Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2020

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2023?

Finest quality surrogacy treatment in Kenya

Infertility is a condition that impairs the ability of an individual to get pregnant even after recurrent attempts of intercourse for about six months to a year. It is the best fertility treatment for couples, who are, due to various reasons are not able to conceive via the natural process. ART or assisted reproductive technology methods were invented to deal with the issue of infertility. In the surrogacy arrangement, the infertile couples or intended parents get the services of a surrogate mother who agrees to carry the pregnancy on their behalf and deliver the baby to the intended at the end of the treatment.

It is a prefer fertility treatment option for a couple who wish to have a genetically related child. Surrogacy is a procedure whereby the involved parties have to undergo an agreement to confirm their involvement in the process. The surrogate does not have any parental rights on the child once she has given birth to the child; the legal and parental rights on the child are transferred to the intended parents. At the same time, the intended parents cannot decline to take the child at the time of delivery and are obliged to perform the parental duties towards the child.

At Select IVF, our fertility specialists have considerable experience in providing superlative quality treatment. We provide our patients with world-class facilities and amenities within a reasonable price range. Our fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors have performed various successful surrogacy treatments. We work in connection with prominent fertility clinics and hospitals around the world and offer our patients the best quality treatment at a reasonable surrogacy cost Kenya. We have a huge database of healthy and fertile surrogates having the experience of giving birth to a single child at least.

Different types of Surrogacy arrangements in Kenya

Surrogacy is a treatment whereby the infertile couples hire another woman known as a surrogate mother, who undertakes the task of achieving pregnancy and carrying the baby to term on their behalf. The surrogate can achieve pregnancy by two methods in Kenya, namely; traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogacy

In this type of surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate undergoes the process of artificial insemination in which the doctor injects sperms inside her uterus with the assistance of the catheter. The sperms in this process are received from the intending father or a sperm donor. This method of surrogacy is less preferred because the child shares genetic ties with the surrogate mother. But the intending father gets biologically related to the child if his sperms are used for insemination.

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2023
Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2023

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is a treatment in which the assistance of IVF treatment is taken. During the process of gestational surrogacy, the intended mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperms are fertilized together in a lab. This fertilization results in the creation of an embryo, and the next step in the treatment involves the assistance of a gestational carrier. The embryo obtained from the procedure is implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate mother and she carries the pregnancy for intended parents. This is a preferred surrogacy arrangement as the child gets biologically related to both the parents. The surrogate delivers the child to the intended parents in the end and renounces any rights on the child and intended parents become the legal parents of the child.

Economical Surrogacy Charges Kenya

Select IVF is a renowned medical travel agency in Kenya having the best fertility experts known for offering the highest chances of success in the surrogacy treatment. The surrogacy cost Kenya ranges between USD 38,000 to USD 40,000. This is the most affordable price range you can get for surrogacy in Kenya. Surrogacy may cost more in order to accommodate the specific requirements of the patients. In other developed countries, surrogacy cost starts from USD 60, 000, which is why patients often hesitate to undergo the treatment due to high charges. Our affordable cost is the reason that urges international patients to choose Kenya for their surrogacy arrangement. We have a big database of physically and mentally healthy surrogates and our patients are given the facility to choose the best surrogate that matches their requirements. It is the best treatment option for couples who wish to have a genetically related child without undergoing the natural process of conceiving. Our sensible cost for surrogacy is the reason why patients from the developed nations choose Kenya for receiving fertility treatment.

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