Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) - one of the advance technique to increase the chances of pregnancy

Facing problem during the implantation of your embryo by the process of IVF ART method, if yes, then you can choose Laser Assisted Hatching process. Laser assisted hatching is one of the most accepted procedure for successful implantation of an embryo into the uterine lining. Assisted hatching is a process in which zona pellucida (outer shell of an embryo) is opened with the help of micromanipulation. Laser Assisted Hatching can be term as LAH, is an advance technique to hatch an embryo to get positive outcome of the implantation, if the implantation is achieved women soon get pregnant after successful attachment of the embryo in the uterus lining. Pregnancy rate turns high after undergoing laser assisted hatching.

Zona pellucida plays vital role during the entire process of Laser Assisted Hatching; eggs which are not yet fertilized with a sperm, has a shell known as zona pellucida that ensures only a single sperm can perforate with the eggs for fertilization. When fertilization is achieved, this shell keeps the cells of the embryo altogether. If zona pellucida is hard in woman then embryo may not hatch and does not attach to the womb of the female mother. In LAH, Small hole is formed in the shell (zona pellucida) of the embryo with the help of laser beam and micromanipulation technique. This makes smooth the path of embryo hatching and implantation. Laser assisted hatching process is much more fruitful for those women who are above 35.

    Why to do Laser Assisted Hatching?

    Laser Assisted Hatching
    • Ladies who have crossed their age of producing healthy and 100% fertilized eggs ( generally the age after 35),On the basis of the age of a woman, zona pellucida gets harder. The more age will be of a woman the more this shell gets hardened. This is the reason why younger females do not face any difficulty in the implantation process because the shell gets easily hatched.
    • Women who have failed IVF/ ICSI (ART technique, where sperms and eggs are fused in the lab under the guidance of fertility experts)
    • Women whose shell of an embryo is thick and unable to hatch naturally.
    • Those women, who have high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level, can go for LAH.
    • Those who have frozen embryo transfer (process of thawing or freezing the embryos can make zona pellucida shell harder)
    • Quality of the embryos are poor and do not have enough energy and nutrients to outright the hatching process.

    Procedure of laser Assisted hatching-

    Laser assisted hatching treatment is a technique, which is used during the process of IVF. LAH is performed after third or fourth days of the fertilization. This is a short and precise process. In laser assisted hatching, a laser beam is applied on the outside shell of an embryo; here embryo is not in direct contact with laser, so the embryo is out of any harm. This is performed by using infrared 1.48-μm diode laser. With this laser, zona pellucida gets softened and hence opening of an embryo is enhanced after this laser technique. Laser Assisted Hatching is not a bog down process; the entire process takes few milli seconds. This beam thins the zona pellucida shell to around 10 microns. Now when this shell is softened, embryo hatching easily happens. Until the hatching not occurs, pregnancy will not take place. The entire method is performed in delicate and careful manner.

    Plus points of Laser Assisted hatching-

    • Simple, quick and safe technique of hatching the embryos from the shell for better implantation.
    • Maternity rates are increased from 60-80%
    • LAH takes hardly takes few milli seconds.
    • Since this is an automated method, therefore it has fewer probabilities of manual errors.
    • Improves the effectiveness of IVF and ICSI procedures.


    Laser Assisted hatching cost is designed in a very fair-minded and based on logical package. It is easily affordable for each and every patient. With this new technique of laser assisted Hatching, there's a rise in implantation particularly for the ladies over the age of thirty five years and for females who have high level of Follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) on the third day of their menstrual cycle. This process is beneficial for the couples with multiple unsuccessful IVF or ICSI cycles.

    The success of the Laser assisted Hatching is somehow relies upon the embryologist’s experience. This technique is carried in a very sophisticated way and hence requires well-hands and skilful experts. Laser assisted hatching Cost is INR 20,000 (excluding the charges of IVF). It’s important that you just speak to your fertility doctor regarding the success rate of the clinic where will be doing this process. Each fertility clinic has different success rates based on the doctor’s experience. Select IVF is the platform to get to the bottom of any fertility issue; this clinic has treated many female patients giving them higher success rate comparing other clinics. At the end of the page, Laser Assisted hatching increases the chance of successful pregnancy.