IVF Cost Hyderabad 2019

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Hyderabad?

IVF – the most acceptable treatment to resolve the matter of Infertility. IVF Hyderabad provides one of the best treatments to disentangle infertility syndrome. If you will find the key to remove infertility disorder from your life then it’s not possible as the fertility medications can only be used as instant solution or band-aid of your infertility issue. But that’s not a big deal even because IVF treatment is the universal remedy to get out the hurdle from infertility and if the couple is young and not crossed the maximum limit of IVF criteria, then success rate of the couple to achieve baby is more.

If we turn our focus in IVF Cost Hyderabad then we will get to know that Select IVF India is providing this course of medication in very reasonable price. To be clear, fertility medication cost is  not that kind of cheap, amongst all the treatments in fertility area, IVF is the treatment, which is at the lowest package especially by Select IVF team. IVF is generally applied with many of the techniques according the issue of the couple’s infertility issue, variety of ART techniques are available to decipher the problem of infertility. If the clinic has suggested doing IVF treatment with some other techniques as if egg donor, sperm donor then IVF Cost Hyderabad varies accordingly. Generally IVF cost Hyderabad is INR 1,50,000; in this kit of IVF treatment, each fertility medications is counted, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, blood hormonal level test, egg retrieval etc. are added.

IVF Cost in Hyderabad 2020

IVF Cost in Hyderabad 2020

IVF Charge Hyderabad using some other ART techniques method

Before going deep into about IVF Charge Hyderabad, we should get basic information regarding what is IVF and the process of it.

The procedure of IVF treatment Hyderabad

There are five steps in the cycle of one IVF treatment. At the initial level, fertility medications and drugs are given to the female in order to unleash multiple eggs at the time of fertilization. Multiple eggs are obtained to get positive result during fertilization procedure.

These eggs containing follicles are checked by the transvaginal ultrasound, once the report gets clear about the mature eggs, soon the eggs are retrieved with the help of thin needle for fusion with the sperms. On the day of egg obtainable procedure, semen sample is also obtained from the male donor. Keeping sperms and eggs in the same culture dish, active & motile sperm penetrates with the egg, here is it, when fertilization is accomplished. It is must in the process of fertilization to have fine quality of eggs and active sperm, if any of the two is not of fine quality then fertilization won’t be able to occur successfully.

Within 3-4 days of fertilization, fertilized egg soon becomes into embryo and at the stage of blastocyst, two of the best quality is transferred  into the uterus of the female. As soon embryo attaches with the lining of the uterus, implantation procedure is achieved. Pregnancy test is scheduled within 14 days of embryo transfer.

Now let’s get into the information about IVF Charge Hyderabad

Normal IVF is carried by taking out  eggs and sperms from the partner only for IVF fertilization. It is already mentioned about IVF Charge Hyderabad using own eggs and sperms is INR 1,50,000.

But when the male is unable to release average count of sperms or active and motile sperms then IVF using donor sperm is used. In this process of IVF, egg are obtained from the female partner but sperms are received by the fit sperm donor. Fertilization is thus completed with keeping sperm from donor and eggs from the female duo in a culture dish. Rest of  the procedure after fertilization is similar as normal IVF. IVF Cost Hyderabad using donor sperm is INR 1,75,000-1,80,000.

IVF is often performed using egg donor as well. This combination is used for those couples where female is unable to produce healthy eggs. During this, egg donor plays vital role to fulfil the complete action. To become egg donor, there are several eligibility criteria, which have to be crossed by the female like age, health, mental and emotional fitness etc. IVF Cost Hyderabad using egg donor is INR 2,75,000, where egg donor cost is INR 1,25,000 and rest of the IVF procedure is INR 1,50,000. Select IVF India is one of the fast-growing and leading fertility clinics to decipher infertility syndrome and provide IVF treatment in much more reasonable cost across India too.

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