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January 6, 2023

What to do after embryo transfer to increase success

Ok! So you have been undergone IVF treatment and hurray for the completion of rest of the steps of IVF therapeutic successfully and reaching the final stage of the IVF i.e. – Embryo transfer. This is the stage, where the couple thinks that what to do after embryo transfer to increase success, Isn’t it? Obviously Yes! See there are several points, which you need to keep in your mind once the embryo transfer is accomplished. We will be discussing these points soon in this page.

At first take it easy and deep breath in and breathe out because it’s you only which can initiate or increase the success rate after embryo transfer. Some thinks that resting all the day or to go on complete bed rest can increase the success chance to become pregnant. No! It’s not going to work at all. You need to abstain from vigorous work-out and sexual intercourse.

Many trials recommend it’s truly harmful to require complete bed rest. Exactly, you would possibly be doing a lot of trouble by resting in bed after the embryo transfer procedure, on the other hand if you will resume your day to day traditional activities, you will be at more advantage. So there is NO profit to any form of rest when the transfer is polished off however what else are you able to do or not do to extend your possibilities of taking home a healthy baby once embryo transfer is done are mentioned below. Let’s get the answer of ‘What to do after embryo transfer to increase success’

  • Remain calm and have your medications as per instructed by your fertility specialist, try to be more punctual to take the medicines on time; don’t skip the doze as it could give gloomy result later on. Many of the IVF patients bleed at some point of the embryo transfer till the end of the primary trimester, generally it is light bleeding but If you begin heavy bleeding call Select IVF fertility experts. Select IVF is the well-known fertility clinic to resolve any kind of fertility issue.
  • Avoid intercourse after embryo transfer, some fertility specialists have differing opinions on whether or not it’s an honest or a nasty plan, however because it may also cause uterine contractions hence it is recommended for the patient to remain on the safe aspect and abstain sexual intercourse for a pair of weeks.
  • Don’t take shower with hot water, avoid heating pads, these all can lead to raise the temperature of the uterus and might result in miscarriage. Avoid extreme of temperature after the embryo transfer.
  • Eat the way as if you are pregnant, Yes! this method can also boost the success rate once embryo transfer is done. Your diet may include nutritionally balanced diet with lots of fiber, protein and vegetables. Eliminate high-mercury fish and soft cheeses from your diet and ask your doctor whether any vitamins tablets should be taken or not. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, smoking and all harmful substance might result in miscarriage, so stop taking these all to get better result.
  • Watch funny movies and be in stress-free situation. Some studies suggested ladies who are out of any stress and watch funny shows after embryo transfer they’re a lot of seemingly to own success. Don’t let yourself in any unpleasant environment and be in happy mood. So, laugh, smile and keep your embryo jovial too.
  • Do not exercise strictly, if you do then it might cause the embryo not stick with the lining of the uterus properly. Again,  you  don’t need to limit all of your traditional activities, however high-impact exercise could be an unhealthy plan at now.

So here we are giving all the minute to major details to get success after embryo transfer. The success rate of embryo transfer is almost based on the embryo quality and therefore the uterus interacting. But don’t blame yourself if the embryo does not attach with the uterine lining because it had never been in your clutch to give positive outcome. Consult with your doctor and see what they’ll do to assist with the embryo and therefore the womb. Just try to follow the above instructions once you undergo embryo transfer. Best of luck for the journey of your IVF treatment and to get positive result at the end of embryo transfer.

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