What Is the Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad 2023?

What Is the Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad 2023?

How Much Does The Cost Of Ivf Treatment In Hyderabad? Is It Affordbale?

IVF Cost Hyderabad – the most acceptable treatment to resolve the matter of Infertility. IVF Hyderabad provides one of the best treatments to disentangle infertility syndrome. If you will find the key to remove infertility disorder from your life then it’s not possible as the fertility medications can only be used as instant solution or Band-Aid of your infertility issue. But that’s not a big deal even because IVF treatment is the universal remedy to get out the hurdle from infertility and if the couple is young and not crossed the maximum limit of IVF criteria, then success rate of the couple to achieve baby is more.

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If we turn our focus in IVF Cost Hyderabad then we will get to know that Select IVF India is providing this course of medication in very reasonable price. This is the treatment, where a couple has regular visits at the centre, woman is required to undergo with hormonal injections and fertility medication for at least ten to fourteen days, egg-pick up and transferring the embryo after successful fertilization.

Since IVF comprises of so many steps, the cost of IVF is not that much low (as of IUI or other basic fertility medication), however a couple needs not to be worried about the package as the best IVF centre provides IVF at authentic price so that one can afford that. IVF is generally applied with many of the techniques according the issue of the couple’s infertility issue, variety of ART techniques are available to decipher the problem of infertility.

If the clinic has suggested doing IVF treatment with some other techniques as if egg donor, sperm donor then IVF Cost Hyderabad varies accordingly. Generally IVF cost Hyderabad is INR 1,75,000; in this kit of IVF treatment, each fertility medications is counted, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, blood hormonal level test, egg retrieval etc. are added.

Before getting deep into the treatment package of IVF in Hyderabad, let’s start from the brief summary of what IVF is and how to distinguish between the conventional IVF and advanced IVF treatment and its cost structure.

IVF Cost in Hyderabad 2023
IVF Cost in Hyderabad

The Procedure Of Ivf Treatment Hyderabad –

There are five steps in the cycle of one IVF treatment. At the initial level, fertility medications and drugs are given to the female in order to unleash multiple eggs at the time of fertilization. Multiple eggs are obtained to get positive result during fertilization procedure.

These eggs containing follicles are checked by the Transvaginal ultrasound, once the report gets clear about the mature eggs, soon the eggs are retrieved with the help of thin needle for fusion with the sperms. On the day of egg obtainable procedure, semen sample is also obtained from the male donor. Keeping sperms and eggs in the same culture dish, active & motile sperm penetrates with the egg; here is it, when fertilization is accomplished. It is must in the process of fertilization to have fine quality of eggs and active sperm; if any of the two is not of fine quality then fertilization won’t be able to occur successfully.

Within 3-4 days of fertilization, fertilized egg soon becomes into embryo and at the stage of blastocyst, one or two of the best quality gets transferred into the uterus of the female. As soon the embryo attaches with the lining of the uterus, implantation procedure is achieved. Pregnancy test is scheduled within 14 days of embryo transfer. The couple can either choose the same clinic for the pregnancy test and further procedure (if pregnancy comes up with the positive result). For the post embryo transfer, the clinic will ask for the additional charges from the couple – this is because basic package of IVF Cost in Hyderabad incorporates the steps starting from the fertility medication till the embryo transfer.

IVF can be categorized into the basic and advanced procedure; on the basis of patient’s fertility case, the exact plan is executed and accomplished.

The above mentioned IVF procedure is referred as the standard IVF or basic IVF and asks the couple approximate 1, 75,000 to INR 1, 85,000 fees for the treatment. On the other hand, if IVF is combined with the advanced technique of an ART (such as ICSI/ IMSI/ PICSI SSR/ LAH/ Blastocyst transfer, IVF with the donors/ and so on) – these techniques not just boost-up the method of fertilization and embryo transfer, but also it increases the total IVF Cost in Hyderabad of the couple’s procedure.

The advanced technique such as IMSI/ PICSI/ SSR, donors etc. is accomplished using the advanced medical apparatuses and equipment under the skilled and proficient fertility team. Hence the cost of such technique influences the overall Cost of IVF in Hyderabad.

Now Let’s Get Into The Information About The Standard Ivf Cost In Hyderabad –

Normal IVF is carried by taking out eggs and sperms from the partner only for IVF fertilization. It is already mentioned about IVF Charge Hyderabad using own eggs and sperms is INR 1, 75,000.

But when the male is unable to release average count of sperms or active and motile sperms then IVF using donor sperm is used. In this process of IVF, eggs are obtained from the female partner but sperms are received by the fit sperm donor. Fertilization is thus completed with keeping sperm from donor and eggs from the female duo in a culture dish. Rest of the procedure after fertilization is similar as normal IVF. IVF Cost Hyderabad using donor sperm is INR 1, 95,000 – INR 2, 10,000.

IVF is often performed using egg donor as well. This combination is used for those couples where female is unable to produce healthy eggs. During this, egg donor plays vital role to fulfill the complete action. To become egg donor, there are several eligibility criteria, which have to be crossed by the female like age, health, mental and emotional fitness etc. IVF Cost Hyderabad using egg donor is INR 2, 75,000 – INR 3, 00,000, where egg donor cost is INR 1, 25,000 and rest of the IVF procedure is INR 1, 75,000. 

The Basic/ Standard IVF Cost in Hyderabad incorporating all the steps at the best IVF centre in Hyderabad–

Steps that are included in IVF Cost

Cost in INR

  • Consultation charges of the couple’s first visit

  • Fertility medication and hormonal injections (for 10-12 days)

  • Procedure of egg-retrieval

  • Fertilization

  • Embryo transfer

  • Lab/equipment charges

  • Expert’s fees

INR 1,75,000 – INR 1,85,000

Note – At the best IVF centres under Select IVF India, there is not any additional charge of ICSI technique with the IVF procedure.

Ivf Cost In Hyderabad

Factors Influencing The Ivf Cost In Hyderabad –

IVF is suggested when the couple had been gone through the basic fertility choices to have a baby however nothing could happen effectively and consequently require the superior methodology to have a youngster. The basic fertility alternatives here states – IUI, and ovulation stimulation or with fertility medication. Fertility drug is offered when to trigger the egg creation so better results could be accomplished in pregnancy and IUI is one of the basic fertility solutions, where sperms are clearly implanted inside the uterus of the woman at the best IUI centre in Hyderabad. Exactly when both these methods disregard to give the results, by then IVF treatment is used, which gives better prospects at pregnancy.

IVF now and then, likewise proposed when the report of the couple’s infertility articulation is exceptionally poor and there gets no utilization of performing out the basic treatment. In the event that the couple is thinking about the best IVF clinic in Hyderabad, at that point no need of pondering the Cost of IVF in Hyderabad, as the centre gives the whole bundle in a moderate range.

How about we read a portion of the huge subtleties of the variables affecting the IVF Cost in Hyderabad at the best IVF centre–

  • IVF performed with the donor egg/donor sperm –

IVF uses sperms and eggs accumulated from the couples to plan in the lab anyway on account of various prosperity concerns, yet when the couple doesn’t have the best quality gametes to bring to the table to the treatment; by then using the organizations of a benefactor is reliably another option. In case of horrible or deficient egg deftly, they can take the assistance of egg benefactor or of a sperm giver in the condition of detachment of sperms. The donor procedure with the IVF adds-up the total IVF cost in Hyderabad and hence it is prescribed for the couple to increase every perspective in subtleties.

  • IVF Treatment performed with the IMSI/PICSI and other progressed procedures –

IVF gives the high chances of the effective chance of getting considered rather than the basic cycle as the various things that were causing deterrent earlier get wiped out in the particular cycle. The above method is only recommended when the male has fertility issues – either with the sperm morphological structure, or with the fertilization step. IVF can be used with other advanced procedures, for instance, IVF with Laser helped incubating, IF with Surgical sperm aspiration, IVF with ICSI/IMSI/PICSI, etc., to discard the chances of risk and growing the chances of uncommon results in the IVF treatment. IVF along such methods is called as the advanced IVF strategy and impacts the complete IVF Cost in Hyderabad.

  • IVF with PGD – Couples who have hereditary issues and don’t have any desire to pass it on –

The potential causes that can impact the sufficiency of the child can be recognized before by evaluating the embryo nature of the embryo conveyed in view of the IVF treatment. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD is a system for examining the embryo for presence of any innate abnormalities and flaws in an embryo. This makes it possible to diminish the opportunity of an acquired condition to happening and extends the probability of a fit and fettle kid. PGD is a discretionary procedure for those couples who don’t have any hereditary issues, yet is recipient for them who have either hereditary turmoil or chromosomal irregularities.

Ivf Cost In Hyderabad
Ivf Cost In Hyderabad

If a couple chooses PGD to avoid the genetic disorders and chromosomal disorders, the couple has to pay additional cost of that technique along with the IVF treatment cost. Therefore the total IVF cost in Hyderabad gets higher. Mentioned below is some of the advanced IVF Cost in Hyderabad given in order to provide the brief detail to the couples, who are planning to undergo advanced IVF treatment.

Ivf Cost In Hyderabad Using Advanced Art Techniques –

IVF treatment with Donor Egg

INR 2,75,000-3,00,000

IVF treatment with Donor Sperm

INR 2,10,000-2,25,000

Cost of Donor egg

INR 1,25,000

Cost of Donor sperm

INR 25,000-35,000

IVF Cost with LAH

INR 2,30,000

IVF with donor embryo

INR 3,00,000


INR 1,95,000-2,00,000


INR 1,95,000- 2,10,000


INR 2,00,000

IVF with PGD technique

INR 2,50,000-2,75,000

What is the success rate IVF treatment provides?

Generally, the IVF treatment success rate relies on the age of the woman and so on the good quality of the eggs. Experience also matters a lot in having a decent success rate for IVF Hyderabad. IVF in Hyderabad performs this treatment with veteran hand specialists. IVF, somehow majorly depends upon the woman’s age (whose eggs are used), sperm motility and its production, and obviously crackerjack doctors. IVF Hyderabad’s success rate of IVF treatment is 72-75%. If you are planning for IVF treatment to decipher your infertility issue, then must say, go for IVF treatment in Hyderabad. Best of luck with your journey of IVF treatment.

No.IVF treatmentsSuccess rates
a.        IVF with self-eggs50 to 60%
b.       IVF with self-sperm55 to 60%
c.        IVF with donor eggs70 to 75%
d.       IVF with donor sperm73 to 77%
e.       IVF with FET60 to 65%
f.         IVF with ICSI50 to 65%

Your Success rate with IVF in Hyderabad will still depend on several variables. Because some couples are older than others, this affects their odds. because producing healthy gametes becomes difficult as people age. Additionally, inadequate gametes during the IVF procedure can result in a failed IVF. So, for a successful outcome, you need healthy gametes. Instances include:

  1. Women who are 45 years or older have a 15–20% probability.
  2. Women who are 40 years or older have a 20–21% probability.
  3. Women who are 35 years or older have a 25–28% probability.
  4. Women who are 30 years or older have a 33–35% probability.
  5. Women who are 25 years or older have a 40–50% probability.

What should you consider when selecting the top IVF clinic in Hyderabad?

Ivf Cost In Hyderabad

We understand how difficult it becomes to select the best option for your infertility treatment but do not get tense as one of the best options is going to suggest to you where the patient collaborates with highly experienced and qualified doctors. The patient will find it comfortable as the staff will always stand by them away from all the quarries that come to their mind. We offer all types of infertility treatment so contact us today! To start, consider the following factors while selecting a location:

i. The patient-focused assistance of the centre

ii. Professionals with extensive education and experience

iii. Infrastructure that is well-built for maximum comfort and happiness

iv. The entire medical staff treats you with respect

v. Assists you throughout the entire process from the beginning

vi. Offers transparent fees and processes

You have the option of choosing IVF for all of these! So, reach out to us at +91- 9899293903 | Email ID: info@selectivf.com

Closing Lines –

Select IVF India provides the best and leading fertility clinics to decipher infertility syndrome and provide IVF treatment at much more reasonable cost across India too. Select IVF India is one of the notable fertility platforms serving the top-notch fertility treatment under the highly qualified specialists with more than 30 years of involvement with giving the quality treatment. We have the best fertility team and specialists. Alongside the best quality treatment, our group at the IVF clinic ensures that the patient gets a satisfactory treatment involvement with totally reasonable IVF cost in Hyderabad and gets the ideal results.

On the off chance that you have more questions related with the IVF treatment, its expense or about the best IVF centre, do reach us! The help group of Select IVF India would be gratified to manage you further!

FAQ’s of IVF Cost in Hyderabad –

Q1. What is the standard IVF Cost in Hyderabad?

Ans – IVF Cost in Hyderabad is usually taken into two parts –
Standard/ Basic IVF Cost in Hyderabad, and
Advanced IVF Cost in Hyderabad

If the couple’s medical component (eggs and sperms) is healthy enough, then the treatment is carried out by the normal method of IVF. The basic IVF Cost in Hyderabad is INR 1, 75,000 at the best IVF centres under Select IVF India.

The basic IVF Cost in Hyderabad incorporates –
Woman’s fertility medication and hormonal injections
Each visit consultation
Ultrasounds and blood tests
Egg-pick up procedure
Fertilization technique
Transferring the embryo into the uterus
Apparatus/ Equipment cost
Fertility lab charges

Q2. What is the difference between the advanced cost of IVF package and the basic IVF package?

Ans – The advanced IVF procedure is always involved with other technique of ART, like ICSI, IMSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval; Laser assisted hatching, Pre implantation genetic diagnosis and so on. On the other hand, conventional IVF follows simple strategy where after taking the fertility med, eggs are retrieved, fertilization happen keeping the sperm and eggs together and then the healthiest embryo is transferred into the uterus of the woman.
Yes, the cost of basic and advanced package is completely different. Advanced IVF Cost in Hyderabad is INR 2, 10,000 to INR 3, 75,000 (depending on the couple’s fertility case). For more details, you may contact the support team!

Q3. Is ICSI included in my IVF?

Ans – This question is generally asked by the couple. At our clinics, the couple is not required to pay an additional pay for their ICSI treatment. In the package of IVF, we perform ICSI technique (if needed).

Q4. How much I have to pay for the Egg donor?

Ans – Egg donor is the expensive procedure itself because of involving the donor in the procedure. The donor has to undergo complete fertility medication and hormonal injections for the successful egg retrieval. Apart of it, the donor has own fees (the clinic pays her) – these are some of the factors that influence the cost of egg donor.

If you are undergoing IVF with donor egg, the total IVF Cost in Hyderabad would be approx INR 2, 75,000 to INR 3, 00,000.

Q5. What is the success rate of standard IVF?

Ans – The success rate of an IVF depends on many factors –
Age of the woman
The quality of the eggs
The sperm motility, number of count and morphology
Embryo quality
The clinic’s experience and reputation

These are some of the factors that determine the success rate of the couple’s conventional IVF treatment. On an average, the success rate relies between 45-55%.

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