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IVF Bangalore – Success Rates, Procedure & Cost

IVF Bangalore- Most desired and leading fertility treatment to elucidate infertility cause

Infertility in India has become a run-of-the-mill issue topic nowadays; it is one of the best fertility treatments to decipher the matter of infertility. Infertility or sterility can be explained as the impotency to conceive by natural mode of fertilization. When woman or man not able to achieve the procedure of natural cycle to being pregnant then IVF is the ultimate solution to get rid of this issue.

IVF in Bangalore is one of the best fertility treatments and is the most desired course of medication available to elucidate impotency disorder. ART is the latest technique to solve any issue related to infertility. IVF in Bangalore comes in top of the list to perform IVF course of medication world-wide.

Who can choose IVF Bangalore?

IVF treatment is usually preferred to those couples who

  • Male factor infertility for example – Insufficient production of sperms and less motility of the sperms
  • Female infertility issue such as ovulation disorder, improper ovulation cycle
  • Premature ovarian disorder
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women whose fallopian tubes either blocked or damaged
  • Endometriosis

Step by step procedure of IVF in Bangalore

There are five basic steps of IVF in Bangalore, which are described below –

  • Stimulation of the ovaries by fertility drugs
  • Obtaining of the eggs
  • Getting Semen Sample by the male partner (donor)
  • Fertilization (keeping sperms and eggs altogether)
  • Embryo transfer

Giving the fertility drugs and medications

One of the first steps of IVF Bangalore is to give fertility medications and drugs for stimulation of eggs from the follicles; the additional quality of this medication is that instead of a single egg, matured eggs are developed. These follicles are screened via transvaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests.

Egg Retrieval Procedure

Once the eggs are confirmed, eggs are retrieved with the help of a hollow needle attached by the suction device that obtains multiple eggs from the follicles.

Sperm Ejaculation

On the same day, semen sample is collected from the male duo or donor to achieve fertilization.


Now keeping these sperms and eggs on the petri dish, most active and motile sperm fuses with the egg, as soon as sperm penetrates the eggs, fertilization begins. Cell division takes place and thus embryo forms.

Embryo Transfer

Once the embryos are formed, two of the best embryo is hand-picked by the fertility experts and placed into the uterus of the female for successful implantation. Implantation of the embryo within the wall of the uterus is very important, after the successful implantation, possibility of pregnancy is high. Within few days (14 days) of transferring embryo(s), pregnancy check is scheduled.

IVF Bangalore Success Rate

Success Rate of IVF in Bangalore if compared with other states of India, it has the highest and unbeatable success rate. It is a fact that each treatment has somewhere either or neither nor results or can say that there is negative and can be positive results. Select IVF is the leading and well-desired fertility clinic that gives IVF therapeutics in far more reasonable and bearable package, in addition to, it has 70-75% success rate of IVF in Bangalore.

IVF treatment relies on some factors like

  • Age Group- Age always comes prior in the top list when it comes to count the points which influence IVF success rate. Female’s age contributes more in this treatment because of the eggs she produces. If the eggs of female is of fine quality then only sperm penetrates with it and results in successful fertilization. Male partner’s sperm production and motility must be appropriate.
  • Veterans of fertility specialist- To achieve success in any of the treatments, master hands of doctors are required. In the area of fertility disorder, veterans and experts doctors are needed. Though IVF is a straightforward and smooth procedure but it requires experience and old-serving experts to carry out the best results of IVF Bangalore.
  • Past Pregnancy and the cause of infertility issue.

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