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What is The Success Rate of IVF in Thailand 2023

Let’s bunch up necessary details of IVF Success Rate Thailand

IVF- or in Vitro Fertilization is a famous and well-known fertility treatment in ART technique. ART is a medical abbreviation that encompasses productive and advance fertility treatments to eradicate infertility. This page is all about giving the facts and statement about IVF Success Rates Thailand.

IVF treatment Thailand is accomplished in a marvellous way bringing forth the highest IVF success rates. IVF Success Rate Thailand relies on several factors and if we discuss IVF itself, then the success rate of IVF varies from one clinic to other and patient’s case of infertility too. Various factors are there that calculates IVF Success Rate, let’s come up with these aspects.

So, if any couple is outlining their IVF treatment in Thailand then it’s really essential to know the average IVF success rates in order to get all the principal points that can hinder their pregnancy or make smooth to achieve it.

IVF success rate Thailand, as mentioned above, differs accordingly the age of the patient, couple or a woman. The live birth rate for IVF cycle Thailand is –

  • 57-60% for women under the age of 35
  • 52-55% for women ages 35-37
  • 40-45% for those women who are in the age group of 38 to 40
  • 20-30% for women who are in the age group over 40

Factors, which affects or influences IVF success rate Thailand

  1. Age of the Woman (the one who provides eggs during egg retrieval procedure) always plays a crucial role in endowing with high success rate of IVF.
  2. The case of previous pregnancy
  3. Couple’s infertility case, also is a important factor
  4. IVF success rate Thailand using donor eggs
  5. Lifestyle habits (for e.g. Live birth by IVF in Thailand for non-smoker women is higher than smoker or alcoholic patient). This is the reason, why it is strictly recommended during IVF treatment to stay away from smoke or alcohol because it causes adverse affect on the embryo quality.
  6. Veteran’s experience and the team of fertility matters allot to get favourable result for IVF success rate Thailand.

These are some important features that reflect and contribute to give favourable result of IVF success rate.

Select IVF Thailand is one of the most illustrious and ongoing fertility clinic that provides IVF treatment in superb way, providing experienced fertility veterans to entangle any of the cause of infertility and this is one of the reasons, why this clinic brings forth the best and highest IVF success rate Thailand.

Why IVF success rate Thailand is less for women above 35?

Talking about fertility treatment, AGE is no matter what is always prior to get favourable result. If a woman or a couple has touched their age of 35 or 40 then at this case of infertility, IVF won’t give any positive outcome.

Delayed marriages, hold-up for second pregnancy, and giving preference for work or carrier- these are all infertility case due to increased age of the couple. Female’s egg quality declines as her age is beyond 35

Egg quality deteriorates as the women’s age increases and if the egg is not of fine quality then it is quite difficult to achieve success in IVF.  At the case of these couples, IVF with Egg Donor or donor sperm is suggested. So, if the woman wants to become pregnant after reaching her age limit, then egg donor is the best option to settle on with IVF.

Why smokers have lower chance of getting pregnant with IVF?

Cigarette is detrimental to the female’s health. Studies have shown that smoking not only cause trouble in getting pregnant but also it leads to lowered fertility potential in the future too. Smoking, unhealthy diet, improper schedule, urban lifestyle, habit of drinking, chewing tobacco and nicotine- these are the biggest factors that get tough on fertility potential in male or female. Toxins inhaled from cigarette or smoke majorly affects fertility in both- male and female.

  • Smokers need higher dosages of the fertility medication for stimulation of the ovaries
  • Smokers have lower implantation rate comparing with those females who do not smoke
  • These (smokers) women need at least twice or thrice IVF cycle to be accomplished

Why women’s age decides positive outcome of IVF success rate?

It is no doubt to say that IVF is all about healthy eggs and healthy eggs are directly linked with the women’s age. If we count the possible reason of not getting pregnant through IVF then age could be the first reason why female is unable to lay good quality of eggs. There could be some other reasons as well, such as sperms less motility, less count of sperm, or may be no sperm.

As the age increases of the woman, IVF success rate Thailand starts declining. This is the main reason, why eggs of the female majorly decide the success rate of fertilization. Standard and healthy quality of the egg is best found in those women who are below 35. So, if any couple gets aware about their impotency issue then it is advised to consult with an experienced gynaecologist, who can put an end to infertility issue.

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