Sperm donor India- One of the most accepted procedure to build a new family

In Sperm donation in India, being a sperm donor a male donates his sperms to a sperm bank for the process of fertilization with the eggs of the female whose male is incapable to produce healthy and fertilized eggs. Sperm donation in India is totally legal, so if you want to become sperm donor, you can easily opt for it.

There is not any rocket science procedure in it, but yes, you need to qualify some requirements to donate your sperms. There are some screening tests and medical checkups carried by the experts from the department of fertility. When male partner can’t make the grade to achieve fatherhood term in his life, then for that couple Sperm donation is the unexcelled process to go for. Sperm donor in India is examined under strict rules guided by the ART Specialists doctors. Sperm donation in India is the best option for those males who are facing any personal economical condition. Generally, sperm donation is recommended to those males, who have any fertility issue, like no sperms, lack of motility in it, less active and unable to fertilize with the eggs of the female partner, very low sperm count, any genetic disorder, blockage of the sperm ducts, etc.

Sperm donation in India

Who can select for Sperm donor India-?

  • Those couples, wherein male partner is not able to release healthy and highly motile sperms to achieve, can go for sperm donation process in India.
  • One of the most common groups of people who select Sperm donor is lesbian couples. They achieve a baby by using sperms through the process of IVF or IUI or some other technique.
  • Another category of seeking the sperm donor is the single woman. Such type of women wants to have the experience of motherhood in their life but don’t want to get married.  

Those males who are seeking a place to donate their sperms need not to think that the clinic or the donor bank will call you and look after you; despite of this you have to visit personally to the ART experts’ clinic or the sperm bank where they will have your semen sample and then the clinic will provide it to the impoverished couple to build a family with the help of donor sperms.

Now the question arises here how one can become a sperm donor? It’s easy if you are looking for the criteria to become sperm donor. Sperm banks and clinics ask for certain eligibility criteria, some of them are mentioned below.

Few points are listed below to become a sperm donor in India. They are-

  • Male who want to become a sperm donor must have high sperm count; if your sperm counts are not high then sperm bank or clinic do not accept you as a donor.
  • The male must be in the age limit of 21-40
  • Must not be suffering from any kind of disease (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • Must be free from any genetic disorder
  • Non-smoking males and should be far away from drugs and over usage of alcohol.
  • Healthy and fit male

Reason why male can’t become a donor-

  • Those men who have crossed their age limit of 41 are not eligible.
  • If he is not mentally and physically fit, can’t go for sperm donor.
  • The male donor is accepted only after the results are found free of any infection, if the results are negative then that candidate will not be suitable of donating his sperms.
  • When it comes to finalize the donor, main step is the commitment; the donor must give words to the clinic about at least one year commitment that he will serve as a sperm donor in that clinic.
  • If the donor has any inherited disorder from his parent, then he is not eligible for the sperm donation.

These are some basic info about the sperm donor. Select IVF is the ART specialist clinic, which has varieties of Sperm donor database in India. The entire process of sperm donation in India is anonymous and the entire records are kept concealed by the clinics or sperm bank. Select IVF has wide base of sperms donors from different sperm banks. Sperms in the database depends upon the various characteristics such as Indian donor, Caucasian donor etc. This clinic encourages male from different races, ethnicities, and different background to maintain its diverse database of sperms donor so that whoever seeking for sperm donor can have several options.

Screening tests of the donor-

As mentioned above there are few screening tests, which are carried by the donor. Sample of the donor’s blood is taken out and rigorously checked by the experts for the any infectious disease, genetic disorder, and other sexually transmitted diseases etc. Once, the results are positive, the male is accepted to be a sperm donor.

And here it ends-

So, these were some nuts & bolts of all about Sperm donor in India. Success rate of sperm donation process in India largely rely upon the qualities of the sperms. Sperm donor in India is very common and easy process.