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IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is one of the productive methods to treat infertility issues. Current scenarios have seen the abrupt rise of plenty of fertility issues as people keep on confronting serious infertility issues over the globe. Infertility issues are as obvious in men as they are in ladies. Because of which, the couples have the choice to pick various kinds of infertility treatment concerning their particular issue with respect to their fertility report. However, most ladies under 35 experience smooth pregnancy with by doing regular and unprotected intercourse, the individuals who experiences infertility problems while having child, subsequently, they need to take the street of IVF so as to get an infant.

IVF has gotten most popular treatment since this treatment of infertility vows to treat most issues of the pregnancy and the couples who goes through it have a higher odds of accomplishing the success result of pregnancy relating to the way that they don’t have serious fertility issues. Despite the fact that normal conception is feasible for ladies under 35, it is constantly proposed to experience an IVF treatment on the off chance that you have the smallest uncertainty with respect to an infertility issue. IVF in Thane is the main treatment alternative that add the sparkle of the couples’ incomplete life who are looking for a specialized answer for their inability to have a child.

Throughout the long term, the strategies for IVF treatment have become hugely thinking about the evolvement of innovation to enable an ever increasing number of couples to accomplish the pregnancy with their extraordinary or acute infertility conditions. One of the conspicuous variables that permits a couple to choose whether IVF will be an ideal undertaking for them is the period of patient. Your age at which you endeavor to consider through IVF essentially impacts the odds and speed with which you get the ideal outcomes. While different motivations to go for IVF are fibroids, PCOS, ovulation issues, IUI failure, have endometriosis, men with low sperm tally, women with blocked Fallopian tubes, awful sperm morphology, issue in the production of the sperm, and so on.

Choosing the IVF Treatment to have a child, need proper planning and a proper guidance by the expert. IVF is usually recommended when the couple is unable to conceive after working on a year with medication too. IVF is generally considered when the couple has been appropriately examined for their fertility case.

The best way to know the exact IVF Cost in Thane is that you can visit the hospitals under Select IVF India where the fertility expert will properly examine you and according to the series of your blood tests and ultrasound performed by the veteran team of fertility experts at the best IVF centre in Thane and IVF expert will confirm you the exact cost of IVF treatment in Thane.

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IVF Cost in Thane 


As we all know that IVF is not a single treatment it involves a series of procedures, IVF experts, nurses, and technicians at each stage of the IVF procedure hence the IVF Cost in Thane is a bit expensive if we compare IUI or ovulation induction treatment.

Since IVF is one of the advanced ART treatment and gives the barren couple a decent success rate in the matter of pregnancy, IVF Cost in Thane costs in lakhs. It is difficult to explain the cost of individual, so the fertility experts at the hospitals under Select IVF India will tell you an average cost of IVF which is around INR 2, 00,000 exact cost for per IVF cycle can vary between clinics; however, you can expect it to include such costs as lab tests, ultrasound scans, egg retrieval procedure, sperm preparation, embryo culturing and embryo transfer.

Mentioned below are all the steps and phase of IVF treatment that cost a single IVF Cost in Thane –

  • Medication:The inject able and oral fertility drugs and hormones which used in IVF are prescribed by your fertility experts during the very first step of the IVF Treatment and is also incorporated in the standard IVF Cost in Thane; a couple is not required to pay extra or additional charges for the medication cost or anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia:Anesthesia which is requiring for the egg retrieval procedure during the course of the IVF treatment, is also incorporated in the total IVF Cost in Thane for a couple. The cost of anesthesia is billed not separately at the best IVF centres in Thane.
  • Lab Charges, equipment, charge of the doctor – are also there in the IVF treatment cost in Thane. So, in short, the couple is required not to give extra charge (for their standard IVF treatment) till the procedure of embryo transfer. However, if you produce more embryos in one IVF cycle for transfer then you have the option to store them through cryopreservation for your future use or you can donate them to a couple who is planning to have their family. The service for storing the embryos is usually administered by a separate facility and they will charge around 10% of the basic IVF Cost for one year for storing the embryos.

On an average, the standard IVF Cost in Thane is approximate INR 2,00,000 incorporating all the above steps that take place through the IVF treatment.

Table showing the conventional IVF Treatment Cost in Thane –

Steps that are included in IVF Cost in Thane Cost in INR
  • Consultation charges of the couple’s first visit
  • Fertility medication and hormonal injections (for 10-12 days)
  • Procedure of egg-retrieval
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Lab/equipment charges
  • Expert’s fees

Note – If there is the requirement of ICSI Treatment during IVF, we do not charge extra by the couple.

INR 2,00,000


At the best IVF centres under Select IVF India, the IVF Cost in Thane using own eggs will cost you around INR 2,00,000, however, the cost of IVF depends on various factors such as your age, cause of infertility, your medical history, body weight, lifestyle, diet, etc.

On the other hand, if you use the donor eggs for fertilization then with Indian egg donor the treatment of IVF Cost in Thane using the donor egg will cost you around INR 3, 00,000, however, if you wish to have Caucasian or African egg donors then the IVF Treatment Cost in Thane then that would cost different as per clinic’s norms as they are the international donors. In both the cases, Indian egg donor and Caucasian or African egg donors the cost includes the charges of IVF doctor, IVF medication, lab charges, compensation to the egg donor, standard medication, etc.

Under the best fertility centres of Select IVF India, one can find the most reasonable IVF Treatment Cost in Thane. We believe on transparency and crystal-clear package of each of the fertility treatment, and that’s the one of the significant point why the couples looking for their infertility treatment single-out our fertility service to have the child of their own.

Need a proper guidance from our support team? Feel free to contact SELECT IVF INDIA for any of the fertility issue query!

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