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How Much Does the Cost of Test Tube Baby Treatment in Kolkata 2023

Settle upon Test tube Baby Kolkata to decipher your infertility issue

Several couples are facing an issue with infertility in India, some of them are unable to understand and find the exact solution for it. Here we are, providing all the essential details about the right and appropriate treatment to decipher the issue of infertility. Since, Infertility is that matter which can’t be repealed by its base root but by the special technique using ART treatment, it can be resolved.

ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is a technique, under which, many advance fertility treatments come, out of many efficacious fertility treatments in ART method, now we will learn the nuts and bolts about Test Tube Baby Kolkata and its cost. If we talk about Test Tube Baby cost Kolkata then it is undeniably, very affordable and easily bearable by each infertile couple. Before getting deep into the structure of Test tube baby cost in Kolkata, let’s have some knowledge of Test tube baby Kolkata.

What is Test Tube Baby Kolkata?

You all must have heard about this treatment in your life – test tube baby. Test tube baby is also world-wide famous as IVF treatment. During Test tube baby Kolkata, fertilization occurs outside the human body and inside the lab. This treatment has made many of the infertile partner’s life smooth and tension free. At certain point of life, there is the matter comes, when the couple thinks and plans for the family, and this is no doubt, their biggest dream, which they want to fulfil.

Those couples, who are unable to conceive by their own (through the natural procedure of fertilization) Test tube baby Kolkata is the boon for them, During this treatment, infertile female takes fertility drugs and medications (generally in the form of injection regularly) to stimulate ovaries in order to get mature eggs at the time of fertilization.

Follicles (eggs) are checked by the trans-vaginal ultrasound, once the eggs are fully ripened and matured, eggs are retrieved using a fine needle. On the same day, semen is collected by the male duo. Eggs and Sperms are kept on the Petri dish, thus natural fertilization occur (where sperm penetrates the egg, forming an embryo).

Within 2-3 day of fertilization, two of the best embryo is hand-picked by the fertility expert and is placed into the uterus of the female’s uterus. This process occur in a very careful way because, this is the last process and crucial too.

Once, embryo implants successfully with the lining of uterus, chances of pregnancy is more.  Pregnancy test is scheduled within 14 days of transferring the embryo.  This is the entire procedure of Test Tube baby Kolkata.

Select IVF provides first-class treatment of test tube baby course of medication, not just, because it has veteran and experienced fertility doctors but also it gives one of the highest success rates for this treatment.

Test Tube baby Kolkata is best suitable for

  • Women who are facing an issue with her ovulation
  • Premature Ovarian failure or Uterine fibroids
  • PCOD disorder
  • Men with less motility of sperms
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tube
  • Women, whose fallopian tubes removed

Test Tube baby cost Kolkata

You all must be curious to know the exact cause of Test Tube baby cost Kolkata, so here we are providing the essential detail of Test tube baby cost Kolkata.

Test tube baby treatment Kolkata can be combined with many of the techniques, for an instance, if a woman is unable to unleash healthy eggs for fertilization, then donor egg is combined with test tube baby treatment then the cost of test tube baby combining with egg donor cost will be different. Let’s get the info regarding the cost of test tube baby.

  • Test tube baby cost Kolkata using self eggs and sperms that means the fertilization takes using the eggs and the sperms by the partner only. Cost of test tube baby treatment Kolkata is INR 1,50,000-1,75,000.
  • Test tube baby cost Kolkata using donor egg – this situation occurs when, women can’t hack the grade of healthy eggs, and that is why, egg donor is used in the procedure of fertilization. Once the fertilization is achieved, embryo is placed into the uterus of the female partner for implantation and later on for further steps of pregnancy.
  • That situation also can come, when male partner is unable to release motile and healthy sperms for fertilization. There are two to three option when this issue occurs – first is to do ICSI treatment with IVF (test tube baby treatment). During ICSI, a single sperm (most motile and active) is hand-picked by the experts of Select IVF, and is directly injected into the egg of the female. ICSI results higher fertilization chances and is more effective than traditional IVF treatment. Treatment cost ICSI with test tube baby treatment Kolkata is INR 1,75,000
  • If male partner is not at all producing healthy or motile sperms, by this time sperm donor is recommended by the fertility experts with test tube baby treatment. Test tube baby cost Kolkata using sperm donor is INR 1,90,000.

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