IVF Cost in Thane 2019

How to Know Exact IVF Cost in Thane 2019?

The best way to know the exact IVF Cost in Thane is that you can visit the hospitals under Select IVF India where the fertility expert will properly examine you and according to the series of your blood tests and ultrasound scans Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert will confirm you the exact cost of IVF treatment in Thane.

What all is included in an average Cost of IVF in Thane?

As we all know that IVF is not a single treatment it involves a series of procedures, IVF experts, nurses, and technicians at each stage of the IVF process. It is difficult to explain the cost of individual, so the fertility experts at the hospitals under Select IVF India will tell you an average cost of IVF which is around USD 6,500 exact cost for per IVF cycle can vary between clinics; however, you can expect it to include such costs as lab tests, ultrasound scans, egg retrieval procedure, sperm preparation, embryo culturing and embryo transfer.

What all is not included in the Cost of IVF in Thane?

There are a few common costs that have been associated with IVF which are usually not included in a per-cycle cost and these are:

  • Medication: The injectable and oral fertility drugs and hormones which used in IVF are prescribed by your fertility experts but not provided by them, and the cost of these drugs mainly depends on the pharmacy which fills the prescription.
  • Anesthesia: Anesthesia which is requiring for the egg retrieval procedure and somebody from outside the clinic will come for this procedure. The cost of anesthesia is billed separately by that provider only.
  • Embryo storage: If you produce more embryos in one IVF cycle for transfer then you have the option to store them through cryopreservation for your future use or you can donate them to a couple who is planning to have their family. The service for storing the embryos is usually administered by a separate facility and they will charge around 10% of the basic IVF cost for one year for storing the embryos.

How much does IVF Treatment Cost in Thane for using own eggs and donor eggs?

At the hospitals under Select IVF India, the IVF Treatment Cost in Thane using own eggs will cost you around USD 12,000, however, the cost of IVF depends on various factors such as your age, cause of infertility, your medical history, body weight, lifestyle, diet, etc.

On the other hand, if you use the donor eggs for fertilization then with Indian egg donor the treatment will cost you around USD 18,000, however, if you wish to have Caucasian or African egg donors then the IVF Treatment Cost in Thane is around USD 27,000 as they are the international donors. In both the cases, Indian egg donor and Caucasian or African egg donors the cost includes the charges of IVF expert, compensation to egg donors, standard medications, etc.

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