How much does 3 cycles of IVF cost?

How much does 3 cycles of IVF cost 2021?

What is an IVF cycle?

IVF cycle is the course of an IVF treatment and the time for it starts when the woman’s ovulation cycle begins till the time of embryo transfer. It is a sought-after fertility treatment that aids the couples who are barred from having a baby due to their reproductive disability. It is becoming a popular technical method for having a child and the demand for it continues to grow as more and more people are opting for this treatment.

The main reasons why couples decide to take the IVF cycle is that most of them decided to have a baby later in life which comes with its own set of complications. The old age does not support the process of attaining pregnancy well as we know that the woman’s tendency to produce fertile eggs and the man’s ability to make healthy sperms reduces with the increase in their age. Woman over 40 face major issues in achieving conception and require more than one IVF cycle for having assured chances of pregnancy.

Before you even begin to understand the importance of undergoing 3 IVF cycles, the first thing that will majorly concern you is the 3 cycles of IVF cost. For determining this cost and finding the fertility centre that offers it in realistic and effective manner, you do not need to struggle more as you have come to the right place. Select IVF India is a medical tourism company in India that works with the best fertility clinics and doctors that are vastly experiencing creating the positive results in an IVF treatment. We make certain that you experience the best treatment and make the whole price of the treatment as affordable to you as we can.

Why 3 cycles of IVF are needed?

IVF is a treatment that comprises of a series of long and complicated procedures that have to be performed with utmost care and there are probable chances of hindrances at one of the stages of the treatment. Therefore, going for more than one IVF cycle usually recommended at IVF cost for 3 cycles when you are in an age group where chances of fallacies are considerably greater. Before beginning the course of IVF treatment, ovarian stimulation of the female is done by giving her fertility medicines; this stimulation is important for triggering the ovaries for maximizing the production of eggs, and thus, having better chances of successive results.

3 cycles of IVF cost 2021
3 cycles of IVF cost 2021

The treatment includes collecting the male’s sperms and the female’s eggs, combining them in the lab for encouraging fertilization. This mixtures takes the shape of embryos, which are kept in lab for some more days or till they reach the blastocyst stage. When the embryos fully develop, then they are required to be transported into the woman’s womb with the help of embryo transfer. And the effective embryo implantation and positive results of the pregnancy test makes for the successful completion of a single IVF cycle. Each step of the treatment has to be executed carefully as the chances of failure are always there due to the intricate nature of the IVF treatment.

3 IVF cycles of IVF are suggested when you have been fighting with infertility for more than 2 years or if you are a woman of age above 40. Both the situations indicate the less chances of positive results with a single cycle as the woman over 40-42 are likely to have a diminished ovarian reserve and the couples who are dealing with infertility for such a long time have a hard time getting results with even the best fertility treatment called IVF. There are other factors also that impacts the fertility of a woman such as her lifestyle habits, medical history, other diseases, etc.

Addictions such as alcohol, smoking, and drugs are likely to be the most adversely affecting factor that has given rise to the problem of infertility in couples along with other reproductive or genetic conditions. Woman’s body weight also matters as obese woman face difficult becoming pregnant and even being underweight is not a favourable situation as it devoid the woman from becoming pregnant due to her health deficiency. In such scenarios, it is crucial to go 3 cycles of IVF so that you can have better results and the failure in the first cycle may not come as a major shock to you.

What is the IVF cost for 3 cycles?

The 3 cycles of IVF cost around the average of INR 3,50,000 and the price will rise to accommodate the different conditional requirements of the patients. Select IVF India is an eminent healthcare company to consult when it becomes for hard for you find a fertility clinic that offers low cost. Our network hospitals have the best amenities and the facilities that can be experienced within an accessible price range as mentioned before. Since experiencing 3 IVF cycles is going to take a long time, it is highly advisable to choose the fertility hospital that comforts you and give you a hassle-free treatment experience.

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