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January 5, 2023

IVF procedure Bangalore

Unable to attain parenthood? Choose IVF process Bangalore

Pregnancy is a wonderful and a beautiful journey for both- a male and a female. At a specific phase of couple’s life, they plan to change their status from a couple to a parent, for this, natural fertilization is mandatory, when natural method is unable to take place then the couple opt for Unnatural mode of fertilization. One of the most suitable treatments to decipher Infertility is IVF. Bangalore is the hub of various treatments and is well-known for its cost-effective medication package. IVF Process in Bangalore is the pre-eminent solution to get rid of Infertility. Infertility is the biggest issue that is affecting numerous couples, becoming impotent i.e. unable to conceive. This disorder can affect either to a male or to a female partner. Thanks to IVF procedure Bangalore, this has given a new ray to the sterile couple in a far reasonable price. IVF is a procedure where eggs and sperms are combined for fertilization procedure in the laboratory under the guidance of fertility experts. In this page, we will gain the entire procedure of IVF in Bangalore.

IVF procedure Bangalore is selected by

  • Women whose fallopian tubes either blocked or damaged
  • Male Factor Infertility (such as low sperm count and decreased motility)
  • Couple (either male or female) is carrying genetic disorder
  • Fallopian tubes are removed
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Women who are suffering from ovulation disorder, premature ovarian failure or improper ovulation cycle

Step by step points of IVF Procedure in Bangalore

To complete the procedure of IVF in Bangalore, there are some steps get followed such as checkup, medication, eggs pick up, fertilization, etc. IVF Process Bangalore is an easy and uncomplicated procedure. Where the couple will first consult with their doctors and will go for the examination. Where the experts will identify the exact complication which is faced by the couples and further prescribe the medication to mature the eggs. And when the eggs will be ready to fertilize then they will keep matured eggs and sperm together in the same cultural dish. After some days at the time when it will change into a blastocyst then it will be transferred into the female partner’s uterus by experts. And then after 2 weeks there will be a pregnancy test done.  Since, eggs are taken out from the female ovaries, the crucial step of IVF is started; i.e. – Fertilization. Fertilization is a main and important point to achieve positive result of IVF procedure Bangalore. On the same day of egg retrieval process, semen sample is also collected by the male duo. Keeping sperms and eggs on one culture dish, natural fertilization occurs (where active and motile sperm fuses with the egg). We can call now fertilized egg or embryo, once the fertilization takes place. The next step of IVF process Bangalore is inserting the embryo into the female uterus for healthy implantation and successful pregnancy. Two of the best embryo is selected and via small plastic tube, embryos are transferred into the uterus of the female. Transferring embryo/s is the last process of IVF treatment and it needs more care to fulfil this step; Select IVF is the leading and famous brand, which provides best and incomparable treatment of IVF in Bangalore. Within 10-14 days, pregnancy test is scheduled to know the outcome of IVF. IVF procedure Bangalore is worldwide famous for its high and sky-scrapping success rate.

Why to choose IVF procedure Bangalore?

It is quite puzzling when it comes to choose the best and foremost fertility clinic for IVF treatment, no worries, as there are many points to go for IVF process Bangalore; one of the most important fact to go for IVF in Bangalore is its success rate- Success rate matters a lot in any of the course of medication. IVF success rate Bangalore depends upon some factors like-
  • Age of the woman (whose eggs will be used in the IVF fertilization procedure)
  • The quality of the eggs and the quantity
  • Semen / Sperm quality of male partner (that means sperm motility)
You know what counts main during the IVF process? Age of the woman; Yes, more the age of the woman in IVF procedure, less the possibility to get positive outcome of treatment and vice versa. Generally, each clinic says those women who are below 35, have high chances to achieve Yes result of IVF process, but in Bangalore many of the cases have been known of those women who are of 35-45 and by IVF process Bangalore they  got success. IVF Bangalore has veteran fertility experts and that’s the reason why Select IVF is in the top of the line brand to provide fertility treatments in affordable and reasonable package for sterile partner. So, go ahead of this treatment to eliminate infertility black mark from your life and get your baby in your arms soon. Read Also:
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