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What is the IVF Cost in Bangalore

Cheap and cheerful IVF cost in Bangalore

IVF – an advance fertility treatment that comes in ART technique. ART i.e. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a latest technique to untwist the hurdle of infertility. Infertility in a short definition can say- an inability to conceive naturally. Being pregnant and to enjoy parenthood is actually a next level of joy. But, it happens sometimes that either the male or female can’t make the grade to become parent after doing several times of natural intercourse (in a year); therefore, these couples seek fertility treatments to get to the bottom of this issue.

IVF treatment in Bangalore is one of the preferred places to do this course of medication done. There are several points why IVF treatment in Bangalore is so in desired list by the infertile couple, one of the unique and uncommon points is IVF Cost Bangalore; the charge of IVF Bangalore is designed in a very slashed and low-budget package so that every infertile couple can undergo this treatment without thinking twice for it.

Let’s have a look on IVF Charge Bangalore

As we all know, IVF is one of the leading and accepted fertility treatments to decipher the issue of infertility; IVF is for both male and female infertility. It happens when male duo produces less count of sperm or less active / motile then by that time IVF is done with ICSI method, where a single sperm (most motile and active) is directly injected into the egg received from the female. IVF is that therapeutic which can be treated in various ways to eliminate the tight spot of infertility, and depending upon the several ways, IVF Fee Bangalore varies.

IVF treatment is achieved by

  • IVF using own sperms and eggs – When male and female able to produces healthy and active sperms and eggs for fertilization, then IVF is done by using couple’s own sperm and eggs.  During this procedure of IVF, eggs are retrieved by the female’s ovaries after giving fertility drugs or medications. Sperms (semen) sample is collected by the male partner. Now keeping these combinations on a culture dish, fertilization happens. Once fertilization takes place, within 2-3 days of fertilization, embryo is formed and two of the best quality of embryo is handpicked, placed into the female’s uterus. IVF Charge Bangalore using own sperm and eggs is INR 1,75,000
  • IVF using female eggs and donor sperm – This procedure involves donor sperm; a healthy and fit male who have been qualified as a sperm donor by the donor bank or ART specialist fertility clinic, provides sperm. Couple wherein male duo is unable to produce active and adequate number of sperm for fertilization, there by using female partner’s egg and donor sperm, fertilization achieves. IVF Charge Bangalore using donor sperm is INR 2,10,000 (where donor sperm is 35k and including normal IVF, it becomes 2,10,000)
  • IVF achieved by donor egg – During this method, IVF treatment is done with the donor egg and male partner sperm. This situation occurs, when female faces problem to unleash healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization procedure. Here, when it comes, the fertility doctors recommend the couple to go for egg donor to facilitate fertilization. IVF using egg donor is INR 3 lakhs.

So, basically, normal IVF Fee Bangalore is INR 1,75,000, where fertility medications, transvaginal ultrasounds, hormonal tests, any other check-ups, the entire step of IVF etc. include. Select IVF is the  leading fertility clinic that gives IVF treatment in Bangalore in moderately priced kit.

Success Rate of IVF treatment in Bangalore

IVF success rate of Bangalore relies on some factors like the age of the woman, sperm motility and its production. Age of the woman is one among the most important factor to get positive outcome of IVF treatment, because if the eggs are of good quality then fertilization is most likely to happen. Hence, it is suggested by the fertility experts to do IVF treatment below the age of 37. Women who are in the line of 35, have high chances of getting pregnant by this therapeutic and those who are above 35, have less, that’s why age actually matters in the entire course of medication of IVF.

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  1. Im undergoing treatment in Bangalore, but now suddenly my husband is posted to Kolkata, would it be advisable for me to travel with him and change the clinic and hospital and everything?

    1. Post

      If you have already got down to the treatment from an IVF Centre in Bangalore (and paid the total amount of your medication) then changing the clinic will be bamboozling. You can swap the state with your husband once your embryo transfer is carried out, and get connected with the Best IVF Centre in Kolkata for your further procedure (post embryo transfer). Best of luck for your IVF journey!

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