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Which is the best IVF Centre in Thane?

Supreme Quality IVF treatment in Thane

IVF is a fertility treatment performed for infertile couples when they are unable to attain a child by natural means. The inability to get pregnant is attributed to the problem of infertility; a condition whereby the couple is not able to get pregnant due to various reasons. The couple fails at having a child despite the recurrent attempts or having intercourse for about a year. It has become a widespread reproductive health issue and six in every ten couples are affected by the issue of infertility. Infertility is not something that is found in only women as opposed to the general belief. In various cases of infertility, it has been found that men were equally responsible for the cause of infertility or sometimes the cause of infertility is entirely attributed to the male factor infertility.

In order to deal with this situation, ART techniques were adopted as a solution. ART or assisted reproductive technology techniques are the methods by which conception is made attainable via a technological method. During the IVF treatment, the mother’s eggs and the father’s sperms are fused together in a laboratory setting, which skips the various steps that take place during the natural process of attaining fertilization, thus, increasing the chances of achieving conception. There are a plethora of reasons why a couple undergoes a fertility treatment such as the poor ovarian reserve, uterine issues, endometriosis, PCOS in women, or low sperm count, erectile dysfunction in men.

If you are thinking of undergoing IVF treatment, then the main thing is to find out the best fertility centre that promises the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment. At Select IVF India, we operate with the finest fertility specialists in India having significant experience in providing the highest quality IVF treatment to the patients. Also, we are connected with the world-class fertility hospitals and the best IVF Centre in Thane all over India and provide the services of well-qualified IVF specialists to the infertile patients. Our success rates for various fertility treatments are the highest, which is the reason that compels international patients to choose India for receiving the best results in the IVF treatment.

The process of IVF at the best IVF Hospital in Thane

During the process of IVF treatment in Thane, the woman has to take fertility medication for triggering her ovaries and ensuring the production of fertile eggs. Her ovaries are monitored during the medication and once the maturity of the eggs is observed, they are taken out from her ovaries. In the process of egg retrieval, the doctor retrieves the best quality eggs with the aid of a sharp needle. After collecting the eggs, the next step is to collect the sperms. For obtaining the sperms, the father or a sperm donor is invited to the clinic and is asked to provide his semen sample. The doctor thaws the semen sample and separates the best quality sperms for using them in the next stage of the process.

The eggs and the sperms are fused together in a culture dish in a lab for achieving fertilization. The occurrence of fertilization results in the formation of embryos. Oftentimes, more than one embryo is formed for enhancing the chances of pregnancy. In embryo transfer, the surgeon implants the embryos inside the uterus of the woman. Thereafter, it takes about two weeks for a healthy pregnancy to take place and pregnancy is confirmed after performing ultrasounds or pregnancy tests.

Select IVF India – the best IVF Clinic in Thane

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to success in fertility treatment is the place that you choose in order to get fertility treatment. Select IVF India is a world-renowned medical tourism agency in India having the best fertility specialists possessing over 30 years of expertise in the fertility department. They make sure that the patients get success in their IVF treatment without spending too much. In addition to the finest quality treatment, our team at the network hospital provides the best care to the patients and is always there to respond to their questions regarding the treatment. We have the best IVF Centre in Thane having the highest success rates for IVF treatment. Our fertility experts and IVF specialists use sophisticated equipment for performing the fertility treatments and stay abreast with all the technological advancements taking place in the domain of IVF treatment. Unlike others, we do not make false promises to the patients and do not charge them unreasonably. Our high success rates are the reason that forces international patients to pick India for IVF treatment.

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