causes of infertility in male

What are the causes of infertility in male?

The problem of male factor infertility

The process of giving birth to a new life requires the sperms and the eggs and for the sperms, it is essential for the sperms to travel and reach and permeate the egg. The sperms have to be in excellent shape and health and have to be motile enough to reach the egg and cause fertilization. And when there are problems with the sperms, that is, they are not effective in reaching and penetrating the eggs, then the couple are said to have the problem of infertility, which is majorly associated with male factor infertility.

When a couple is not able to conceive even after trying for six months to a year, then they are declared as infertile and are in a dire need of a fertility treatment. If the causes of infertility in male, then they have to try for an ART method that can help in treating male factor infertility. Male infertility happens when there are severe problems in the production of sperms in men, or other problems such as ejaculatory problems, erectile dysfunction, varicocele, etc. For different conditions, different types of fertility treatments have to be performed in accordance with the specific cause of infertility.

It is crucial that the cause behind infertility is identified and appropriate treatment is given so as to make sure that the couple get an efficacious treatment and experience a healthy pregnancy. At Select IVF India, we are a prominent medical tourism company in India having link-ups with the best fertility clinics and the fertility experts that are immensely experienced in the domain of executing effective ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) treatments. Our fertility specialists and our experts make sure to provide our patients with the finest treatment experience and that too at an incredibly lower cost as compared with other fertility clinics in your area.

Let’s have a descriptive look at some of the common causes of infertility in male.

Causes related to the sperms

The quality and motility of the sperms is extremely essential in promoting fertilization since it is the efficiency of the sperms that can make pregnancy possible in the first place. But due to some reasons and conditions, the male partner is not able to produce adequate healthy sperms or the sperms are not motile in reaching and penetrating the egg. All the problems in the sperms can contribute to infertility and becomes a major cause of infertility in male.

Infertility because of ejaculatory problems

There is a condition of retrograde ejaculation where the sperms, instead of coming out from the penis, goes back to the bladder. These inability to ejaculate results in no sperms in the seminal fluid and the couple are not able to achieve conception. There are many health issues that give rise to ejaculatory problems such as spinal problems, issues in the bladder, diabetes, etc. For aspiring the sperm from the male reproductive organs without having them to coming out in the semen, there are various modern SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) techniques.

Diseases of the male reproductive system

There are other major problems in the male reproductive tract that prevent the man for effectively performing his part in the process of natural conception. This problems are varicocele, undescended testicles, surgeries performed earlier, and other type of infection. Some of these conditions may not prevent the doctor from extracting sperms by the SSR methods, while others do not have any solutions and the couple have to use the donor sperms for having a pregnancy.

causes of infertility in male
causes of infertility in male

Some of the other conditions in this category include painful coetus, erectile dysfunction, hypospadias, premature ejaculation, etc. There are other stress related problem that can deter the results of an intercourse and do not lead to a healthy pregnancy. These issues have to be detected easily by the doctor and he should be able to perform the most appropriate course of treatment so that the couple can have success in their fertility treatment despite the serious infertility issues.

Male infertility due to a bad lifestyle

Another overlooked but important causes that lead to male factor infertility are the problems that emerge from an unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol and drug addiction deteriorate the sperm count and quality of a man. Other causes are stress and depression that affect the overall health of a man and have negative implications on his sperms as well. Therefore, for improving your sperm count, it is important for a man to make necessary changes in his lifestyle and diet for positively impacting the quality of his sperms.

Treatment for male infertility

Select IVF India is the best medical tourism company to consult if you are suspected to have any of the causes and looking for a place that can provide effective fertility treatment with sough-after outcomes. Our fertility experts and other IVF and male infertility specialists are known for performing a lot of successful infertility treatments with effective results. Also, the other team members at the different network hospitals make sure that the patient experience a comfortable treatment and go home with a baby. Our success rates for male infertility treatment are the highest when contrasting the same with other fertility clinics in the city.

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