Surrogacy Cost in Chennai 2020

How much does Surrogacy Cost in Chennai 2023?

Surrogacy is becoming a popular option to get a baby and surrogacy practices are being followed all over the world owing to the nature of benefits offered by it. It is a different kind of treatment since it introduces a third party to the process who is going to carry out the pregnancy on the behalf of the intending parents, this way the chances of mistakes happening in the whole treatment are eliminated to a larger degree as compared to the risk involved in the other basic fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, etc.

Chennai is the most sought after place for undergoing the surrogacy treatment attributed to the low cost provided here for surrogacy and other fertility treatments. Surrogacy is a method of infertility treatment where the couples that are unable to get pregnant on their own, take the pregnancy services of a woman known as surrogate mother. This is done when couples are having some major health issues or conditions that completely abstains them for getting a child through the natural method. The surrogate mother, who is on the other hand, is selected after scrutinizing her for the fertile health and making sure that she has the experience of delivering at least a one healthy pregnancy. All these factors contribute to making the surrogacy cost in Chennai.

But the couple tend to step back when it comes actually taking the treatment due to the major expenses involved in the treatment. Surrogacy is a long and complex method as it includes finding the surrogate mother, choosing the best fertility hospital, and before all of that ensuring whether surrogacy is the right answer to your childless situation. With so many confusions at hand regarding the surrogacy treatment, the couple becomes dubious about the whole arrangement and fail to come up with the decision as to which fertility centre to pick for their specific surrogacy endeavour.

For helping you coming up with the best fertility clinic and vanishing away your doubts with regards to success in your surrogacy treatment, our medical tourism has come to your aid. Select IVF India is a healthcare services provider company that has gained a top-class reputation for providing its incredible surrogacy services to the infertile patients around the globe.

Some of the factors that contribute in creating the realistic surrogacy cost in Chennai

One of the challenges for a couple looking for a surrogacy treatment is the cost of surrogacy in Chennai as nowadays it has become impossible to identify a fertility clinic that offers both affordable cost and a superlative quality treatment. Given the intricacies of the treatment and so many factors involved, we have come up with some of the major facets reflecting upon which you can better make the decision of finding an ideal surrogacy hospital for your fertility treatment.

Below listed are the common factors that are involved when forming the cost of surrogacy.

Surrogacy Cost in Chennai 2023
Surrogacy Cost in Chennai 2023

Payment of the surrogate mother

The compensation of the surrogate mother is the price that you have to pay for rendering the pregnancy services of a surrogate mother. This will include all the expenses that she has to bear while she carries the child of the intending parents in her womb. It includes such as her travelling cost, cost of accommodation, cost of medicines and tests, food expenses, etc.

Experience of the surrogacy doctors

The level and years of expertise of a fertility specialist is the great way to determine what he will be charging for the treatment. More experienced the surrogacy doctor is and the better his track record of performing successful surrogacy treatments, more he is going to charge for his expert services. But it is not that hard to find a prominent fertility specialist that does not charge way too high.

Type of surrogacy arrangement

There are two types of surrogacy practices, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. And there is a great variation in their cost since gestational provide the added benefit of making a baby that is biological connected to the intending parents. Traditional surrogacy only gives the father the facility to get genetically related to the child and that is only after he has given his sperms in the process. This way gestational surrogacy is more desirable than traditional surrogacy.

Cost of the IVF treatment

If you are going for gestational surrogacy, then you have to undergo IVF as well and with IVF it is possible that you have to use donor eggs or donor sperms if you are, due to some reasons, cannot provide it for the process. In this manner, the cost of Surrogacy in Chennai will be impacted as the cost of using donor eggs or sperms is more than using your own gametes.

Taking different road to surrogacy makes for creating some legal contracts. Apart from forming a contract with the surrogate mother, the intending parents may have to come into contract with the egg or sperm donor if they are using their services. It is important to have these legal formalities done as it provides a legal base to the whole process of surrogacy and thus make it more transparent and accountable.

Accessible cost of Surrogacy in Chennai

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, Select IVF India assist in making the best treatment plan for the couples taking the surrogacy treatment in the most cost-effective manner. Surrogacy cost in Chennai is INR 10,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 . Our network fertility hospitals have the profile of the best surrogate mothers created after extensive medical testing and interviewing of the potential candidates.

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