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IVF Process Kenya 2023- The best method to elucidate Infertility disorder

Suffering from male or female infertility, having trouble to give birth, experiencing with irregular ovulation cycle that means irregular menstruation cycle, pain during sexual intercourse, unable to achieve the tag of fatherhood – these are all the possibility that shows- You are in the circle of Infertility group. To eradicate the matter of Infertility, IVF Process Kenya is the best method to go for option with.

IVF Procedure Kenya performs a good turn to accomplish this medication superbly with the veteran fertility specialist. Select IVF is one of the central fertility clinics that not only flourish the dream of the infertile couples but also bring forth the crackerjack and experienced fertility experts, which handles any of the difficult case in a very nice and calm way. IVF Procedure Kenya is although not an invasive procedure but it requires a master hand specialist, who carries out IVF in a successful manner, so it is mandatory that whoever planning for IVF, should keep in mind to choose the best clinic for the medication.

How IVF Procedure Kenya works

IVF procedure Kenya takes few steps to be carried through by the Select IVF fertility team. Given some points illustrate each steps of IVF process Kenya and then we will catch a glimpse of each procedure in IVF Kenya one by one.

  • To Suppress the natural cycle of the female
  • Giving the fertility medication & hormonal injection to the female patient
  • Monitoring the eggs by vaginal ultrasound
  • Assortment of the eggs through a hollow needle
  • Collection of the semen (by the ejaculation)
  • Fertilization process
  • Selecting the best embryo for transfer
  • Embryo transfer (on the fifth day of the fertilization)

These are some footsteps that IVF process Kenya follows.

Let’s catch the necessary key points of IVF procedure Kenya

IVF is one of the best and advance ART technique, is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization. IVF process Kenya is widely accepted all over the globe to get rid of the tag of infertility.

At the initial phase of the IVF process Kenya, after the consultation with Select IVF clinic’s experts, the female has to undergo some of the physical assessment test. Medications are provided to suppress female’s natural cycle at the first stage of IVF procedure Kenya. These suppressing medicines are given in order to get best result in the next step.

Next step of IVF procedure Kenya is- fertility hormonal injections. The female patient starts taking fertility medications (generally in regular basis injections or a nasal spray) for at least 10 to may be 14 days.

Fertility experts use vaginal ultrasounds to visualize follicles containing eggs, once the eggs are mature enough, trigger shot injection is given just before 32-34 hour of egg assortment.

Eggs are retrieved with the assistance of a hollow needle and then placed in the culture dish for later IVF process Kenya. The next step is to collect the semen from the male partner. By mixing the sperms with the eggs (on the culture dish), fertilization happens.

Active and most motile sperm penetrates with the egg, resulting fertilization. On the stage of blastocyst (fourth or fifth day of fertilization), best and healthy selected fertilized egg or embryo is placed into the female’s uterus and waits for implantation to occur.

Within a week or so, female patient comes for an ultrasound to know the embryo has placed at the right location in the uterus. If the embryo has successfully attached with the lining of uterus, then soon the female experiences healthy pregnancy.

This is all about IVF process Kenya and how it goes, so if you have decided to go for IVF treatment, then settle on one decision instead of getting confounded and puzzled. Time never waits for you and age always plays a crucial role in the entire IVF procedure Kenya, do it fast. Best of luck for IVF medication Kenya.

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