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How much does surrogacy cost in Bangalore 2021?

Nominal package of Surrogacy Cost Bangalore

Surrogacy – The ultimate and one of the most efficacious fertility treatments in ART methodology. Surrogacy is the procedure, where a woman (a surrogate) holds an embryo of another couple in her womb for 9 month of pregnancy duration till happy delivery. There are several steps to choose a surrogate woman by the ART specialist clinics.

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Surrogacy comes in one of the most effective ART technique to entangle infertility disorder. If we look, Surrogacy cost Bangalore, then we will get to know that it is easily payable. Agree that, Surrogacy fee Bangalore is double or triple than IVF treatment or any other fertility course of medication, but this can’t be compared with any other therapeutic success rate because success rate of surrogacy is sky-scrapping. Surrogacy success rate of Bangalore is 85-95%.

Now remove your infertility disorder by choosing Surrogacy Cost Bangalore –

Surrogacy in Bangalore is of two types- Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy, in India, Gestational surrogacy is legal and traditional surrogacy is not.

During Gestational surrogacy, a surrogate carries an embryo (by IVF technique) in her womb till delivery, once delivery happens successfully, baby is given to the intended couple. Surrogacy charges Bangalore of gestational surrogacy is although not that cheap but it’s not that much expensive. Select IVF is one of the most acceptable ART specialist clinics to provide affordable Surrogacy package to elucidate infertility matter. In addition, if we compare Select IVF surrogacy cost Bangalore with other fertility clinics package of surrogacy in India, then we will get to know that this is the one and only clinic, which offers surrogacy in cost-effective package.

Surrogacy cost Bangalore is INR 10 lakh. This package includes each and every steps of the procedure for example consultation fee, cost of IVF procedure and associated medical treatment, Legal fees, surrogate charges, antenatal care etc.

Surrogacy charge Bangalore is beyond a shadow of doubt is less expensive than other states of India. Obviously, won’t say that Surrogacy is not that cheap if compare with other fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IMSI etc but Surrogacy treatment is the only one in ART technique, which gives infertile couples surety to achieve success. Surrogacy is fulfilled by IVF methodology. In India, Gestational surrogacy is the most acceptable and preferred treatment to elucidate infertility, especially when the women are in danger to give birth.

Surrogacy is generally opted by

Surrogacy is the process, which is used by those infertile couples who have lost their all hopes. Surrogacy treatment is the best solution for –

  • Couples whose multiple-IVF or ICSI cycle has been failed
  • Women who have severe health issue like heart issue, depression etc.
  • Medical issue with woman’s uterus
  • Women who have repeated miscarriage (3 at the row)
  • Women who have undergone the surgery of hysterectomy
  • Situation that makes pregnancy impossible or risky for the women

After getting deep detail about the entire procedure of the Surrogacy Fee Bangalore, let’s discuss about the info of surrogacy. What surrogacy is, how it is completed etc.

Since, we know the exact Surrogacy Fee Bangalore, we will jump into the process of surrogacy.

What is surrogacy ?

Surrogacy, as mentioned above, is the good fortune for many infertile couples, who have been suffering from repeated miscarriage, issue in the uterus etc.

Since Surrogacy Charge Bangalore gives one of the best treatments to the couples, this is the reason why, Bangalore remains always in the limelight to get surrogacy done in reasonable price.

Chiefly three individuals, who play significant role in the entire journey of Surrogacy treatment, two are the husband & wife that is intended couple and the third one is surrogate, who carries their baby in her own womb for 9 month. Intended mother starts taking fertility medications and drugs to enhance the stimulation of the ovaries, once the ovaries are stimulated, follicle releases the eggs. Fertility medications are given in order to get multiple eggs. By the vaginal ultrasound, these eggs are checked. After the confirmation of the matured eggs, eggs are retrieved from the female’s ovaries. On the same day of the egg retrieval, semen sample is also collected from the male partner.

Fertilization takes place by keeping eggs and sperms altogether in the petri dish, penetration of the sperms into the eggs lead to fertilization. Once the embryo is formed (within 2-3 day of fertilization), the role of the intended couple becomes over. From here, the entire role is covered by the gestational surrogate or surrogate mother.

There are numerous policies to choose Surrogate mother Bangalore by Select IVF fertility clinic; all the criteria have to pass by the woman to become a surrogate mother.

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