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What is the cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata 2021?

IVF Cost Kolkata- What are you waiting for? When the solution is knocking on your door

Are you facing any kind of infertility issue or unqualified to achieve natural cycle of fertilization? If yes, then you are on the right click of the solution. Infertility is that disorder which has been moving around for the past many years and has been turning on the switch of hopelessness and sorrow in the happening days of the couple’s life.

Since we all are living in India, we are on the safe-side of several things; out of these several things, one plus point would like to share is its reasonable and cost-effective treatment. Now, if we talk about Kolkata, it is that place where each and every treatment is available in much more affordable price. IVF- it is one of the most selected and efficacious treatment to decipher infertility issue whether the infertility is related to male or female. IVF Cost in Kolkata is well planned and is moderately priced so that each sterile or infertile duo can go for this treatment.

During this page, a reader will get to know different types of IVF treatment and the Cost of IVF in Kolkata.

Entire Details about IVF Cost in Kolkata 

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization; here sperms and eggs are mixed altogether to enhance insemination process. Half of the vital role of achieving fertilization in IVF treatment occurs outside the human body and rest of the implantation of the embryo and then pregnancy takes place inside the uterus (womb) of the female. IVF undeniably is the fruitful procedure for those who are unfit to conceive naturally. IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata depends upon the type of IVF treatment the couple will choose for their fertility treatment.

IVF is the ultimate procedure of ART technique and is best used to fix out the issue of infertility and childlessness, although it doesn’t give assurance to the couple for positive pregnancy test but there are several methods in ART, which when combines with IVF, comes up with more effective result and that’s the basic reason, why IVF is on the talk to get rid of any infertility case.

Let the readers be aware about IVF Cost in Kolkata that the cost of this treatment always fluctuates on the basis of couple’s infertility occurrence. Hence, it is mandatory for a couple to ask each minute detail about the Cost of IVF in Kolkata before deciding on a particular fertility clinic.

In which Case the Cost of IVF in Kolkata varies

Some people get their positive pregnancy test for the first time through IVF, while others need to replicate this process a time or twice and several couples won’t achieve success even after undergoing multiple IVF cycles. For such couples, who already have tried IVF twice or thrice time throughout their fertility phase, they can go for IVF with Donor egg, IVF with embryo donor (if the couple’s embryo is not of fine quality), IVF with donor sperm (if a male unable to possess healthy sperm) etc. On the basis of these advance treatments, IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata varies.

IVF treatment Kolkata is categorized into several types, but in a most common way, IVF is combined with three methodologies

  1. IVF with Donor Egg
  2. IVF with Donor Sperm
  3. and IVF with donor Embryo

On the root of above methods, IVF Cost in Kolkata shows a discrepancy in its total amount.

IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata – Beginning from Conventional method to Advance

If a couple is healthy enough to endow with good sperm and egg then IVF treatment is performed using couple’s own gamete and this process is referred as IVF Conventional Method. This treatment is best for those couples who are in their fertility age, i.e. under 35. Age is the most vital part to attain success in IVF treatment. Female fertility usually begins to decline when a female is at her early 30’s and this fall off of the egg quality speeds up after the age of 35, thus the specialists generally recommend those couples who are not capable to get conceive naturally, should go for IVF treatment under the age of 35.

Let’s glance at some of the most preferred IVF treatment Cost in Kolkata

IVF with Conventional or Traditional Method –

When a male and female in a pair is able to produce active & motile sperms and healthy eggs for fertilization, then by using their own eggs and sperms in IVF step the technique is fulfilled. IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata using this method is INR 1, 75,000-2, 00,000.

IVF Cost in Kolkata Cost in Indian Rupees
IVF Treatment with Self Sperm and Self Eggs INR 1,75,000-2,00,000

IVF using donor egg

Eggs play vital role in fertilization; if eggs are not of sound quality, then fertilization is difficult to take place and if it does then the embryo quality will lack the fine nature. Women sometimes perform poor ovulation; this is the case when egg donor is used. IVF using egg donor cost is INR 3, 00,000 (approximate). The additional cost of egg donor in this process is INR 1, 25,000.

The charge of donor egg is quite expensive comparing with donor sperm because here the woman or donor undergoes with all the process till egg collection and hence fertility medication and oral injections are also included in it; these entire step mounts up the Cost of IVF in Kolkata and thus the cost of IVF with donor egg goes up to INR 3, 00,000.

IVF Cost in Kolkata Cost in INR
IVF with Donor Egg INR 3,00,000
The charge of Donor Egg INR 1,25,000

IVF using donor sperm

Fertilization is achieved only when sperms and eggs are of fine quality. It happens at some cases that male partner’s sperm is unable to hack the fertilization (includes- low sperm count, less motility and inactive sperms) with the egg, by this time fertility experts recommend to plump for Donor Sperm, where a man with qualified donor donate sperms. Cost of this IVF using donor sperm is INR 2, 00,000-2, 10,000, the extra cost of donor sperm in this method of IVF is 33k to 35k

IVF Cost in Kolkata Cost in INR
IVF with Donor Sperm INR 2,00,000-2,10,000
Donor Sperm charge INR 30,000

Let’s have a look on the table given below summarizing different kinds Cost of IVF in Kolkata.

IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata Charges in INR
IVF with self egg and self sperm INR 1,75,000
IVF with Donor Egg INR 3,00,000
IVF with Donor Sperm INR 2,10,000
IVF with Donor Embryo INR 3,00,000
IVF with LAH INR 2,00,000
IVF with ICSI INR 1,75,000

Think wisely and go ahead for IVF treatment in Kolkata

Select IVF India is that the best Clinic for elucidating infertility, it has branches all over India and its main motto is to attain baby from the unfruitful couple. Specialists of this Clinic do have enough years of experience within the domain of infertility and serving best fertility treatments to the couple. The team and the fertility experts are undoubtedly crackerjack in their field. Each staff of IVF Clinic in Kolkata handles the problem of any patient in supportive manner and tries to give them full satisfaction by providing best counseling. The specialists or Doctors handles the patients in courteous method and in an exceedingly acquainted method. They’re invariably accessible to appear into any question in Clinic and if not in clinic, they furnish full resolution by other means.

Cost of IVF in Kolkata includes each and every step of IVF cycle, beginning with the fertility medication, medicines, consultation charges, each meet-up, egg retrieval procedure, fertilization, fertility lab charges and embryo transfer. There is not any hidden charge or surprise cost except the total amount of IVF, neither this centre ever demanded for additional value during the procedure of IVF steps nor once the treatment is accomplished. Success rate of IVF Kolkata is 72-75% that is far on top of different states of success rate. So, now the ball is in your Court to take decision and to choose IVF Kolkata for this course of medication. Have a pleasant IVF journey!

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