Cold facts about the procedure of hysteroscopy surgery treatment-

There are different treatments to solve different problems. One of the crucial and important treatments, which we will be discussing in this page, is Hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy Surgery is a procedure where a small-diameter device is inserted into uterus to detect any issue and to unfold it. This device is known as hysteroscope, has a light and a camera on the end to see inside the uterus. This treatment is used to diagnose any complication happening in uterus or it gets to the bottom of any issue in uterus or a womb. This is the safe and risk-free procedure with least complication rarely.

To whom Hysteroscopy is recommended –

  • If any fibroid tumors is present
  • Intrauterine scar tissue
  • Any other uterine issue
  • This surgery is benefitted to remove any non cancerous growths found in the uterus.
  • Uterine septum (malformation of the uterus which is present by birth)
  • Hysteroscopy helps to identify reason of heavy or overlong menstrual cycle
  • Polyps in the uterus
  • If any adhesions in the uterus (adhesions are a group of scar tissue which forms in the uterus , that’s the reason abnormal menstrual bleeding or flow and infertility happens)
  • Repeated miscarriages ( two in a row at the stretch)

To whom Hysteroscopy is not recommended

There are various facts that have a role in detecting whether this surgery is appropriate for the patient or not, Hysteroscopy cannot be carried out on someone who is pregnant.

Hysteroscopy Surgery treatment-

Hysteroscopy surgery treatment – Hysteroscopy is carried when there is any issue in uterus, main goal of this surgery is to detect and diagnose the complication of uterus or in womb. There are two types of hysteroscopy-

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy – This is used to diagnose the problems of uterus, also used to confirm the results of some other tests such as hysterosalpingography (HSG).In Diagnostic hysteroscopy; the gynaecologist inserts a slender tube with a fitted camera into the abdomen for viewing the uterine cavity and thus detecting the problem.


Diagnostic hysteroscopy detects –

  • The cause of repeated miscarriages
  • To detect and investigate the reason of not becoming pregnant
  • To investigate the pelvic pain if experiencing by women
  • To diagnose the matter of fibroids, polyps and any non cancerous growth in the womb.

If the procedure is getting used for surgery, the surgical devices will be place through the hysteroscope tube to perform the surgery.

After Hysteroscopy

The procedure of hysteroscopy isn’t unpleasant nor is it uncomfortable. However, you will expertise some cramping throughout the procedure. Your doctor might order some form of sedative to you after this process. This surgery is done either in your doctor’s workplace or at a hospital. The procedure itself will take any place from simply five minutes to half-hour. Select IVF is the clinic where hysteroscopy surgery treatment is done with experienced and veteran hands, without any complications. There can be possibly small complication after this procedure, may be excessive bleeding after this surgery, fever, chills, infection etc. If the patient starts to experience heavy bleeding after this surgery then that patient have to contact immediately her doctor, but this is a rare case.

Cost of Hysteroscopy is very reasonable and moderately priced. The price varies according to different type of procedure; anyways the approx cost of Hysteroscopy is INR 30k-35k, which is under budget of those who want to do this surgery. Hysteroscopy surgery treatment follows straightforward steps and the patient is able to go home shortly after the hysteroscopy surgery.