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What is the Cost of ICSI Treatment in Chennai 2023?

ICSI Treatment Chennai – One of the most efficacious treatment to stamp out male infertility

ICSI is fully known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection; it’s one amongst the best and advance technique to resolve the difficulty of male fertility.

ICSI treatment Chennai is designed structure of In vitro fertilization method however it is additional advanced and more productive than the treatment of IVF treatment. ICSI treatment Chennai is the best option for those males who are facing with low sperm count and less motility of sperm.

If we compare IVF and ICSI treatment, then we will be on the conclusion that ICSI treatment Chennai gives productive result than IVF treatment. Both of these treatments are the leading medication to put an end to infertility disorder, but if the male is suffering from male infertility issue then it’s ICSI treatment that will work and give best result.

Major distinction between IVF and ICSI treatment is just the matter of bringing out the procedure of fertilization in a different way, rest of all the steps are same. Chennai, being well-known for several things is additionally known for the treatment to solve any of the matter related to infertility. ICSI treatment Clinic Chennai offers ICSI method very reasonable. ICSI cost in Chennai is affordable and based on a marked down package.

Situations within which ICSI will be fitly performed:

  • Male, who are producing low count of sperm(a case known as oligospermia)
  • Poor motility of the sperm cell (asthenozoospermia)
  • Morphologically unfit sperm (teratozoospermia)
  • Once there’s previous IVF done and had an unsuccessful result of that cycle
  • Presence of high quantity of anti-bodies in male’s semen

How ICSI treatment Chennai goes

ICSI treatment clinic in Chennai props up ICSI treatment in more effective way because it has crackerjack fertility experts, who bring off this medication superbly.

There are five footsteps to travel through the medicaments throughout ICSI treatment Chennai. This method takes place throughout IVF solely. ICSI treatment Chennai with IVF treatment works as follow:

  • To suppress the natural cycle –
    Medication to suppress female menstrual cycle is given in this step.
  • Fertility medication & hormonal injections are given to the female patient in order to stimulate her ovaries. These medications are generally in the form of injection, which a female has to take for at least 12-13 days.
  • Then the eggs of the feminine partner are surgically extracted from her ovaries with the help of a hollow needle.
  • Semen sample is taken from the male partner and fertility expert hand-picks most motile sperm. Later on a single sperm is directly injected into each egg for fertilization.
  • Once the sperm is injected into the egg, the fertilized egg is set for the development within the laboratory.
  • Once the embryo is on the stage of blastocyst (fourth or on fifth day), two of the best embryo is transferred into the female’s uterus.

ICSI treatment Chennai is performed by the master hand of ICSI treatment Clinic Chennai team. ICSI is usually carried with IVF steps only, sometimes ICSI treatment is performed with frozen sperm. There seems to be no distinction in the way of pregnancy among those that use fresh or frozen sperm for the fertilization procedure of ICSI technique.

The ICSI procedure fertilizes fifty to eighty percentages of eggs and has higher lead to give efficacious result in pregnancy. This treatment is much more advance than IVF and thus it gives productive result too.

Success Rates of ICSI Treatment Chennai

Possibilities of fulfilment of ICSI treatment from ICSI Treatment Clinic Chennai varies among patient’s infertility issue. Particularly ICSI treatment success rate depends upon the age of the woman because age is the most vital issue for the method in ICSI or the other fertility medication; but on the average close to 30-35% of patients may have a kid once after trying ICSI treatment by the ICSI treatment clinic Chennai.

Marked down package of ICSI treatment Cost Chennai

ICSI Treatment Cost in Chennai is INR 1,75,00 including all the medication and ICSI fertilization technique and embryo transfer too. ICSI treatment cost Chennai is almost same as the cost of IVF treatment but it gives much more productive and favourable result.  Generally, ICSI treatment cost Chennai begins from INR 1,50,000 to 2 lakh and it varies the package chosen by the infertile partner.

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