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Sperm Donor India – A male member who helps the infertile men to be a father of an own baby

Sperm Donor India is a procedure where a man donates semen (the fluid containing the sperm which will be released at the time of ejaculation) and this helps an individual or a couple to conceive an own baby. Sperm Donor India generally prefer by the couples who are unable to conceive naturally due to male infertility factor such as low or poor sperm count, no sperms available in semen, abnormal shape of semen etc. or also where women partner does not have a male partner but wish to have a baby in such conditions the best procedure is the sperm donor which will fulfil the dreams of the couples or individual to have an own baby.

The donated sperms of the sperm donor will be injected into the women reproductive organ to establish the successful pregnancy. If a male member donates his sperm to the sperm bank then they will get paid for their services for each donation which passes the sperm bank’s screening process.

How is the Sperm Donor India screened?

The Sperm Donor India is properly screened for their infectious diseases and there are certain other factors which need to fulfil by the sperm donor. The Sperm Donor India need to complete these screening before becoming a sperm donor:

  • Age:The major factor to be a Sperm Donor India is the age of the male member which will not be more than 38 years.
  • Semen testing:The male member needs to provide his several semen samples which will be analyzed for the sperm quantity, quality, and movement. Before he provides his sample, he needs to abstain from ejaculation either through sex or masturbation for about two to five days.
  • Physical examination:The physical examination will be done to check the infectious diseases by taking the samples of your blood and urine. This physical examination will be done after every six months while you provide the sperm donations.
  • Family medical history:Before you enroll yourself as a sperm donor, you need to provide your medical details of at least two previous generations of your family at the clinic or hospitals under the Select IVF, the medical tourism company. Depend on your medical history it will depend that you are a right candidate for donating the sperms or not.
  • Genetic testing:The genetic testing is done by taking your blood sample which will be analyzed to see whether you are dealing with any genetic disease.
  • Psychological test:Psychological testing is required to check the mental status of the Sperm Donor India that he is able to bear the stress of the procedure or not. The fertility expert will also ask you that you are comfortable to share your personal information with your biological children or not in case you are donating your sperm to an unknown person or in case you know the person and would like to talk about your relationship with the recipient.
  • Personal and sexual history:Before you will start donating your sperms to the couples or individual you need to provide the detailed history of your sexual activities, the drug taken and other personal information so that your fertility expert will check if there is any risk of an infectious disease, such as AIDS or Hepatitis. The clinics or hospitals under Select IVF, the medical tourism company will also ask you to share your detailed information about your education qualification, eating habits, hobbies, and other interests.

If your tests are positive then there will be a consent form which both the parties need to sign which states that the Sperm Donor India have no issues that to whom his sperms are donated and the couples or an individual whosoever taking the services of the Sperm Donor India need to pay him for his services.

What’s an average Sperm Donor Cost India?

The average Sperm Donor Cost India is around USD 3000 which is very reasonable as compared to other developed countries. To be a sperm donor not only your good looks require, the main thing which is required to be a Sperm Donor India is the good physique and the men should be young and fertile. The people in larger number are attracted towards India to have the sperm donor treatment because this is a country where the Sperm Donor Cost India is very reasonable and the success rates for taking the baby home is very high as compared to other developed countries.