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Chennai IVF Clinic 2023: Procedure, Success Rates, Cost

Go through the delighted journey of your medication of IVF in Chennai

IVF treatment is that the A-1 fertility treatment, that elucidate any issue of infertility. It’s one amongst the foremost efficacious courses of medication to eliminate either male or feminine sterility downside. Chennai is one amongst the places that provides matchless fertility treatment everywhere India. Anyways, infertility is that issue which can’t be eliminated from its cause root however it can solve by victimisation or the treatments by using different artificial techniques; one amongst the techniques we are visiting to is In Vitro Fertilization i.e. IVF. There are four-five step of IVF in Chennai and is performed by Select IVF fertility specialist of fertility department. Select IVF is that the leading ART specialist clinic to elucidate any of the fertility issues.

A brief detail concerning IVF Chennai

IVF Chennai is one amongst the foremost productive medications to come across sterility matter. IVF comes within the ART technology; ART is that the advance fertility technique to unravel any minor to major issue of fertility. Those couples who are not able to conceive naturally can go for ART technique and opt for the simplest and right treatment once going consultation along with the fertility specialists. IVF treatment amongst all the fertility medication is the leading and most acceptable treatment to treat infertility matter. Obviously, it’d not provide you with one hundred percent success rate because of risk be usually there in any treatment. IVF Chennai is trouble-free procedure and successfully accomplished by the fertility specialist.

IVF Chennai is recommended and best preferred for

  • Those females, who have had their fallopian tube removed
  • girls whose fallopian tubes either broken or blocked
  • Unexplained sterility
  • Improper organic process cycle / premature ovarian failure
  • Male issue sterility
  • If low count of sperms is there in male partner then by that point IVF with ICSI is preferred
  • Male or feminine having any inherited disorder

What is involved in IVF procedure in Chennai

IVF Chennai is categorized into four straightforward ways. Each point are given below

  • Beginning of the fertility medication– this can be the primary step of IVF method in Chennai, here fertility medications and medicines are prescribed by your fertility specialist. These medications are given to stimulate the ovaries. Till unless the follicles won’t develop the eggs won’t form, therefore it’s obligatory to own these medications. Additionally to attain multiple eggs, fertility medications are prescribed.
  • Retrieval of the eggs & assortment of the semen sample– This procedure is done under general anaesthesia. The patient should visit the clinic often for the check-ups; once the doctor make sure concerning the maturity of the eggs by checking blood secretion level and transvaginal ultrasounds, trigger shot injection is given at the final part of full-fledged of eggs. This trigger shot injection is given to create all the eggs matured. At intervals 24-34 hours of this injection, procedure of egg assortment is facilitated. With the assistance of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved by very carefully. On the identical day, semen sample is also assorted from the male partner by normal ejaculation.
  • Fertilization-Fertilization is one amongst the necessary stages of IVF procedure Chennai. Now, when eggs and sperms from a pair, are taken, it is placed altogether on the culture dish to boost the step of fertilization. It’s referred to as insemination. IVF with ICSI technique is considered only when the male partner sperm is unhealthy or non-motile to fertilize with the eggs. As soon as the eggs are fertilized with the sperm and biological process starts happening then at this stage that fertilized egg can be called as embryo (within 2-3 days or fertilization).
  • Transferring of the embryo– Within 3-4 days of fertilization, two of the best embryo is chosen to place into the uterus to enhance better fertilization. Embryo is placed into the feminine womb or uterus by employing a tube (small catheter). this can be a trouble-free procedure; rare girls have toughened delicate cramp. Once 10-14 days of embryo transfer, bioassay is scheduled by your fertility knowledgeable.

Choose IVF Chennai to elucidate the matter of your infertility

These are all the important points of IVF in Chennai. Success rate of IVF in Chennai depends on some factors just like the age of the women (whose eggs are used during fertilization procedure), egg quality, embryo quality, previous medical history related to infertility. On the premise of the ladies age, success rate of IVF varies. Females, who are below thirty five, have the success rate of IVF 60-62%, women who are in the line of 35-37 have 55-60%, who are on the far side thirty seven have 40-50% chances to conceive by IVF Chennai. IVF with ICSI has a lot of generative result once male’s semen quality is less motile, inactive and low count of sperms.

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