PESA treatment: retrieval of sperm without any surgery for the male struggling with infertility will feel convenient to make a newborn at present or in future

PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is a retrieval technique of sperm without any surgery for the male struggling with infertility will feel convenient to make a newborn at present or in future. Through the scrotal skin a small needle is inserted and then the fluid is aspirated. From the retrieved fluid, the sperm by the experts is prepared through different laboratory experiment. The procedure of collection of sperm from a fluid is a highly precise work. PESA is usually preferred before starting any of the recommended infertility treatment. Infertility in a male can be due to many reasons as low sperm count, blockage of vas deference, no sperm count, erection and ejaculation problem, and other fertility-related issues. In the case of low sperm count and nil sperm count, the PESA treatment is preferred to collect the sperm sample from which the sperm found.  The treatment is really the best with the least pain for the male who is struggling with the problem of infertility due to sperm count. PESA is usually performed under sedation with pain relief or with general anaesthesia. In some cases, the sperm is extracted directly through the needle by passing it in the epididymis. Sometimes to check the sperm is examined for traces of sperm taken out from the fluid.

PESA cost: never cross the limit of your budget satisfying with the high accuracy of the sperm ejected out


PESA cost never crosses the limit of the budget of the individual and thus satisfies the male with the result of the treatment.  The cost of the treatment is very small which would come under the budget of almost every male who are intending for the infertility treatment. Many times the IVF treatment remains stopped due to the sperm retrieval technique, this is the best technique to collect sperm at the eco-friendly rate. The cost of the treatment-limiting your budget will be about 15, 000 INR (250 USD), which will be excluded from the IVF process which you are going to proceed with. After the freezing procedure, the cost of the treatment will add up to 3,000 to 12, 000 USD.  The amount in case if it is tough to arrange, then the sum will be added up to the total of IVF treatment. The patient starting the treatment very early before the IVF will need extra charges to freeze the sperm. To make the treatment cost-effective, it is best to have PESA treatment followed by the IVF treatment.  PESA cost is the only affordable cost which will retrieve the needed sperm at the time of your need.

PESA treatment: the painless technique which ensures the result of the treatment if the sperm is present in the epididymis of male

PESA treatment ensures the result of the treatment if the sperm is present in your epididymis. The treatment is painless and takes very least of your time. Many times the patient does not find time for the treatment, the PESA treatment can be done in very few time. It only takes a few of your hour just after which the male will be free from the treatment procedure and join the work. It is the treatment which takes less time for the male to have the essence of fathering.  The sperm is taken for freezing after retrieval which will increase the cost of the treatment. The methodology of the PESA technique follows

  • The testis is stretched over the skin.
  • The turgid and full epididymis is palpated.
  • A very fine needle is inserted on a tuberculin syringe filled with culture medium.
  • Negative pressure is applied to aspirate the epididymal contents.
  • The needle is pulled and the syringe is withdrawn.
  • Contents are expelled into a sterile petri dish.
  • Culture medium through an epididymal fluid is then examined under an inverted microscope and thus the motile epididymal sperm is identified.

The PESA treatment is best preferred for the azoospermic patient. The advantage over the treatment is the least time taken for the treatment, the cost of the treatment and the painless procedure. The process is adopted prior to the IVF treatment as the ISCI, IUI and etc.