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Success rate of IVF in Kenya according to age at Select IVF Kenya

Curious to gather all the information about IVF Success Rate Kenya

IVF Success Rate Kenya depends upon several factors, and if talking IVF itself, then the success rate of IVF varies from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. There are several factors, which calculate IVF success rate Kenya and also give positive outcome of delivery by IVF medication Kenya.

So, if you are considering IVF treatment for you then it’s really important to know the IVF success rate in order to get all the important points that can hinder your pregnancy or make smooth to achieve it.

IVF success rate Kenya varies accordingly the age of the couple or a woman. The live birth rate for IVF cycle Kenya is –

  • 57-60% for women under the age of 35
  • 52-55% for women ages 35-37
  • 40-45% for those women who are in the age group of 38 to 40
  • 20-30% for women who are in the age group over 40

Select IVF is the most illustrious fertility clinic that provides IVF treatment in much more affordable and reasonable package; it provides veteran and crackerjack fertility experts to entangle any of the infertility issue and this is one of the reason, why it brings forth best and highest IVF success rate. IVF success rate in Kenya depends upon several factors.

Let’s discuss about those factors, which influence IVF success rate

  1. Age of the Woman (who have plumped for this treatment or the one who provides eggs during egg retrieval procedure)
  2. Previous pregnancy
  3. The kind of infertility issue, which the couples are facing with
  4. IVF success rate using donor eggs
  5. Lifestyle habits
  6. The fertility clinic and the veteran’s experience matters to get favourable result of IVF success rate Kenya.

These are the important points that reflect and contribute to give favourable result of IVF success rate.

Why age of the women play crucial role giving high IVF success rate?

True! If we count the possible reason of not getting pregnant through IVF then age could be the first reason why female is unable to lay good quality of eggs.

As the age increases of the woman, IVF success rate Kenya starts declining. This is because Eggs of the female majorly decide the success of fertilization. Standard quality of the egg is best found in those women who are below 35 and this is the reason, why most of these women get victory in their first IVF cycle. So, if you know that you are infertile then rush to your best gynaecologist to put an end to your infertility issue.

Let’s gather more information about IVF success rate factors

One of the most important points that should be known by everyone is – the length of the time of the couple’s has been infertile. If the couple is infertile for a long time then the chances of IVF success rate decrease.

What if there is a low ovarian reserve in female?

IVF success rate Kenya depends upon proper ovulation (which a female ovulates per month). A female facing with ovarian dysfunction like increased level of FSH, this indicates the female has a low ovarian reserve and if this case occurs then IVF success rate becomes lower.

Are you in the age group of 35-40?

If a female or a couple has touched their age of 35 or 40 then at this case, IVF won’t give any positive response rather IVF with Egg Donor will give the favourable result. At this time, female’s egg quality declines as her age is beyond 35. So, if the woman wants to become pregnant after reaching her age limit, then egg donor is the best option to settle on.

Why IVF success rate of smokers have lower chance of having a baby?

Smoking, unhealthy diet, improper schedule, urban lifestyle, habit of drinking, chewing tobacco and nicotine- these are those factors that clamp down on fertility potency in male or female.

  • Smokers need higher dosages of the fertility medication for stimulation of the ovaries
  • Smokers have lower implantation rate comparing with those females who do not smoke
  • These (smokers) women need at least twice or thrice IVF cycle to be accomplished

Some of the major points to get decent IVF success rate are

  • Since how long the clinic is running.
  • How many year of experience veteran do have in the clinic?
  • Rate of successful pregnancy of that clinic
  • The laboratory used by the clinic (facilities etc)
  • Qualification of the expert
  • How the staffs are there (their greeting, behaviour, instant solution etc.)

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