IUI Treatment cost in Mumbai 2020

What is The IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai

IUI treatment Mumbai- Straightforward & Uncomplicated procedure to get rid of Infertility-

When it comes to simple and easy fertility treatment, IUI is the one that comes in our mind. IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination; IUI can be called as Artificial Insemination (AI). Artificial Insemination is a simple procedure and easy to achieve. Mumbai is the place where everything is easily accessible and as simple as ABC. There are several choices for fertility treatment; amongst many treatments IUI Treatment Mumbai is well-known for its record-breaking success rate. IUI is the first line of the medication when normal medicines and natural intercourse does not succeed.

When a male or female is unable to undergo a natural cycle of fertilization or impotent to experience their parenthood, by that time fertility medication is picked out by the sterile couple. Infertility or sterility is the hot water problem going on nowadays all over the world. There is not any specific cause of infertility, but yes! It can be said that improper diet, unhealthy routine, overweight or underweight, addiction of any drugs, alcohol or smoke, low haemoglobin, stress problem, hormonal problem etc. can lead to this disorder.

Who can settle on IUI Treatment Mumbai?

IUI Treatment Mumbai is the easiest and one of the effective fertility solutions to fix out sterility cause. The main motto of IUI therapeutics is to facilitate fertilization by just placing the sperms into the uterus of the female partner to get high success rate for fertilization. Select IVF is that brand which has given strong arm to those hopeless couple who have left their hope of being pregnant. IUI course of medication is chosen by-

  • Women who are suffering from premature ovulation disorder, improper ovulation cycle can go for the combination with ovulation induction medicines with IUI treatment.
  • Severe pain during intercourse
  • Ejaculation dysfunction
  • Women who have mild endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Cervical scar tissue or cervical mucus
  • Mild to moderate low sperm count or less motility
  • IUI is done when donor sperm is used
  • A single female who want to experience motherhood

IUI is not recommended to

  • Women who have moderate to severe endometriosis
  • Major disease of fallopian tubes
  • Past history of any pelvic infections
  • Women whose fallopian tubes are blocked

IUI treatment Procedure in Mumbai

IUI treatment can be or cannot be performed using fertility drugs and medication; those women who have irregular ovulation cycle can go for this medication. If IUI is done with ovulation induction then within 10-14 days of fertility drugs, transvaginal ultrasounds are done to know the exact phase of the eggs. When the eggs are more likely to rupture, semen sample collection is done. After obtaining semen sample from the male partner, sperms are washed in the lab in order to get healthy & motile sperms free from any impurities. When this procedure is completed, then this washed sperms are put inside into the female uterus. With the help of a small catheter sperms are inserted inside the uterus. The female is supposed to lie down for some time after this procedure. Now rest of the procedure takes place in the female partner’s uterus. Once the sperm fuses with the egg fertilization occur. After successful implantation of an embryo into the wall of the uterus, pregnancy takes place.

Cost-effective kit of IUI treatment Mumbai

IUI Treatment cost Mumbai is well planned and easy to pay. IUI is far more reasonable than IVF or ICSI; this is the reason why some couples outline their treatment of IUI twice or thrice to get positive result if their first attempt of IUI is unsuccessful. IUI treatment cost in Mumbai is INR 20-25k. If we look an eye on IUI treatment Clinic in Mumbai then the first and unique point, which comes in the list, is its master hands experts and its high success rate. We all know that in each and every therapeutics and medications there is some risk of not achieving positive result, so for this we need to carry hope and some patience. Select IVF gives their best efforts to get success out-turn in IUI Treatment Mumbai.

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