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How Much Cost for IVF in Kolkata?

IVF Cost Kolkata- What are you waiting for? When the solution is knocking on your door

Are you facing any kind of infertility issue or unqualified to achieve natural cycle of fertilization? If yes, then you are on the right click of the solution. Infertility is that disorder which has been moving around for the past many years and has been turning on the switch of hopelessness and sorrow in the happening days of the couple’s life.

Since we all are living in India, we are on the safe-side of several things; out of these several things, one plus point would like to share is its reasonable and cost-effective treatment. Now, if we talk about Kolkata, it is that place where each and every treatment is available in much more affordable price. IVF- it is one of the most selected and efficacious treatment to decipher infertility issue whether the infertility is related to male or female. IVF Cost Kolkata is well planned and is moderately priced so that each sterile or infertile duo can go for this treatment.

IVF Fee Kolkata

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization; here sperms and eggs are mixed altogether to enhance insemination process. Half of the vital role of achieving fertilization in IVF treatment occurs outside the human body and rest of the implantation of the embryo and then pregnancy duration takes place inside the uterus of the female. IVF undeniably is the fruitful procedure for those who are unfit to conceive naturally. IVF charge of Kolkata depends upon the type of IVF treatment you are going to opt.

IVF treatment is categorised into three types and based on it the IVF charge of Kolkata is there-

  • IVF using own eggs and sperms – When a male and female in a pair is able to produce active & motile sperms and healthy eggs for fertilization, then by using their own eggs and sperms in IVF step the technique is fulfilled. IVF Fees Kolkata using this method is INR 2,10,000
  • IVF using donor egg – Eggs play vital role in fertilization; if eggs are not of sound quality, then neither fertilization takes place and if takes then the embryo quality will lack heartiness. Women sometimes perform poor ovulation; this is the case when egg donor is used. IVF using egg donor cost is INR 3,35,000 (additional cost of egg donor is 1,35,000)
  • IVF using donor sperm – Fertilization is achieved only when sperms and eggs are of fine quality. It happens at some cases that male partner’s sperm is unable to hack the fertilization (includes- low sperm count, less motility and inactive sperms) with the egg, by this time fertility experts recommend to plump for Donor Sperm, where a man with qualified donor donate sperms. Cost of this IVF using donor sperm is INR 2,43,000-2,45,000, the extra cost of donor sperm in this method of IVF is 33k to 35k

Let’s have a look on the table given below summarizing the cost of IVF Kolkata


Method of IVF in Kolkata  Cost in INR
IVF (self eggs & self sperms)  2,10,000
IVF using donor egg 3,35,000 approx (2,10,000 + 1,35,000)
IVF using donor sperm 2,45,000 (2,10,000 + 35,000) 


Think wisely and go ahead for IVF treatment in Kolkata

Select IVF is that the best Clinic for elucidating infertility, it has branches all over India and its main motto is to attain baby from the unfruitful couple. Specialists of this Clinic do have enough years of experience within the field of physiological state treatment or treating any fertility issue. The team and the fertility experts are undoubtedly crackerjack in their field. Each staff of IVF Clinic in Kolkata handles the problem of any patient in supportive manner and tries to give them full satisfaction by providing best counselling. The specialists or Doctors handles the patients in courteous method and in an exceedingly acquainted method. They’re invariably accessible to appear into any question in Clinic and if not in clinic, they furnish full resolution by other means.

The IVF kit of Kolkata includes fertility medication, medicines, and the entire procedure of IVF step. There is not any hidden charge except the total amount of IVF, neither they demand additional value throughout the procedure of IVF course of medication nor once the treatment is completed. Success rate of IVF Kolkata is 72-75% that is far on top of different states of success rate. Currently the ball is in your Court to require judgment and to choose IVF Kolkata for this course of medication.

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