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What is the Cost of IVF in Chembur 2023?

IVF – the most sought-after fertility treatment option

It’s a natural desire to start a family or have your own child whether you get married or not. For some people conception is easily attainable, while others face difficulty achieving pregnancy and this difficulty is called infertility. Infertility means a condition where a couple fails to get pregnant even after repeated attempts of trying for about a year.

With the growing number of infertility cases, people have become well-acquainted with the concept of IVF and no longer perceive it as a random test-tube baby lab experiment. IVF is the most effective and commonly used form of assisted reproductive technology that ensures high chances of positive outcomes to the patient who opts for it.

IVF is helpful in treating various types of fertility issues and is the first ART treatment option suggested to the couples looking for a fertility treatment. Though success in IVF is not certain but it is crucial that the infertile couple should try it once to find out whether it works for them.

In IVF, the father’s sperms and the mother’s sperm are fused in a petri dish to enable the fertilization process. After procuring healthy fertilization, the formed embryos are implanted into the uterus of the woman with the help of embryo transfer. Meanwhile, her condition is monitored to check if healthy pregnancy is taking place; It takes about two weeks for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

Are you a suitable candidate for IVF?

The most fundamental requirement if you’re thinking for IVF is that the candidate should be in good health. Whereas, there is a possibility of you being affected with different types of health issues which are compelling you to opt for IVF. Infertility is the most common reason why couples attempts for an IVF cycle.

Apart from that, below are some reasons that make you a suitable candidate for IVF:

  • Couples who have attempted to conceive for 6 months or a year but are unable to do so.
  • Women who did not receive desired results using other fertility treatments such as IUI (intrautrine insemination).
  • Women who have scarred, damaged, ruptured or blocked fallopian tubes, which are impeding the process of pregnancy.
  • If the mother or the father has some type of genetic disease and don’t want to transfer it to their kid.
  • Women who have uterine problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, etc., as IVF is highly effective in treating this type of fertility issues.
  • Men with low sperm count, which is the basic cause of infertility in men, can choose IVF with ICSI if required.
  • Women who cannot make healthy fertile eggs can opt for IVF with donor egg.
  • If one or both the partners has serious health issues that won’t allow them to conceive naturally.
Cost of IVF in Chembur
Best IVF doctors in Chembur

Finding the Best IVF doctors in Chembur

In case you are looking for a fertility treatment in Chembur, then Select IVF India is an appropriate option for you as we are a prominent medical tourism company in India known for giving Best IVF treatment cost in Chembur. When you decide to undergo IVF, the next important thing is to select best IVF doctors in Chembur.

Select IVF India has highly experienced fertility experts and best IVF doctors in Chembur who are adept at effectively performing various kinds of fertility treatments and make sure to give our patients a pleasant fertility treatment experience. Our IVF specialists treat every patient with immense care and our team supports them at every stage of their IVF treatment.

Where is the Best IVF centre in Chembur?

If you live in Chembur or searching for the best IVF centre in Chembur then you have landed at the right place because Select IVF India is a famous fertility centre in Chembur that has provided desired results to their patients. We have the team of certified IVF specialists, fertility doctors, surgeons, and embryologists who work diligently to give effective fertility treatment to the infertile couples who choose us for their IVF treatment.

The best IVF centre in Chembur is one that delivers what they promise and do not exploit patients for money. While deciding on a fertility clinic it’s essential that you do your homework and look for a place that has a track record of providing effectual treatment with high chances of success. We have the best IVF doctors in Chembur who have substantial expertise in the fertility domain and are skilled at producing great results in the IVF treatment.

Cost of IVF in Chembur 2019
Select IVF India – Best IVF Centre in Chembur

Below are some reasons that make Select IVF India the best IVF centre in Chembur.

  • Highly qualified IVF doctors. We have adroit fertility specialists who put all their efforts in turning your IVF treatment into a success.
  • Cost friendly fertility treatments. In addition to the services of certified IVF experts, the fertility treatment is given at an acceptable price.
  • Sophisticated equipment. Our fertility specialist utilizes the latest technology and equipment when performing the IVF treatment.
  • Extensive care and support. Our team at Select IVF India provides comprehensive care and assistance to patient during the IVF treatment process.
  • High success rates. Our IVF treatment success rates are higher in comparison to the other fertility clinics in the city that makes us an ideal option for IVF.

The most acceptable price range for IVF Cost in Chembur

The cost of IVF in Chembur is constituted after including the cost of all essential procedures that take place during the IVF treatment. The basic IVF treatment cost in Chembur comes under the price bracket of INR 1,50,000 to INR 1,75,000 that the patient has to bear if he want to get IVF treatment at the best IVF cost in Chembur. The cost is not fixed and can extend upto INR 2,00,000 on the basis of the patient’s condition and the doctor selected for the IVF treatment.

The price can go up if the woman is incapable of producing fertile eggs and the help of an egg donor is needed. In this scenario, the cost of IVF in Chembur with donor eggs will be INR 3,30,000, which is the most affordable cost for IVF treatment in Chembur. IVF cost in Chembur may vary in accordance with the condition of the patient, the cost of the doctors, and other relevant costs, but will still remain in the vicinity of your pocket. That’s why international couples from every corner of the world choose Chembur for their IVF treatment.

In case of male factor infertility when the male counterpart is incapable of producing high-motility sperm, then the best possible option is IVF with donor sperm where the infertile couple can avail the services of a sperm donor to facilitate the fertilization process. IVF treatment cost in Chembur for IVF with donor Sperm is INR 2,40,000 where INR 50,000 is the charge of the sperm donor. The prices mentioned above are the most genuine and reasonable prices you can get for IVF treatment in Chembur.

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