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January 9, 2023

Male Infertility Treatment Cost Mumbai 2023

Keenly priced of Male Infertility treatment cost in Mumbai

Have you ever thought or consider how many individual or couple would be facing from the disorder of Infertility in India ? If not then let’ s have approx idea, that more than 27 million couples (out of that 51.2% contributes to male sterility) are there who are unable to give birth to their young one just because they (either male or female partner or may be both) are in the tight spot of infertility. There are numerous reasons why male don’t seem to be capable to be a father of own toddler. The moment when you get to understand that you are incompetent to perform natural cycle of fertilization, feels bitter truth. However, in India, especially in Mumbai, several advance fertility treatments are introduced to straighten the matter of male or female infertility. Male infertility treatment cost Mumbai depends on the matter of male sterility or his infertility cause because there are totally different treatments to resolve the problem of the exact issue. Best and applicable treatment is suggested by your fertility consultants when acting few tests. Select IVF is the renowned fertility clinic, which gives each course of medication in far reasonable price to the infertile patient.

Points that might be the doable reason for Male physiological condition or impotency

  • hormonal disorders
  • Those men who have the addiction of smoking or drinking alcohol have 15-20% lesser sperms count compare to normal and healthy men.
  • Genetic factors
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Urban style (the method we have a tendency to live matters a lot for infertility disorder)
  • Infections like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) will interfere with sperm production and its health or will cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperms.
  • Painful sexual Intercourse

Male Infertility cost Mumbai and several most desired male fertility treatments

  • IUI fertility treatment – IUI stands for Intra Uterine Insemination, this system comes in Artificial Insemination (AI). IUI treatment is mostly chosen by those males who have low sperm count or not good quality of sperms. IUI is that the methodology where sperms are washed by special methodology inside the lab under the guidance of fertility experts. Once the count of sperms is minimum 10 million then IUI is applied. Semen sample is collected from the male partner, then with the assistance of tube, this sperm (after washing) is placed into the uterus of the female. IUI hardly takes minutes to finish its steps. Cost of IUI treatment in Mumbai is INR 20,000.
  • ICSI fertility treatment – (Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection) ICSI comes in ART technique, one of the efficacious ART techniques to resolve male infertility. ICSI treatment is extremely incredibly useful for those males who have their sperm counts very low. ICSI is the procedure whereby single sperm (most motile and active) is directly injected into the egg of the female; the complete procedure is performed with the process of IVF. The egg is then impregnated with the sperm, after two or three days of the fertilization, embryo is then placed into the uterus of the feminine. ICSI treatment is the foremost effective male fertility treatments Mumbai to induce the underside of the problem of male sterility. Cost of ICSI in Mumbai is approx INR 1,75,000.
  • Donor Sperms– It’s a method where sperms are given by the healthy and qualified donor. Donor sperms are sometimes chosen by those men who don’t seem to unleash healthy and motile sperms for fertilization. Sperm donation is preferred by those males who are unable to impregnate his partner by his sperms. Semen that has received from the donor first screened for infections like HIV and liver disease, the ART specialist clinic / Donor bank approves the sample and the donor if there’s no such any results found. Sperm donor cost in Mumbai is INR 33000-35000.
  • TESA –due to blockage of the tube (or is also another cause), sperm cannot travel throughout the ejaculation. TESA is that technique where sperms are taken out directly from the Testes employing a fine needle and with the assistance of ART technique; it’s impregnated with the egg of the feminine partner and inserting it into the womb / uterus of the feminine. In Mumbai TESA value is almost INR 35000 – 40,000 (excluding the charge of IVF).
  • IMSI –During this technique, sperms are selected using high magnifier microscope, to recognize the foremost active and motile sperms and therefore serving to settle on applicable sperm for fertilization with the egg. By this technique, doctors get assess the structure of the sperm and thus chooses most active, normal and motile sperm. IMSI is one in every of the foremost advantageous treatments in Mumbai to iron out male physiological condition. IMSI treatment is advance form of ICSI.  Cost of IMSI treatment in Mumbai is INR 25,000 (plus 1,50,000 of IVF)

Before going for any treatment cross check the fertility clinic to have positive outcome

Male fertility cost in Mumbai is additionally affordable and cheap comparing with other states of India. It’s reasonable and designed in marked down cost. Male Infertility cost Mumbai includes all tests, hormonal tests, consultation fee from the consultants, and each step of the procedure, post treatment care and full satisfaction. If you’re springing up to try to your treatment of male physiological condition, then choose that clinic where the experts have decent experience and high success rate; Select IVF offers male fertility treatment in very reasonable cost providing proper care throughout any medicament. Read Also:
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