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We used to hear that infertile male count in India is widely-spaced than the ratio of infertile males. If we count the rate of infertile couples in India, then here you are- more than 25 million couples are there, who are facing with infertility disorder and out of it, 51.2% contributes to male infertility.

There are several reason why male are impotent to impregnate her partner, one of them could be- no sperm in the ejaculation, other could be- may be the male is unable to unleash motile and active sperm for fertilization etc. To treat with this male infertility disorder, there are n numbers of treatment available. Male infertility treatment cost Kolkata is very reasonable and easily achievable by each infertile male.

Male infertility treatment cost Kolkata varies with different treatments as if if the male has initial issue for e.g. he is having pain in sexual intercourse then he can go for IUI treatment, by that time Male infertility treatment cost Kolkata differs. Best and appropriate therapeutic is recommended by the fertility experts after doing several tests.

Select IVF India is one of the head-most fertility clinics to untwist the matter of any infertility- whether it is of male or female. This clinic offers Male Infertility cost Kolkata in under-budget and easy payable package. Let’s get through some of the major and accepted male infertility treatment Kolkata and Male infertility cost Kolkata.

Some factors that could be the possible cause of Male infertility

  • If any infection occurred in childhood
  • Men, who have addiction of smoking, usage of the drugs and drinking alcohol, have 15-17% lesser sperm count comparing with normal men.
  • Genetic factors
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Life-style always matters (urban area has large number of infertile couples comparing with rural)
  • Infections like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) can interfere with sperm production or it can cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm.
  • Painful Intercourse

As mentioned above there are many advance fertility treatments to solve male infertility, some of them are

  • IUI IUI is fully known as Intra-uterine Insemination, this is the technique, which comes in the category of Artificial insemination or AI. This is one of the basic male infertility treatments, where sperms are washed by a special technique in order to get impurity free sperm. This technique is best applicable for those males, who have low sperm count or less motility. IUI can only be performed, when male duo is at least producing 10 million counts of the sperms. Male infertility Cost Kolkata using IUI treatment is INR 20,000.
  • ICSI – (Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection) ICSI treatment is well known and most accepted male infertility treatment to get rid of male sterility issue. This is the advance form of IVF and comes in ART technology treatments. Since this is the advance form of IVF treatment, it gives effective outcome. This technique is best suitable for those males, who unleashes less count of sperms and produce sperm that are less motile. Till the egg retrieval procedure of ICSI is same as IVF procedure. After selecting best and active sperm, a single sperm is injected into the egg for healthy fertilization. Male infertility treatment cost Kolkata is INR 1,75,000. This package includes – consultation, egg pick-up, fertility medications and drugs, fertilization, embryo transfer etc.
  • IMSIIMSI is advance technique of ICSI treatment. This is the treatment, where sperms are selected with the assistance of high magnificent microscope. This microscope view helps the experts to know and visualize the morphologically healthy and most active sperm to choose. Once the team member of fertility chooses appropriate sperms, this sperm then is directly injected into the egg for fertilization and rest of the step is same as ICSI or IVF. Male infertility cost Kolkata using INR 25,0000 (and additional cost of ICSI – 1,75,000)
  • Donor SpermsSperm donor is one of the most productive male infertility treatments to disentangle the problem related with male fertility issue. Donor sperm Kolkata usually accepted by those infertile males, who are not able to supply neither healthy sperms nor motile sperms for fertilization. Sperm donor is available either in sperm bank or fertility clinic. Select IVF India provides experienced sperm donor and the treatment associated with it. This procedure is followed by IVF treatment (fertilization is done with sperm donor ‘s sperms and female partner’s egg) Male infertility treatment cost Kolkata is INR 3300-35000 (excluding the charges of IVF). If you want to know the cost of sperm donation with IVF procedure then it is INR 2 lakh.
  • TESATESA comes in Sperm Surgical Retrieval (SSR) process; this treatment is used when the male doesn’t produce sperm in his ejaculation (azoospermia), this is due to the blockage of the tube that carries sperm into the ejaculation. When no sperm is present, no fertilization can happen. TESA is that technique where sperms are taken out directly from the Testes using a fine needle, once the sperms are obtained, it is followed by ICSI treatment. Male infertility cost Kolkata using sperm donor is INR 35,000 (excluding the cost of ICSI)

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