TESA Treatment: a surgical biopsy test for different purposes depending upon the treatment in purpose

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration): TESA is the process performed by sticking a needle in the testis and aspirating fluid and tissue with negative pressure. The methodology is performed for the sperm extraction which is done on the recommendation of the related experts. The patient with non –obstructive azoospermia is also started with the treatment for multiple sampling of the sperm. The patient with low sperm count and nil sperm count should prefer the treatment as the multiple sampling of the sperm will increase the probability of the fertilization and thus pregnancy will be achieved. Sperm extraction is basically performed by the non-urologist (called andrologists).  The process is simple which requires general anaesthesia for the treatment to be started.  According to different data, it can be concluded that the preferred method of sperm aspiration in men with non- obstructive azoospermia (NOA). Fertilization is the struggle of a single sperm from millions of sperm to move to the egg and have the safe fusion. Mostly infertility in a male is due to the low sperm count or null count which might be due to the defect with the ejection tube and etc. These problems find a solution to collect sperm by TESA treatment.


TESA cost: no extra charge will add to the nominal amount of the lowest charge of the treatment compared to other places

TESA cost does not charge any of the extra charges to the nominal amount estimated by the centre and the lowest of the other centres.  The treatment is a small surgical biopsy test to take out the sperm as per the need of treatment. The charge will also depend on the need of the sperm, the quantity or number of sperm needed. Low-cost TESA can be afforded by all the male intending for the treatment or are recommended by doctors. The patients do not need to take overburden of the amount and the arrangement.  The total of the charge will not increase beyond 15, 000 INR (250 USD). If you are not with the good finance at the present time albeit of these situations the centre would provide financial support to the intending patient.  TESA cost will always be a transparent cost to the patient; it will be the same as of the estimated cost of the treatment at the earlier stage of counselling. The cost of the treatment is not a high which makes the patient arrange however the treatment is very cheap rate for any client.

TESA Treatment: simplest and invasive test which enables the male to complete the life winning from infertility accompanied by parenting a child

TESA treatment is the simplest and invasive test which enables the male to complete life accompanied by parenting a child.  The sperm retrieval treatment involved a number of treatments but TESA treatment is the most preferred treatment. Reproductive tract obstruction is one of the common causes of blockage of sperm for ejection and low sperm count.  This reproductive tract obstruction might be acquired as of the result of – trauma, infection, an iatrogenic injury which occurs during, neck, and abdominal surgery. The treatment requires a very small incision which would be painless.

Sperm collection with painless treatment in very less time of recovery

TESA treatment is the top sperm collection which is painless and does not require more of your time. In the procedure, none of your blood vessels will be disturbed and the sperms are collected safely least pain. The treatment is prescribed in the following conditions

  • When a male is diagnosed with problems in semen and sperms in sperm culture.
  • Patient with long history of various genital surgeries and issues as vasectomy, Penectomy, Frenulectomy and etc.
  • Male with retrograde ejaculation inside urinary bladder instead in the urethra.

The successful treatment would give the result to a patient in 2 to 4 days. After the treatment is complete, the pathologist will observe the sample to ensure the normal sperm, if any abnormalities are present then the sperm is not used for fertilization or freezing. The use of local anesthesia is preferred rather than the general anesthesia but if patients find difficult with local then general is preferred. The less traumatic treatment is nowadays best referred by the infertility specialists which do requires less medicine.