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What is The Cost for Test Tube Baby in Chennai 2023

Undergo with the moderately priced of Test tube baby Chennai

Struggling with the phase of impotency? Impotency or infertility is referred as the one couple, who is unable to give birth by the natural pregnancy. What does natural pregnancy means? This means natural fertilization, which takes place inside the womb of a female. When sperms travel across into the uterus of the female (at the time of female’s ovulation), sperm penetrates with the egg and if it successfully fused with the egg then fertilization happens and later on embryo is formed. During the unnatural procedure of fertilization, the penetration of the sperm with the egg is done outside from the female’s uterus i.e. –Lab, yes fertility lab. In this page, we are going to learn about that fertility treatment and its cost, which has been accepted worldwide and is one of the best methods to get rid of childlessness.

Test tube Baby Chennai treatment comes in one of the latest advance technology to eliminate infertility disorder and by statistics, it has been proven that test tube baby Chennai is used and by almost each infertile couple and preferred by the fertility experts .

Couples , who are the best patient for Test tube Baby Chennai

  • Female facing with endometriosis
  • Women, who have fallopian tubes blocked
  • Male factor infertility, where the male produces less average count of sperm and inactive or less motile sperms
  • Women, who have had their fallopian tubes removed
  • Women facing with premature ovarian failure or issue in ovulation cycle
  • Unknown infertility or unexplained infertility matter

Note – Test tube baby Chennai could be applied with several techniques to get productive result such as ICSI, PICSI, IMSI etc. Test tube baby treatment if applied with ICSI, then this combination will result to be more positive outcome. ICSI is only combined with test tube course, if the male is producing less motile and active sperm.

Test tube baby Cost Chennai

If we talk about Test tube baby Cost Chennai, you will be surprised to know the exact cost. Before knowing the cost of test tube Chennai, just want to give the readers information that test tube baby cost Chennai package is only be payable one time before the treatment, some clinics meanwhile in the time of medications ask for the extra charge for some steps like egg retrieval or embryo transfer. So before saying Yes for any fertility clinic to undergo your treatment, cross check the procedure of cost, success rate and the fertility expert’s experience. Once you get the satisfaction, go for the treatment.

Select IVF India gives you test tube baby Chennai treatment providing all the advance facilities to the patient. This fertility clinic has platinum fertility expert and marvellous team.

Cost of Test tube Baby Chennai

Cost of test tube baby Chennai is INR 1,50,000. This is the package, where the infertile couple gets fertility medications & drugs, ultrasounds tests, hormonal level tests, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer. Post embryo transfer cost is out of this package.

Test tube baby cost Chennai using own eggs and donor eggs 

As mentioned above that test tube baby Chennai treatment could be combined with other treatment related to the concern issue facing by the couple.

Test tube baby cost Chennai using own eggs means that the female partner unleashes fine quality of egg  for fertilization. Here, by giving fertility medications and hormonal injections after complete physical check-up, eggs are obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle and then kept on a nutrient containing culture dish. Later on sperm (received from the male partner) also placed with the egg on the same dish. Once the sperm gets penetrated with the egg, fertilization happens. Test tube baby cost Chennai using own egg is INR 1,50,000.

Test tube baby cost using donor egg

This is the procedure, which is used by the fertility experts when the female is unable to supply standard quality of the eggs for fertilization. In each fertility treatment, to get success two things are mandatory; first is the female’s age and second one is the egg quality. In order to get healthy embryo, both the semen quality and the oocyte (egg) quality must be of fine.

Test tube baby cost Chennai using egg donor is INR 2,75,000, where 1,25,00 charges is of donor egg procedure and rest of 1,50,000 is of traditional test tube baby cost. So, here we are at the end of this page. Hope you all got the detail about test tube baby cost Chennai.

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