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IVF procedure Chennai 2021 – How IVF work in Chennai Step by Step

IVF-an advance fertility treatment to elucidate infertility issue

IVF is one of the most desired treatments to untangle the issues of sterility / infertility. Infertility nowadays has become most discussed topic as this matter of contention is increasing day by day due to the hectic and improper lifestyle of the individuals in urban area. Being infertile is the biggest topic of concern. Chennai lays out the best fertility treatment of IVF course of medication. IVF process Chennai takes simple and uncomplicated steps.

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization, is one of the ART technique treatments, which is world-wide famous and is preferred by those males or females who are having issue in natural fertilization. IVF is the procedure where sperms and eggs are isolated from the infertile couple who wish to go for IVF treatment. IVF procedure Chennai is one of the most acceptable treatments to decipher infertility issue.

IVF treatment is beneficial for

  • Those women who have their fallopian tube removed
  • Couples carrying genetic disease (either male or female)
  • Women whose fallopian tube either blocked or damaged
  • Men whose sperm production is low
  • Males whose sperm motility is less and having difficulty in penetrating with egg
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women experiencing improper or unhealthy ovulation
  • Premature ovarian disorder

Trouble-free and painless IVF procedure in Chennai

One of the special point of IVF process Chennai is its veteran and experienced team of fertility doctors and experts.

One of the first steps is to give fertility medications to the female to enhance ovulations after monitoring the ovaries by fertility doctor. Fertility drugs are prescribed just to get multiple eggs instead of a single egg (which usually ovaries produce each month a single egg).

By transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests, ovaries are monitored to see the stage of follicles. Once the eggs are found well developed, maturation medications are given in order to receive matured eggs from the follicles. Eggs are retrieved after every checkups and confirmation. Eggs are obtained by the special hollow needle attached with the suction device.

Sperm sample is collected by the male duo to perform fertilization process. Now when fertility experts got sperms and eggs from IVF process, are mixed with each other in a Petri dish, where active and motile sperms fuse with the egg. This is what we refer Fertilization in IVF procedure Chennai. Within 3-4 days of cell-division, embryo is formed; two of the best quality embryo is placed into the female uterus to carry pregnancy once implantation is successfully achieved.

This is all about the procedure of IVF Chennai done by leading fertility clinic Select IVF. Given below the entire step of IVF procedure Chennai in a short and precise manner.

Monitoring the ovaries

The first step of IVF process Chennai is to make ovaries inactive to get results that are more efficacious and to avoid early production of eggs before the collection of it. Female has to instructed to notice her menstrual cycle and on the first day of her menstruation, blood sample is taken

Fertility medications

Fertility medications are prescribed to the female. These medications are generally in the form of injections. Fertility drugs & medications are given in order to receive multiple eggs despite of single egg at the time of egg retrieval. By transvaginal ultrasound, follicles are monitored.

Medications for oocyte maturation

Within 8-14 days of the fertility medications, HCG medication is given to the female for maturation of eggs. Fertility doctor may recommend the female taking progesterone supplements to make the uterus lining more receptive and ready for implantation and rest of the steps.

Egg Retrieval

Once the follicles are matured enough, retrieval of eggs is initiated. During this step, pain medication is given to the female. With the help of a hollow needle attached with a suction device, eggs are removed from the follicles, thus multiple eggs are gently taken and kept in a culture medium.

Sperm Ejaculation

On the same day of egg retrieval, semen sample is collected by the male partner through normal ejaculation in the separate compartment of Select IVF Fertility clinic.


This is one of the most important and crucial step of IVF process Chennai. Keeping sperms and eggs on the culture dish, motile & active sperm penetrates with the egg and hence fertilization is done.

Embryo transfer

Once fertilization happens, within 2-3 days of it, embryo is transferred safely into the female’s uterus to have implantation and successful pregnancy.

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