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Select IVF Kenya Centre 2023 – Process, Cost, Success Rates

Thinking about overcoming your infertility with IVF Kenya? Things you need to know

So, you have planned for IVF Kenya and want to know each and every procedure of it, its success rate, how it works best to get favourable result etc. It is obvious that if the couple is planning for undergoing IVF treatment to put an end to their infertility, numerous questions are travelling in their mind to know.

Even if we go to toy shop, we first know how the car, bike or whatever toy moves, starts and works, once getting all the information with all the process, we settle on a decision. Must tell you that IVF is not at all a child’s play, so it is mandatory to know all the steps in a very careful manner, gather necessary information, its success rate, veteran fertility experts experience and many factors are there about IVF in Kenya, which the couple need to be aware about.

We will go through with each step of IVF in Kenya, its success rate and the symptoms of IVF Kenya as well.

IVF Kenya is most suitable for these individuals

  • Those women who are suffering from endometriosis
  • Women with their fallopian tubes removed
  • Individuals with genetic or hereditary disease
  • Females, who are facing with irregular menstrual cycle or irregular ovulation cycle can also opt IVF Kenya treatment
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Male infertility factor (where male suffers from inactive sperms or morphologically unfit sperm for fertilization, also has low sperm count)

Note – IVF Kenya with ICSI technique is beneficial for male factor infertility issue.

What is Infertility and why IVF Kenya is fruitful to treat with this disorder?

Infertility is neither a disease nor it’s a fatal disorder, Infertility, on the other hand, is a hormonal disorder, which is generally caused by the unbalancing of the hormones and also environment al factor plays a crucial role, unhealthy schedule, improper lifestyle routine, chewing tobacco, nicotine, drinking alcohol and smoking- these are all the possible causes of infertility.

Yes! There are several fertility treatments like IUI, ovulation induction treatment, stick on a healthy diet but if talking about advance fertility issue then one and only treatment that comes in the mind of Gynaecologist and couples too- to go for IVF treatment. True IVF in Kenya is the universal remedy to treat with infertility hurdles. IVF is the best medication to eliminate infertility matter, during this medication, eggs and sperms are collected from the female (by the small surgical procedure) and by male partner to attain fertilization in the fertility lab.

During IVF Kenya procedure, initially fertility drugs are given to the woman for ovary stimulation. These fertility drugs and medications are given in order to stimulate the ovaries, which in return unleashes multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure.

Once the eggs of female becomes ripened and matured, fertility experts retrieves the eggs from the female’s ovaries. Eggs are retrieved with the assistance of a hollow needle and then sperms are mixed with them on a single petri dish.

When the most motile sperm gets fused with the egg, fertilization takes place. On the fourth or fifth day of fertilization, this fertilized egg (embryos) becomes ready to transfer into the female’s uterus. Your fertility expert carefully transfers an embryo (a single or maximum two of the healthy embryo), into the female’s uterus for successful implantation.

Within a week or so, female has to visit the clinic to know about the embryo status. If the embryo is successfully attached with the lining of the uterus, then pregnancy will soon occur normally.

Select IVF is the best fertility clinic to elucidate any kind of infertility matter; it provides veteran fertility experts during the treatment of IVF in Kenya.

Success Rate of IVF in Kenya

IVF or any kind of fertility treatment depends upon several factors, such as –

  • Age of the female
  • Infertility cause
  • Embryo quality
  • Semen (sperm) quality
  • Fertility experts experience

IVF in Kenya’s success rate of those couples, wherein the age of the female is below 35, is 62-65%, those females who are above than 35 and below 37; IVF Kenya’s success rate is 55-57% and so on. Yes! it is difficult to achieve successful IVF for those women, who are in her stairs of forties, but it’s not always true, if her eggs are still healthy enough to be fertilized then she can undergo IVF Kenya. IVF with frozen eggs or egg donor can also be the good option for those ladies who are at their forties.

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  1. I would like to do this test…I really need a child I have suffered enough and I am at point where my husband has married another woman. I would love to have a child of my own and be a happy woman..I have done many tests and I was told the only test that can assist me is IVF

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