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IVF Success rates Kolkata 2023Depend On How Many Factors

Factors, which can mark up or drop down IVF Success rate Kolkata

IVF – An Advance fertility treatment to decipher the matter of infertility. Infertility on the other hand, is a disorder, which results the male or the female unable to reproduce. Hormonal change can occur due to several factors like the environment factor, the way of living or lifestyle, any addiction etc. Infertility can’t be eliminated by its bottom root rather it can be solved by the fertility treatment temporary. Thus whoever facing infertility syndrome, have to go for the concern treatment accordingly. IVF is fully known as In Vitro fertilization, this is one of the most acceptable and preferred treatment that comes in ART technique to resolve the issue of infertility. Below information provided for the IVF Success Rate Kolkata.

What is IVF treatment?

IVF is the treatment where natural fertilization occurs outside the human body (in the laboratory of Select IVF) with the steps inclusive of IVF procedure. During this process, eggs are retrieved from the female’s ovaries with the help of a small thin needle and the same day of egg retrieval, semen sample is obtained from the male partner by normal ejaculation. Fertilization is achieved keeping the eggs and sperms altogether in a culture dish. Most active and motile sperm gets fused with the egg thus achieving fertilization. Embryo (after 2-3 day of fertilization) is transferred into the uterus of the female for successful implantation and once implantation is completed, then pregnancy test is scheduled by the Select IVF fertility specialist.

To achieve a positive result of IVF course of medication from any of the clinic, we need to check the IVF success rate of the selected Clinic. Select IVF is the well-settled fertility clinic and a leading ART specialist clinic, which has a decent IVF Success rate. There are several points, which actually influence IVF Success Rates Kolkata; let’s discuss that first

Factors, which influence IVF Success Rate Kolkata, are

  • Age

Age- yes! This is one of the vital parts and comes at the top factor in the list of IVF success rate Kolkata. Age in any case of fertility treatment always stands first. This is the age factor only, which decides the positive or negative outcomes of the concern treatment. For any of the fertility treatment, it is advisable to undergo the therapeutic before you turn 36. A woman below 35 is believed as the perfect stage to go for IVF treatment.

IVF treatment majorly relies on the age factor. Below the age of 35 or of 35, egg quality of the female is healthy thus easily gets penetrated with the sperm during IVF procedure. Hence, it is suggested and said to undergo IVF therapeutic under the age of 35 or so. IVF Success Rate Kolkata for those women who are below 35 is 60-65%, 55-57% for women of 35-37 age and 40-45% for women above 37-40. So, again if you not have turned yet 36 then here is the golden opportunity waiting for you, just grab it.

  • Fertility problem you do have

IVF is the best option to treat infertility matter and for those couples who are facing any kind of infertility syndrome. Infertility is caused by few factors like such as endometriosis, damaged or blocked fallopian tube, ovulation issue, male suffering from low sperm count and inactive / less motile sperm. But there are some fertility issue, which cannot be accomplished by IVF treatment, or if treated then not sure about the positive outcome for example, if the male or the female both are infertile then possibly that couple would get assured results by IVF course of medication.

  • IVF with egg donor

IVF treatment combining with donor egg is used when the female is unable to unleash healthy eggs for fertilization. Egg donor facilitates IVF Success Rate Kolkata and thus IVF medication with egg donor has high chances to get pregnant.

IVF using egg donor is fulfilled by the normal method of IVF only, the difference is this that instead of using infertile female’s egg for fertilization donor egg is used to get positive result during fertilization. Egg donor database is available in any of the ART specialist clinic. Select IVF provides healthy and fit donor at this phase of IVF. Charges of IVF using egg donor is different from traditional IVF treatment.

  • Experience always matters

Yes! Exactly it does. Experience of the fertility expert’s counts especially if we talk in the area of fertility treatments then it is mandatory. In addition with it, Laboratory of the clinic must be full of advance technologies and of complete hygiene.

Obviously, a laboratory plays a crucial part in IVF. Fertilization and the careful culturing of embryos before transfer require a pristine environment. An excellent IVF lab will go above and beyond the basic requirements to ensure that embryos are given the best possible start.

Laboratory always plays a high-priority part in IVF treatment and offering high IVF Success rate Kolkata. Excellent IVF lab adds the high chances to get worthwhile result to ensure that fertilized eggs or embryos are given the best possible place to begin.

  • The way you leave your life-style

Lifestyle factors also contributes IVF Success rate, the way you carry yourself has a major impact on you and your health too. Cigarette smoking in nowadays is a common issue, which has not only affected male fertility issue but also females. Sperms of male smokers has proven that they carry less count of sperms and for those females who have addiction of smoking have their uterus less receptive for the implantation of the embryo. This is the reason why it has been advised by the fertility experts to do smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco very less (once in a while and never make this routine in your day to day activity). Second thing is to be in healthy and fit body. Eating must be healthy and nutritious.

These are all the factors, which largely influences IVF success rate Kolkata. IVF is the most preferred treatment and the best way to elucidate infertility cause. Million of healthy babies are delivered by this technique and always it stands the first choice to get rid from Infertility syndrome by infertile couples. Go safe and undergo IVF.

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