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Surrogacy Bangalore 2023: Get Procedure & Cost Details At Best Surrogacy Clinic

Surrogacy Bangalore – A new ray of your bright future

Infertility – a short word but a long procedure, surrogacy in a simple word can be explained as a procedure where a woman holds an embryo of other still the delivery. Procedure of surrogacy is simple though lengthy, simple because Surrogacy Bangalore is achieved by IVF treatment and lengthy because surrogacy takes at least 10-11 month to complete.

Surrogacy Bangalore is one of the best procedures to remove the black mark of infertility. This treatment comes in most trusted and acceptable ART technique just due to its high success rate. Surrogacy is that ultimate solution for those couples who have tried other advance ART methodologies but still unable to achieve pregnancy. Select IVF is that platform, where surrogacy is achieved by the world-class specialist and the master hands of fertility team. In this page, we are going to cover the entire main points of surrogacy – how surrogacy is done, who can choose surrogacy, rules and regulations of surrogates etc.

Is Surrogacy Bangalore the best option for the infertile duos?

Clearly if we say then ofcourse, Surrogacy is the unbeatable treatment if comparing with other fertility treatments in ART, but this methodology must be chosen by those barren couples who have had their unsuccessful IVF/ ICSI, or by those females who have major risk in conceiving. This is the reason why surrogacy is known as the last option to treat infertility and that too giving almost 100% result to hopeless couple.

So, yes if you have tried IVF (the most desired ART technique) but you couldn’t get success in it then surrogacy is the best option for you to become pregnant. Let’s discuss in points that who can travel for Surrogacy.

Surrogacy Bangalore – Golden opportunity for

  • Couples who have undergone other fertility treatments (like IVF, ICSI, IMSI etc)
  • Women who are in risk to give birth ( either to the baby or the mother herself or both)
  • Due to some medical cause, woman is unable to become pregnant
  • Females who have suffered miscarriages (two at the row)
  • Women who have had their Hysterectomy surgery ( this is a surgery where female’s uterus is removed through the surgery)
  • Those who experience severe disease (heart problem, depression etc)
  • Same sex couple

Detail about Surrogacy Procedure

Surrogacy Bangalore is a procedure that takes 10-11 month for accomplishment. Surrogacy is completed using three individuals – male and female partner (who wants to go for surrogacy) and the female, who holds baby of the infertile couple for nine month.

Couple who wish to go for Surrogacy in Bangalore– is Intended couple and the woman who agrees to carry baby of intended couple is – Surrogate mother / Gestational mother or gestational carrier. So, now here we go about the entire description of Surrogacy.

How Surrogacy works

Gestational Surrogacy in Bangalore is the most acceptable and legal surrogacy in India; gestational surrogacy is carried out with IVF technique. IVF is the advance treatment, which comes in ART technique; here sperms and eggs are collected by the partner, sperms and eggs that are received, is placed on t he petri dish and so fertilization occurs. During surrogacy, infertile woman starts taking fertility drugs prescribed by the fertility specialists to stimulate ovaries. Eggs are supposed to be retrieved from the female partner in order to achieve fertilization; semen sample is collected from the male duo on the same day of the egg retrieval. Fertilization occurs by IVF process. Once, the eggs get fertilize with the sperms, cell division takes place (embryo forms).

Now, once embryo forms, the role of a surrogate starts. Two of the best embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate with the help of a catheter. As soon as embryo gets implanted with the wall of the uterus, chance of pregnancy is positive. Pregnancy test is scheduled within 14 days of the embryo transfer. After completing nine month of pregnancy, she gives birth to the baby and hand-over baby to the intended couple.

Role of surrogate starts from embryo transfer and ends to giving the birth. Agreement and Bond of surrogate must be completed by her.

How the surrogates are selected during Surrogacy in Bangalore?

  • Woman who are in the age line of 21-39
  • Must be fit and sound
  • Female must have had uncomplicated previous pregnancy
  • Woman must have given birth to single child
  • No miscarriages found
  • Out of any addiction (alcohol, drugs or chewing tobacco)
  • Away from any severe disease
  • Must willing to serve happily in the surrogacy procedure
  • Sign the bond and agreement
  • Supportive family and living in a stable situation

These are some points about surrogacy procedure in Bangalore and surrogates. Surrogacy in Bangalore is a beautiful journey where another woman fulfils the infertile couples’ dreams to enjoy the golden days of Parent.

In the entire journey of surrogacy, the role of surrogate is vital. At the end we can say that yes, surrogacy has made impossible thing to possible, all thanks to our advance & modern technology of India.

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