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January 11, 2023

How to check infertility in male?

Male factor infertility- identifying the signs and diagnosing the cause

Infertility is described as a situation where couples are devoid from experiencing pregnancy due to their inability to do so because of certain reproductive health issues. Whilst it seems obvious that the cause behind infertility is in women most of the times, but the statement is not entirely correct as men are found to be equally responsible for such inability due to the issue in their reproductive organs or problems in the sperm count.

If you are dealing with infertility and the female partner has tried every test and procedure, then the chances are the reason behind childlessness is in men’ health. Therefore, it is advisable to get your male partner tested for infertility but how do you find out the procedure to check infertility in male? We are here to help you do just that as we provide the most sensible cost to find out the health condition of your male partner and perform the necessary test to help identify if they are the reason for infertility.

Our medical tourism company- Select IVF India, is the best place to consult when you are suspected to have male factor infertility. We work in collaboration with the best fertility experts and specialists adept at performing the most efficacious procedures for male factor infertility in India. Our network fertility hospitals provide a number of infertility tests for finding out the cause behind both male and female factor infertility. The fertility specialist will suggest you the most viable test to check infertility after analysing your condition by his expertise and precision.

How to check infertility in male?
How to check infertility in male?

Acknowledging the symptoms of infertility in male

Before you even take the infertility test, there are some common signs found in the male partner that can help tell that he is having an infertility issues. Some of the signs are mentioned below and if you observe any of them, it is time for you to get a test to check infertility in male.

  • Pain experienced during intercourse, shift in sexual desires or reduction in the desires to have intercourse.
  • If the man has pain in his testicles or swelling, this could also disrupt the effective course of an intercourse and lead to infertility.
  • Ejaculation problems; when he cannot ejaculate effectively or there are no sperms found in the ejaculated semen, then getting an infertility test is the only solution.
  • The inability of a man to maintain a firm erection that is known as erectile dysfunction can be reason for infertility as this may happen due to decreased hormonal levels.

Some tests to check infertility in male

If you experienced any of the above mentioned signs or just have a doubt that you have infertility for that matter, then here are some of the most common tests that you can undergo if you are wondering how to check infertility in male.

Semen analysis test

In majority of male factor infertility cases, the male infertility is a result of lack of a man to produce effective quality of healthy sperms. There are problems such as low sperm count where the sperm count is too low to reach and penetrate the egg, or the less motility of sperms which again contributes to their inability to permeate the egg.

A semen analysis test is done to find out the condition of a man’s sperms so the doctor can analyse what is the actual problem with the sperms. For the test, the man has to visit the clinic where he provides his semen sample with the help of the method of ejaculation. The doctor then thoroughly analysis this semen sample to discover abnormalities by noticing the amount of sperms produced by a man, concentration of sperms, morphology or shape of the sperms, and motility of the sperms.

Checking the hormone levels

Tracking the hormonal levels is the most effective to know what is actually going on in your body as the varied hormonal levels can lead to decrease in the quantity of sperms produced or the inability of the man to have intercourse in the first place. It is important to have a balanced hormonal level as having inadequate hormones is equally detrimental as having more than required hormone levels. The two most common hormone tests are testosterone (T) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). It is crucial for the man to have sufficient hormone levels and if there are discrepancies, then the doctor may suggest some treatment or producers.

Genetic testing to know about male infertility

It is possible that you have a genetic condition that has given rise to the problem of infertility. But this testing is done only after evaluation of your medical and family health history by the doctor as sometimes the doctor doubts that the patients may have inherited the reason behind infertility which is not easily discernible. This test is rarely recommended and is done when the fertility expert is somewhat sure that the patient has a genetic problem.

Select IVF India has the top-rated fertility hospitals that performs all of these test within an accessible price range. Our experts make sure that you get the best treatment and get comprehensively analysed for your fertile health before you go for the infertility treatment. Our fertility experts and other specialists are immensely experienced at providing a high-quality treatment to the patients. We have advanced surgical equipment and employ latest test methods when observing patients to find out the issue behind infertility.

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