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January 10, 2023

How Much is the IUI Treatment cost in Chennai 2023?

Nitty-Gritty details of IUI treatment Chennai

IUI – one of the simple and basic fertility treatments to resolve light issue related with infertility. During IUI Treatment Chennai, semen sample is taken from the male partner and then is washed by special technique from where any impurities get removed. We will get through the deep details of IUI treatment Chennai in this page; let’s get started from the initial fact of IUI procedure that who can go for this treatment.

IUI treatment Chennai can be used by

  • Those couples, where the female duo faces the issue of hostile cervical mucus
  • Women suffering from mild endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women who are suffering from ovulation cycle
  • If a sperm donor is used
  • If any sexual pain makes intercourse difficult

IUI treatment Chennai is not appropriate for

  • Women facing with severe endometriosis
  • Women suffering from ovarian failure
  • Those women who are facing with the issue of PCOD
  • Blocked fallopian tube or removed tubes
  • Male factor infertility, where the male is not ejaculating more than average count of sperm for transferring into the uterus
  • Previous pelvic infection
  • Or those couples, wherein the female suffers from serious infertility disorder

How IUI procedure in Chennai is carried out?

IUI treatment Chennai, as mentioned above is that treatment, which is usually accepted when the couple goes through the initial stage of infertility or not in serious clutch of infertility, for this kind of infertile couples IUI treatment Chennai is the best solution to get resolved their infertility issue after the consultation from your fertility experts. IUI treatment procedure Chennai is easy and out of any trouble. With the guidance of fertility team and veteran specialist of IUI Treatment Clinic Chennai, this treatment is successfully accomplished with decent success rate. Let’s read the steps one by one-
  • During the first step of IUI treatment Chennai, fertility drugs is given to the female for better ovulation cycle, (these medications are given to those females who have issue in their ovulation cycle). This medication synchronises the eggs and the ovulation cycle.
  • Near the date of ovulation, semen sample is collected from the male partner and is kept in the sterile container. Then the role of washing of the sperms gets started. The fertility specialist of yours in order to get impurity free sperms, by the special technique washes the sperm through a unique technique. Once the sperms are washed, the sperm are received by then is motile, active and healthy sperms. This procedure usually takes 2 hour for the completion.
  • As soon as the washing process is completed, next step by IUI Clinic Chennai is to check the ovulation time of the female. This is done in order to put the sperms into the uterus at the time of the female’s ovulation. At the time of female’s ovulation, the washed sperm is directly inserted into the uterus with the assistance of a catheter. This is the step, where the female might feel little discomfort, apart of it she can go home in the same day following of the sperm transfer. Transferring the sperms usually takes 10-20 minutes of the female.

IUI treatment success rate Chennai

IUI treatment Chennai by IUI Clinic Chennai relies on the male sperms counts and its motility as well. An average total of sperms, which are motile, active and morphologically fine, should be at least 10 million for IUI treatment. However, its’ not only sperm that works, the role of the egg during fertilization is more significant than of the sperm. Therefore, it is mandatory that egg quality must be of fine and standard to achieve better results of IUI treatment, and if the female do not supply healthy eggs then it is hard to get the positive outcome by IUI treatment, then you can go for any other advance fertility medication if IUI is not successful.

Undergo IUI treatment in easy budget

IUI treatment cost Chennai is very reasonable and a smooth way to travel the sperms distance from the starting point to the end of the female’s fallopian tube and thus is efficacious treatment to make a better possibility of fertility or fertilization. IUI treatment Cost Chennai is INR 15,000-20,000. If we compare other clinics cost then IUI Clinic Chennai gives this treatment in much more reasonable and marked down package. If you are suffering from the initial and low level of infertility issue, then IUI treatment is best for you to go for.Read Also:
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