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January 11, 2023

Which doctor to consult for male infertility?

Complications of male infertility

Male infertility is a condition where the male partner cannot make the female partner pregnant because of his inability due to some reproductive or other health issues. This inefficiency of a man to cause pregnancy in the woman is a major problem and sometimes because the sole reason for childlessness in a couple’s life. Opposed to the popular notion that infertility something that is related to women only, male factor infertility is becoming more common these days because of the fallacies found in man’s sperms that may be caused due to his lifestyle or other genetic factors.

We can categorize the male factor infertility in two parts to better understand the severity of its implications upon the infertile couples. First one is subfertility wherein comes the category of men having infertility as a result of some underlying health issue and a condition that can solved with the use of medications or even a surgery. The second category includes men with severe infertility and is termed as complete infertility. This infertility has very little chances of being tracked and cured and the male partner have to opt for other options in order to get a child.

The causes of complete male infertility can be numerous as genetic mutation that creates obstacle in efficient sperm production in required quantity and concentration. No matter the type and cause of your infertility, it is always helpful to have an option to contact an excellent infertility specialist to consult for male infertility. While you focus on other aspects such as the cost and reputation of the fertility clinic when looking for a fertility treatment that are obviously important things to consider, but consulting with an expert has its own set of benefits then you can ever assume. A veteran in the field of infertility treatments can tell you better when it comes to finding what procedures or treatments are going to beneficial in helping you with achieving pregnancy and having a child.

When is the right time to consult for male infertility?

You suspect that you have infertility when you are not able to cause pregnancy in your woman for over a year. The reason that makes it essential for the man to get checked for infertility is that the woman has taken all tests and it seems that she does not have any problems in her or is proven to be fertile. It is important to consult doctor soon when you think of which doctor to consult for male infertility or when you doubt that you have male infertility and you are facing any of the problems given below.

Here are some situations that necessitates for you to visit a male infertility specialist.

  • The foremost indication to consult an infertility specialist is the inability of the couple to achieve conception even after having intercourse for a year, and the cause behind it is the inefficiency on the part of male partner.
  • When the male partner experience loss in sexual desire, which is known as libido, and is a case of major concern. You need to visit a doctor in such situation.
  • When the sperm concentration is too low and there are not much sperms found in the ejaculated semen by the man.
  • If a man has ejaculatory problems where the sperms are not able to come out of his penis, then he cannot make his woman pregnant and need the consultation of an infertility expert.
  • When a man experienced pain or swelling in his testicles, which also makes intercourse hard for him.
  • If you have experienced any type of damage to your reproductive organs, then get checked for infertility as the issue may lies there.
  • If a man has erectile dysfunction where he cannot maintain a firm erection, then it is an infertility issue that needs treatment.
  • When a man has had any type of surgery in his male reproductive parts, then consult with a doctor as this might be the reason for male infertility.

The best doctor to consult for male infertility- Dr. Nalini Gupta

It is not at all hard to find the best infertility specialist and you can consult the same without much difficulties. Select IVF India work with some of the top-class fertility specialist and our medical tourism company thrives to make the life of infertile parents cheerful by providing our expert services within accessible price ranges.

Dr Nalini Gupta is the infertility specialist that you have been searching for so long. She is incredibly experienced at the art of treating male factor infertility by applying her expertise in right manner. Dr. Gupta has over 30 years of experience in curing patients with the problem of infertility and has received her education from the world-reputed organizations that adds to her excellence. Her name can easily be seen in the list of top male infertility specialist in India.

She specializes in different infertility treatment methods such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, embryo culture and embryo transfer, Sperm Surgical Aspiration (SSR), Laser-Assisted Hatching (LAH), Cryopreservation, etc. A lot of patients have gained the coveted outcomes in their fertility treatment by receiving treatment from her. She continue to operate patients for male factor infertility and is hell-bent on her purpose to make the life of infertile parents joyful by assisting them with her expertise for having a child.

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