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Surrogacy Kolkata: Surrogacy Procedure, Cost, Success Rate, Centre in Kolkata

It’s the time to pull out your sheet of tension by choosing Surrogacy Kolkata

One of the efficacious treatments to remove the blot of infertility is Surrogacy. Surrogacy Kolkata is the one and only ultimate solution of infertility. One out of ten couple suffers from sterility issue in Kolkata. Have you ever guessed how many couples would be suffering from this disorder in India? If no, then here is the hint, more than 25 million couples are there who are facing from this condition. Surrogacy Kolkata is world-famous for treating the infertility issue.

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Surrogacy is a long-delayed process; it approx takes 14 months for the completion; though this is a delayed process but it has a fruitful results. Success rate of Surrogacy in Kolkata is higher than other fertility clinics of India. There are numerous positive points why sterile couple plumps for Surrogacy in Kolkata. Let’s gain some nuts & bolts points about Surrogacy procedure, its method, rules and strict eligibility criteria.

Description about Surrogacy in Kolkata

Surrogacy in a short line can be defined as- a procedure where a woman carries a baby of another couple. Surrogacy Kolkata is a straightforward and trouble free process. Those couples who have had failed IVF or other fertility treatments generally select surrogacy. Surrogacy is the latest and productive ART technique. When a couple is unable to get pregnant, they go for surrogacy; sterile couple who opt for surrogacy is termed as intended couple and the woman who wishes to hold the pregnancy of intended couple is- a surrogate mother.

Who can go for surrogacy treatment in Kolkata?

  • Surrogacy is opted by those females who have their uterus removed (hysterectomy surgery)
  • Females who are performing healthy and fine quality of eggs in the cycle of ovulation but unfit to bear embryo till the last date of pregnancy and this is the reason miscarriage happens.
  • Suffering from any serious issue (which can affect baby’s life)
  • Failed IVF or any other fertility treatment

Surrogacy Procedure Kolkata

There are two types of Surrogacy; gestational and traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is preferred over traditional one because in traditional surrogacy, surrogate mother uses her own eggs in the step of fertilization, thus the risk of emotional attachment is there. On the other hand, in gestational surrogacy a surrogate delivers a baby, which is completely, related to actual parent. This surrogacy is fulfilled with the help of IVF technique.

During Gestational Surrogacy Kolkata, fertility drugs and medications are given to the females for the stimulation of multiple eggs. Once the eggs are enough matured, egg retrieval process is done. With the help of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved carefully. On the same day of egg retrieval, semen sample is collected from the male partner by ejaculation. Then by keeping sperms and eggs altogether on the culture dish, fertilization takes place. Once, the fertilization is achieved, best quality of fertilized egg or embryo is inserted into the uterus of the surrogate female. Now onward, the main role is of surrogate. Fertility clinic has several strict rules and criteria to choose a surrogate mother. Select IVF is the brand, which not only deciphers the matter of sterility issue but also gives high success rate in surrogacy and other ART techniques.

Guideline to choose appropriate surrogate in Kolkata

  • Physically and mentally strong / fit
  • A decent personality
  • Age must be in between 21-40
  • Away from the addiction of smoke, drink, tobacco etc.
  • Stable living life
  • Supportive family member
  • Have carried at least one child
  • Must not have any previous miscarriage records

Point to note

Usually the fertility clinics or agency provide surrogate for the surrogacy treatment but sometimes intended couple choose to search for a surrogate independently. At this situation, it is importance that the sterile/ intended couple and surrogates acquire legal recommendation before going for surrogacy procedure. A transparent contract will forestall several potential conflicts throughout the method. The couple must look or do the additional analysis of surrogate’s history to make assure that there’s no matter for worry. In addition, many nations that enable gestational surrogacy forbid traditional surrogacy agreements as a caution against perceived coercion. When all the doors are closed then Surrogacy is the final gateway to conceive.

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