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PCOD: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)?

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition that a lot of women deal in their reproductive years and is a disease that impact 10% of females. The main reason that this condition occurs is that the hormones of a woman are not balanced; they either do not have required amount of hormones or they produce more than adequate hormones that causes problems in their body, usually male hormones. The main issue with PCOS is the problem that a woman has to deal with her menstrual cycle as it the condition makes it impossible for her to experience a regular and a timely cycle.

Moreover, the PCOD makes it harder for her to get pregnant and most of the women with PCOD are not able to attain pregnancy. The most common PCOD symptoms are irregular menstrual cycle with varied gaps, absence of ovulation cycle, and acne on face. If the problem of PCOD remain untreated for a long time then it may also cause other problems such as overweight, high, cholesterol, etc. The PCOD problem is generally starts at a young age and most of patient with this condition are teenagers or women in their early twenties.

For PCOD treatment, it is essential for you to find out a fertility hospital that has the best doctors who provide the most effective treatment after diagnosing PCOD causes. Our network fertility hospitals use latest technology and equipment for treating the patients and make sure to stay accustomed with the advanced methods and provide treatment accordingly. Select IVF India is a world-class medical tourism agency in India that offers to the patients a medical treatment of highest quality that is surely to produce the best results and help them in living a disease-free life.

PCOD Causes- Reasons that give rise to this condition

PCOD is when the woman has varied type and multiple number of cysts in her ovaries, this increases the size of ovaries and result in more than needed production of oestrogen and androgen hormones.

While it is quite difficult to find out the exact cause of PCOD but here are some conditions that may lead to the condition of PCOD.

High levels of male hormones: When a woman starts to produce high levels of male hormones such as androgen, then it could be a major problem as it can result to bodily issues or can disrupt the production of eggs insider ovaries.

Excess production of insulin: Insulin a hormone secreted by pancreas and has a purpose of observing sugars from foods and convert them into energy. But sometimes the cells in your body do not allow the insulin to do its work and this results in more secretion of insulin by pancreas. This excess production increases the production of male hormones and cause difficulty for the ovaries in doing their work.

Minor inflammation: Women with PCOD are prone to certain types of inflammation in their body that causes it produce more androgen. If this inflammation increase it can also cause trouble to the heart.

PCOD: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
PCOD: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

PCOD Symptoms- Analysing the signs

The condition causes other problems in the body as well of the patients and analysing these symptoms can help us say that a woman has PCOD and some of the symptoms include excessive facial hair, hair loss from the scalp, or sometimes depression.

Here are some common signs for identifying PCOD.

Irregular menstrual cycle: If you are facing major complication in your menstrual cycle and the time gap between two cycles varies greatly, then you might have PCOD. Some women even skip a month or two of their menstrual cycle when they have PCOD.

Abnormal hair growth: You may be noticing excessive facial hair or other parts of your body. This excessive hair growth is called hirsutism.

Sudden or gradual weight gain. It is also possible that you are gaining a lot of weight and no matter how hard you exercise the stubborn fat does not go away. In this case, get tested for PCOD.

Acne: The high levels of male hormonal causes your skin to secrete more oil than usual and this leads to acne on your face. Again, another sign from the list of  PCOD symptoms.

PCOD treatment at Select IVF India – the way out of PCOD and the way to a great reproductive health

For treating PCOD, the doctor in the beginning recommends making some diet alternations and lifestyle changes can help in treating in mild condition of PCOD. And if it still does not help, the doctor will prescribe you fertility medication such as Clomiphene and Gonadotropins injections are given to help you ovulate properly and timely.

Then, electrolysis can be done on your ovaries where a needle goes into your ovaries having an electric power intense enough to destroy the follicles. This procedure has to done more than one time or until it is assured that all the problem causing follicles are destroyed.

Select IVF India provides you the best PCOD treatment with the expertise of its adroit fertility experts and other doctors. We offer a reasonable cost for PCOD and our experts effectively diagnose the condition and severity of PCOD before recommending then any type of treatment.

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