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What is the Cost of IVF IMSI treatment in Kolkata 2023

IMSI treatment Kolkata at affordable & best cost

IMSI Clinic Kolkata is well-known for its male infertility treatment and giving these treatments to the best and affordable cost. Okay! Now let’s come in the main point – we are discussing about male infertility treatment and its reasonable charges provided by IMSI Clinic Kolkata. Have you ever judged what the count of infertile male would be in India? If no, then let the curtain be opened – It is estimated that one in 20 men has some kind of fertility related issue with low numbers of sperm in his semen and this is the chief reason why the male partner unable to get impregnate his partner. Kolkata is the state, which is popular for various treatments and its cost-effective package, one of the treatment cost, we are discussing now is IMSI Cost Kolkata.

When male partner is unable to facilitate the natural mode of fertilization after doing several times unprotected intercourse in a year, then he is surely facing infertility disorder. To eliminate male infertility, several treatments and methods have been accepted as the best methodology; one of the productive and advance male infertility treatments to get rid of this problem is IMSI treatment. IMSI Kolkata is one of the most efficacious treatments to entangle male infertility. IMSI Cost Kolkata is also easy to pay and under-budget.

IMSI Cost Kolkata – based on full of common sense

Yes! It is true; IMSI Cost Kolkata is totally rational and easily affordable by each sterile couple. In short, if we describe IMSI Kolkata, then – IMSI Kolkata is a technique that uses a high-powered microscope with magnification up to 6000x to identify those sperms, which are free from any abnormalities in order to achieve success in fertilization. IMSI is carried out by IVF treatment.

Select IVF is that ART specialist clinic, which gives 100% satisfaction to the patient providing the best treatment of male infertility and female too. If saying about the IMSI cost Kolkata, then do believe, Select IVF fertility clinic gives one of the best IMSI treatment that too in much more reasonable cost.

Since, IMSI treatment Kolkata is one of the most effectual male infertility therapeutic; the package of this treatment is high-rise than IVF or ICSI technique. IMSI cost in Kolkata is INR 1,80,000; in this package, combination of IVF is also included with IMSI method; No one will ask for extra bugs except this package. It usually happens in some clinics that they later ask for extra money at each step of IMSI treatment but Select IVF gives you guarantee during the journey of IMSI treatment or after the completion of this medication that they won’t take additional money. Let’s have a look what IMSI treatment is and how it is accomplished with IVF treatment.

Who can plan for IMSI treatment Kolkata?

  • Male who are carrying very low count of sperms
  • Men who have abnormal shape of sperms
  • Couples whose previous result of ICSI is unsuccessful
  • Couples with unexplained infertility
  • Male whose sperms demonstrating high degree of DNA fragmentation

About IMSI treatment Kolkata

IMSI fully known as Intracytoplasmic morphologically sperm injection, this is that technique, which is advised by the specialists when the male has extremely less  sperm motility and low number of sperm counts or may be abnormalities in the sperms. These are all the reason, which proofs male is infertile and unable to get impregnate his female partner. IMSI technique is carried off with the procedure of IVF methodology. Without IVF treatment, IMSI cannot be executed at all.

IMSI Kolkata is a technique, which uses high powered microscope with the magnification up to 6000x, by doing so the fertility specialists hand-pick most motile sperm and sperm which is free from any abnormalities. By the view from microscope, the specialist gets enlarged visualization of the sperms  and the specialists check structural and morphological abnormality (if any), and eliminate those sperms that are carrying any abnormalities, have less motility etc. for the fertilization procedure. This all the steps settle on the most motile sperm for insemination and this facilitates fertilization in additional lap of luxury.

Come down in the favour of IMSI treatment Kolkata

Various points are there that proves IMSI Clinic Kolkata has some unique speciality like – it’s success rate of IMSI treatment, clinic’s hygiene, infra of IMSI Clinic Kolkata, it has separate rooms and has highly co-ordinated team. Fertility experts are veteran of IMSI Kolkata and have more than enough knowledge of fertility treatments.

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