IVF Cost in Ukraine 2020

What is the Cost of IVF In Ukraine 2023?

IVF Cost Ukraine- Country that provide far reasonable IVF course of medication

Saying thanks many times to the advance medical technology and senior experts is a hill of beans. The latest technology, equipments, and none other than the innovative minds of doctors have made our lives easy-going in today’s world. Inability to conceive by own is referred as Infertility or those couples who are unable to hack the natural fertilization by self (doing normal intercourse for a year) are known as infertile or sterile couple. To decipher the issue of infertility there are numerous treatments developed. One of the highly acceptable therapeutics to solve this disorder is IVF – In Vitro Fertilization. IVF in Ukraine is well-known and always remains in limelight for it’s under budget and low package of IVF treatment. IVF Cost Ukraine is far reasonable and easily affordable by each sterile couple.

The procedure Cost of IVF Ukraine is achieved by experienced and veteran fertility experts. At Select IVF Ukraine fertility clinic, IVF is done in very easy and uncomplicated manner. Hit rate of Select IVF Ukraine is 75%, which is comparatively higher than other clinics.

Let’s have a brief look on the procedure of IVF Ukraine

During the procedure of IVF Ukraine, fertility medications are prescribed and given to the female partner in order to receive multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval. By ultrasounds, follicles that contains eggs, are looked carefully and once the doctors assured the maturity of the eggs, are retrieved with the help of a hollow needle, this step is known as egg retrieval procedure. Semen sample is collected from the male partner (by ejaculation), once eggs and sperms are obtained by partner, kept on the culture dish for natural fertilization (where active and motile sperm penetrates with the eggs). Within 3-4 days, embryo is transferred into the uterus of the mother for implantation. Once implantation occurs, chance of pregnancy is high.

How much does IVF cost in Ukraine?

IVF treatment Ukraine can be done with several methods and based on this methodology, IVF Fee Ukraine varies.

  • When male and female (partner) able to produce healthy sperms and eggs for in vitro fertilization, then by using the sperms from the male duo and eggs from the female duo (after giving ovulation medications), fertilization occurs. IVF Cost Ukraine using self eggs and self sperms is USD 3300.
  • In some cases, females can’t make the grade to unleash good quality of eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure of IVF; due to the poor quality of the eggs, IVF technique could not take place. Here comes when, IVF is done with donor egg, in this process, eggs are donated by the healthy and fit woman for fertilization process. Fertilization is fulfilled by the donor eggs with male partner’s sperm. IVF Cost Ukraine using donor egg is USD 5300. Here the charge of egg donor is USD 2000 and including the cost of normal IVF thus becomes USD 5300.
  • Like Donor egg, sperm donor is being used when the male duo has the issue in production of sperms (may be very low motility of sperm, insufficient amount of sperms or may be no sperms during ejaculation). IVF Cost Ukraine using sperm donor is USD 3800. Separate sperm donor is USD 500 and including IVF cost Ukraine hence becomes USD 3800.
IVF Charge in Ukraine In USD
IVF ( using self eggs and sperms)USD 3300
IVF (using donor sperm)USD 3800
IVF (using donor egg)USD 5300

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