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January 12, 2023

How much does freezing your eggs cost in Chennai in 2023?

Important facts about Egg Freezing Chennai

Egg Freezing Chennai is the boon for those women who wish to delay her pregnancy due to some of her personal reason or may be some other priorities. After IVF, egg freezing Chennai is the most selected option and advance technology in the area of fertility medication. Egg freezing is a new-age technology to retain the ability of being pregnant.By freezing the eggs, women can preserve their fertility for future use. Egg Freezing Chennai is one of the advance fertility treatments that come in ART technique. This Assisted Reproductive Technology is generally used to extend fertility by preserving the women’s oocytes (eggs) for later use (when the couple is ready to get conceived).Egg Freezing Chennai is more beneficial for those women, who have planned to achieve their pregnancy in their 40’s; then she can undergo egg freezing Chennai process at the age of 30 and freeze her eggs. Alternatively, she can preserve her fertility settling on Egg freezing Clinic Chennai to go for this procedure, if she is undergoing chemotherapy or early menopause.

Why Egg Freezing IVF Chennai is done

Egg Freezing Clinic Chennai gives the golden opportunity for those women, who want to retain her pregnancy by freezing her eggs and want to make sure she can get pregnant later.

A woman can consider Egg Freezing Chennai, if

  • If the female needs a treatment for cancer (chemotherapy) or another illness that may affect female’s ability to become pregnant, then she can select Egg Freezing Clinic Chennai to know all the procedure and each step about Egg freezing Chennai.
  • A woman may have several reasons too, like medical cause or social.
  • Women with their family history of early menopause
  • Numerous women nowadays plan to delay having children for their own relationship reason or career.

The Best age to preserve your eggs is

Several women, who make a plan of action to go for Egg freezing Chennai, many of these women are not aware about the perfect age of egg freezing.Many of the fertility clinics say that the best age to freeze female’s eggs is below 38. It has been proven that the female unleashes her eggs best at her age of 35 and below 38. Beyond the age of 38, female’s eggs quality starts to decline. This is the reason why Gynaecologist advices the couple to get pregnant at the age of 30-35.So, the best age to freeze your eggs is below 38 as the eggs are most fertile and also have high chances of a successful outcome after freezing/thawing.

How does Egg freezing carried out by Egg Freezing Clinic Chennai

Egg Freezing Chennai takes a simple step quite similar to IVF. You must have the information of IVF medication- initially fertility medications & hormonal injections are given to the female for stimulation of the ovaries.During Egg Freezing Chennai too, the female suppose to have regular hormonal injections (for at least 12-14 days) in order to stimulate her eggs.By using vaginal ultrasound and blood hormonal test, eggs are monitored at each phase. Once the fertility veteran confirms about the eggs maturity, egg collection procedure is initiated by the experts.With the help of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved carefully. Egg retrieval process Chennai is a minor surgical process and this is the reason, why this step is carried under sedation.Once the healthy eggs are obtained, they are frozen through a process termed as vitrification (where female’s eggs are frozen in liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -190 degree Celsius. Whenever the couple is ready to go for IVF treatment, female can use her frozen eggs through IVF fertilization.

An affordable package of Egg freezing Cost Chennai

Yes! Egg Freezing Cost Chennai is reasonable and easy to be paid by those who are planning for this process. Egg Freezing Clinic Chennai provides best treatment of egg freezing, in addition to it; this clinic is the only one that offers egg freezing in far reasonable cost.Egg Freezing Cost Chennai involves two parts- the first one is the procedure of fertility medication, egg retrieval process, which is same as IVF technique and the second one is the cost of freezing of the eggs for how many months. Egg Freezing Cost Chennai is INR 2 lakh, where IVF procedure charges is INR 1,75,000 and INR 25,000 for six month freezing cost.Read Also:
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