the cost of IVF treatment of respective IVF centre in UAE. So, a couple is suggested to choose any of the centres before analyzing all the perspective points for their IVF treatment.

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