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How much does fertility test cost in Philippines?

Talking about fertility cause, its treatment and the IVF cost in Philippines are on the top of a discussion. Hurray! You are on the right click, if you are seeking the exact answer of these topics. Infertility –a disorder that could not be resolved by natural formula; infertility is a syndrome that may occur to male, female or at some cases both the partner suffers from this issue. Infertility can be easily untwisted using fertility treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, SSR (Sperm surgical retrieval) and many more. Let’s throw light on the most acceptable fertility course of medication and here it is –IVF – In Vitro Fertilization.

You heard and read right, it is IVF only that has made several sterile couples in Philippines joyful who have lost their all the hopes for becoming parent. It is the IVF treatment, which gives the a-1 results comparing all the other treatments. IVF in Philippines is one of the most preferred fertility treatments to decipher infertility syndrome. IVF Philippines is the panacea for all the fertility problems and thus accepted as a global fertility treatment.

Specialists checks whether the woman is ovulating regularly or not in the fertility test in Philippines, this procedure is generally carried out through blood tests (that detect hormone), to check the ovaries of the woman ultrasound is carried. Talking about fertility test cost in Philippines is USD 100-200.

Best IVF hospital in Philippines

IVF hospital in Philippines provide stop-notch therapeutics in resolving the matter of infertility by IVF therapeutic. The splendid point of IVF hospital Philippines is its high success rate in IVF. On the basis of its success rate of IVF in Philippines,it deserves to be counted as one of the leading fertility clinic.  Success rate of IVF Philippines rely on some factors like the age of the woman, egg quality, embryo quality, sperm motility and fertility specialists of IVF, but age of the woman in IVF treatment plays major role in the success rate. It is proved that women, who have crossed the age limit of 35, she would have less chance to get conceived by IVF.  On the other hand, Best IVF Hospital in Philippines has success rate of 62-65% who are below 35 and 40-45% for those who are above than 35 and below 37. The specialists of IVF in Philippines not just give the commitment to the sterile couple but also they achieve the progress in the treatment giving their best in each step during IVF course of fertility medication.

How much IVF cost in Philippines 2023

IVF Cost in the Philippines 2023 is planned in a very attractive package. Since Philippines is the world’s leading producer of many things, and so is the hub to treat infertile couples as well. IVF Cost in Philippines is very economical and stands to reason. Charge of IVF in Philippines is very nominal and is reasonably offered only by Select IVF fertility clinic. IVF cost in Philippines is USD 3300, the package of IVF kit in Philippines includes consultation charges,fertility medications & drugs, egg retrieval procedure, embryo transfer and post checkups after embryo transfer. Childless couples can easily make up their mind to undergo this treatment in such a slashed cost in Philippines provided by Select IVF clinic.

IVF with donor egg Cost Philippines

What does this mean – IVF with donor egg? Normal IVF is done by using both partner’s eggs and sperms for fertilization. During IVF Philippines, Female is supposed to take fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries in order to get multiple mature oocytes (eggs) for better fertilization. During the procedure of IVF in Philippines with Donor egg in Philippines, instead of using eggs by the infertile female, healthy egg donor is used to receive the eggs. This is the case used by those couples, only when the female partner is not able to unleash fine quality of eggs for fertilization. Once the fertilization is done using the egg donor, an embryo is formed within 2-3 days. Two of the best embryo is hand-picked by the Select IVF fertility expert and carefully transferred into the uterus of the infertile female.

IVF with donor egg cost Philippines is USD 5300,where USD 2000 is additional for Indian egg donor and left USD 3300 of normal IVF medication.

Cost-effective IVF with Own egg Cost Philippines

You must have gone through the above topic, IVF Philippines with egg donor, now we will know the cost of IVF using own eggs in Philippines. IVF with own egg cost Philippines is USD 3300. During this course of treatment, eggs are retrieved by the female’s ovaries after giving fertility medication and are then kept with the male partner sperms in the same culture dish for fertilization. As soon as the embryo forms it is placed with the help of a thin catheter into the female’s uterus for implantation.

Mini-IVF in Philippines cost

Mini-IVF or minimal stimulation IVF provides the sterile couples the other option to undergo traditional IVF treatment. Mini-IVF is different from the normal IVF on the basis of – medications, less cost and requires less time commitment. Yes! Mini IVF in Philippines cost is less than normal IVF and it allows the woman to take less medications at the initial time of IVF procedure.  Mini-IVF in Philippines cost is USD 3000.

IVF with PGD Cost in Philippines

PGD is a treatment that involves screening the chromosomes or genes of the embryo for any genetic condition. Since, this treatment need to be checked in the laboratory of Select IVF clinic, the couple has to go along with IVF treatment,even if the couple is not facing the issue of infertility. Once the embryos are checked, tested and are found free of any genetic abnormality, then the embryo is placed into the female’s womb for successful implantation and later on for normal pregnancy. IVF with PGD cost in Philippines is USD 4000 upto 8 embryos.

IVF success stories Philippines

Blessica –

I am blessed to have a baby girl undergoing IVF treatment by Select IVF fertility clinic. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for the past 2 years but hopelessness all I received. We had even undergone IVF first cycle from one of the fertility clinic but couldn’t get success; anyways it is the natural phenomenon to get sorrow before joyful days. These days are my golden days as I am caring a sweet and little baby girl.

Reyna –

Happy to write the review about my IVF course of medication journey, which I have undergone by Select IVF clinic. Words are few to show the gratitude, just wanna say that Yes! Would love to recommend this clinic to those couples who are facing infertility disorder and wants to go for IVF. Blessed with twins by IVF.

IVF Treatment Cost in Philippine peso According To Cycle

Treatments Cycle cost in philippine peso
IVF with self egg Php 151,526
IVF with donor egg Php 208,349
IVF with sperm donor Php 170,467
ICSI treatment Php 151,526
Frozen embryo transfer (FET) Php 189,408
TESA Php 30,305
MESA Php 53,034
PESA Php 37,881
Micro TESA Php 151,526
Embryo Freezing Php 18,940 (for six month)
Sperm Freezing Php 18,940 (for six month)
Embryo Donation Php 189,408
Assisted Hatching Php 113,645
PGD Php 151,526 – 227,290
IUI Php 18,940
So, here was everything, which you need to know about updated IVF Cost in Philippine peso 2019, hope you have got that what you were looking for.

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