IVF cost Chennai 2020 - Approximate Cost of IVF Treatment in Chennai

Approximate Cost of IVF Treatment in Chennai 2021

Now  resolve your infertility obstacle by choosing IVF treatment cost Chennai

IVF is a quick-fix medication that is used to disentangle the matter of infertility.  Infertility, on the other hand is the common disorder, which occurs due to several reasons that may include –environment factor, your health diet, addiction of alcohol, chewing tobacco etc. Thus, it is better said to be in a healthy routine and live fit.

If you are facing infertility issue or you are unqualified to perform natural cycle of fertilization then here is the best solution – IVF treatment Chennai. Regarding IVF Cost Chennai, you will get entire information in this page. Infertility is that disorder that has been on the move for the past few years, resultant the couple’s days down in the dumps situation, but, no worries, as the unlucky days will be no longer in your life once undergoing IVF treatment.

Reasonable cost of IVF treatment in Chennai

IVF cost Chennai is planned in decent structure and is thus rank in one of the most reasonable IVF treatment giving platform across India. IVF Cost Chennai is decently structured in a marked down cost. Although IVF treatment is based on a bargain-basement cost, the clinic never compromises about the facilities and the ultra-modern technology used in the treatment.

IVF Charge Chennai is affordable and cost-efficient treatment. If we discuss urban center, it’s that place where every treatment is obtainable in far more reasonable value. IVF- it’s one in all the foremost chosen and efficacious treatment to decipher sterility issue whether or not the sterility is expounded to male or feminine. IVF cost Chennai is tactically and is moderately priced so every sterile or sterile pair can choose this treatment without any hesitation.

Procedure of IVF treatment Chennai

During IVF course of medication, eggs and sperms are obtained from the infertile partner for fertilization, which is done in the laboratory. At the initial level of this treatment, fertility medication is given to the female for stimulation of her eggs. Once the eggs are matured enough, eggs are retrieved with the help of thin needle.

On the day of egg retrieval procedure, semen sample is taken by the male partner. Fertilization is done keeping sperm and egg altogether in a same petri dish. Here if fertilization (sperm fuses with the egg) is done, then the fertilized egg soon becomes embryo (within 3-4 days) and at the time of blastocyst stage, two of the best embryo is selected and placed into the uterus of the female for implantation. If implantation is achieved successfully, then the chances of being pregnant will more.

IVF is the universal remedy to treat infertility cause and thus a panacea for all the fertility treatment. IVF is that treatment, which is, applied with many techniques to give positive outcome for example- ICSI, IMSI, SSR (Sperm Surgical Retrieval), Egg donation procedure, Sperm donation procedure etc. IVF Charge Chennai varies using different techniques.

IVF Cost Chennai is categorized into

  • IVF Cost Chennai using own eggs and own sperm –

This treatment is done, when both- male and female unleashes healthy & fine quality of sperm and eggs at the time of fertilization. IVF cost Chennai using own egg & sperm by the partner is INR 1,35,000.

  • IVF Cost Chennai using donor egg –

IVF treatment with egg donor is recommended for those infertile couples, wherein female partner can’t hack the grade of good quality of eggs. Here, egg donor gives her own eggs for the fertilization procedure. Once the eggs are received by the donor, later on these eggs are combined with the sperms (given by the male partner) for fertilization. IVF Cost Chennai using egg donor is INR  2,60,000 (egg donor cost is INR 1,25,000)

  • IVF Cost Chennai using Donor sperm –

This treatment is preferred for those couples, wherein male partner unable to produce motile and active sperm resultant the female is unable to give birth. Here, sperm from male donor is used at the time of fertilization. IVF Cost Chennai using donor sperm is INR  1, 60,000.

Why to choose Select IVF India to treat infertility by IVF treatment?

Select IVF India is that the simplest Clinic for elucidating sterility, the team and therefore the fertility specialists are doubtless crackerjack in their field. Specialist of IVF Clinic in Chennai handles the matter of any patient in validating manner and tries to convey them full satisfaction by providing best counsel.

The IVF kit of Chennai includes fertility medication, medicines, and therefore the entire procedure of IVF step. There’s not any hidden charge except the package of IVF, neither the clinic demands further price throughout the procedure of IVF course of medication nor once the treatment is completed. Success rate of IVF treatment Chennai is 62-65% that’s so much on prime of various states of success rate. Now the ball is in your Court to need judgment and to settle on IVF Chennai for this course of medication.

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