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What is The IUI Treatment Cost in Kolkata 2023?

IUI treatment Kolkata- Untroublesome and effective fertility treatment

Everything has a definite & proper time to occur and so the stage of pregnancy. At a specific time, couple decides to have a sweet family or plan for a baby. But what if when the couple gets to know that he / she is unable to bring about natural fertilization. Some couples feel shy to reveal their impotency but this should not be done. When a male partner unable to release active and motile sperms for fertilization, he might be suffering from Infertility disorder. There are few symptoms, which shows male infertility like low sperm count, less motility of sperm etc. One of the basic and productive fertility treatments to untangle male infertility is IUI i.e. Intrauterine Insemination. IUI can also be referred as AI (Artificial Insemination).

IUI is totally uncomplicated process; the main motto of this treatment is to enhance the fertilization by directly injecting washed sperms into the uterus of the female. Just because IUI treatment Kolkata is a safe and trouble-free procedure, it doesn’t need any kind of precautions and safety. The patient can resume her routine from the next day after few hours of taking rest.

IUI treatment Kolkata is the fundamental and primary treatment of male infertility; this treatment could also be the key to unlock females’ infertility. Females who are performing irregular ovulation cycle, IUI is done with fertility medications for them. IUI can be fulfilled with or without ovulation stimulation medicines.

IUI treatment in Kolkata is recommended for

  • If sexual intercourse is painful
  • Hostile Cervical mucus problem
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Male infertility (low sperm count or less motility)
  • IUI is used in the case of sperm donor
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Same sex who wants to conceive
  • Mild endometriosis

IUI treatment in Kolkata is strictly not recommended to those females, who have severe endometriosis, history of pelvic infections and both of the fallopian tubes are either damaged or removed.

Procedure of IUI treatment in Kolkata

IUI as mentioned above is a safe and simple fertility course of medication, generally preferred by the sterile males to fix out the disorder of infertility. If IUI treatment Kolkata is done with fertility drugs, then the first step of IUI is the synchronization of the ovulation cycle of the female so that at the time of ovulation, sperms are transferred into direct uterus. From the male partner, semen sample collection is done by ejaculation. Now this semen sample is washed carefully in order to get impurity free sperms, after washing it, sperms are transferred into the uterus of the female at the time of female ovulation. Ovulation is checked by the ultrasounds and fertility experts decide the date when sperms should place into the uterus.

Why to select IUI Treatment Clinic in Kolkata

Select IVF is the fertility clinic, where the veteran and battle-scarred experts do have master hands on IUI and other fertility treatments. IUI treatment clinic in Kolkata has experienced doctors who have been serving for the past 25 years in infertility disorder. The speciality of IUI treatment in Kolkata is that on the same day woman can go home and continue her daily routine from the next day. There is not any complication or risk during this process; it may possible that the female experiences little spot on the day of IUI or have mild pain.

If we talk about the cost of IUI treatment in Kolkata, then we will get to know that Kolkata provides the A-1 IUI treatment and offers this treatment in much more reasonable package so that each sterile male can go for this solution without thinking about the cost of it. IUI Treatment Cost Kolkata is INR 20,000 (with fertility medication). Kolkata is offering the best package of IUI treatment. IUI Treatment Clinic Kolkata is splendid one and has more than enough quality to be mentioned. The first and most unique point of IUI treatment Clinic in Kolkata is its upraised success rate and long-serving experts in the department of sterility issue. The way they handle any case of infertility matter is very familiar and clear, never ever hide anything from the patient and give appropriate and right treatment of the patient’s question.

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